Need help decorating bedroom

gaaahMarch 20, 2014

I just moved in and my bedroom needs a lot of help decorating! Do you guys have any suggestions? I want 2 ikea expedits (now kallax) like the last picture but I am unsure what color (birch or black, maybe even red to add some color) My bed is birch. Also, what things could be hung to fill up the large wallspace.

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Hi. Huge ceilings! Great window. I think the black would provide a nice contrast to the birch. Not sure how the red would go with wall color or birch wood. Will you be placing a tv above the expedit units? Everything is very low in your space. I wonder if taller bookcases would add more dynamic dimensions to the room.

Do you have any artwork you love? The walls are begging for some original art or at the very least prints. Large scale artwork. You can go big and bold. I've even seen some lofts go the organic route and place a kantha quilt on the wall to add some texture and softness. When you're at ikea, look at their mirrors. They have a large floor mirror for around 99-130. It would look good in your space.

Have you considered an area rug? I think that would be a nice start to make the room feel cozier. What about window treatments? And is there any chance of adding something living to your bedroom? Jade plants are easy to grow or some other houseplant?

The bedside table seems wrong. And the desk and chair seem too wimpy for the space. Do you need a desk in the bedroom? If not I could see a great modern chair in that space. With the lamp you already have. If you do, need a desk, have you considered a more substantial desk and chair?

Good luck! You have a great space to work with.

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I'd put the bed under the window (also easier to make versus one side being up against a wall).

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Thanks for all the insightful comments.This is my first apartment so I don't really have much to work with all. I am also on a bit of a budget, hence most of my things from Ikea.

I was going to put the TV in the middle on top of expedits, but now that you mention it, maybe putting a regular TV stand in the middle and having them on each side vertically may look better.

The nightstand I am using currently will be gone once I can get the matching one on my next trip to Ikea.

As far as the desk, that will most likely be the last thing I'll replace mostly because of funds. I was thinking about getting a pair of Eames style eiffel chairs to use as desk chairs when I got the chance. I am also going to get a few wall shelves to mount above the desk.

Unfortunately, I dont have any types of prints at all but planned on putting this above my bed Where could I get cheap, large, and ready to hang prints to cover up some of the other walls? or maybe even smaller prints that I can group together or stack

I have concrete floors so a rug would definetly make the room cozier. Do you have suggestions about size or rug placement? Cost is a big factor in purchasing a rug as some of the bigger ones cost hundreds. Thanks again

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Why not juts go to town at Ikea - rug, prints, everything.

I still think you should put the head of the bed under the windows!

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Does the bed face east?

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Love your simple look and whatever you paid for that lamp was totally worth it because it makes the room ;-) When you're on a budget, minimal tends to look higher end. You're off to a good start; it's good you're taking time to reflect and not just out buying a bunch of little junk to fill the space. You won't be sorry ;-) My only advice would be is to watch your scale. Don't settle for smaller pieces just to fill the room--it's better to save up for something like your lamp that will have an impact.

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You can get prints of your own photos, e.g. at Costco 20x30 for under 20.00.

IKEA Stockholm black and white rug is now 199.00 (100.00 less than before)

Also check Craigslist.

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gaaah... the wall color is beautiful... Can you share the name of the paint color...


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Yes -- another vote to shift the bed under the window -- and then add the two beech Expedit shelving units from Ikea on the main wall (where the bed sits now) -- try stacking the two units. You could add baskets to add visual texture and additional storage options.

You could add simple blinds to the window if you need some light control for sleeping.

THEN (after the two units have been stacked against the wall) -- add a grid of black-and-white photos (perhaps your own photos of friends, family or your own city) above the units.

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Check Michaels for posters for the walls.

Years ago I bought a thin sheet of plexiglass, some inexpensive framing, and a foam board. We had been on a ski trip in Montana, and I mounted a trail map poster, surrounded by several photos from the trip. I think it was around 30" on a side. Inexpensive, but meaningful!

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I don't want to put the bed under the windows because then my bed would be facing the bathroom door. However, I could put it in that orientation further down facing the desk but then it'd still be in corner.

While browsing eBay, I impulsively bought this cheap poster. I'm not really sure if it matches well with the colors in my room but I could always put it somewhere else.

The poster size is a bit odd at 32x24. Luckily, Michael's had the exact size for only $20.

I most likely won't go to Ikea for another week or 2 (2 hours away) so keep the suggestions coming. Still undecided on the Expedit color now between white, black, or birch. I forgot to mention that I'm a single male (bachelor pad), if that helps.

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I really like the Picasso poster. As far as Expedit, I'd go for black or birch.
I kind of like the place where the bed is now but would scoot it a bit over to have a nightstand/dresser on both sides.

Would you consider IKEA's cow rug?

or the Costco lambskin rug (149.00) in brown or black.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco lambskin

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For walls this big and blank, you can do so much. A great way to add lots of original, detail is with wall decals. I am addicted to them, and they add character in so many ways and areas that nothing else can.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall decals

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