Shower Tap problem

gtt1August 16, 2013

This past spring we purchased a condo in Naples Florida for seasonal use.

I noticed one day the shower was dripping from the faucet. It hadn't even been used. I tried turning it tighter but it just leaked more. Finally found by trial and error a spot on the dial which stopped the leaking.

Normally I would get into something like this and try to fix it myself but my concern is without shut offs for the tap if I run into a problem I may not be able to turn the condos water back on.

It would seem prudent to me to hire a plumber to come and replace whatever is not working properly (I am assuming the cartridge but maybe it is something else)

Some questions:

- Can anyone from the North Naples area recommend a good plumber?

- What do I need to tell the plumber so he hopefully can have the correct parts?

- Anyone have any thoughts on what is causing this problem?

- Does anyone know what make and model this would be, image below?

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You might want to check in with your property manager first if you have one, or someone on your board of directors. They may have a preferred plumbing outfit and this problem could be an ongoing one with which they are familiar.

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Thanks laat2. Property manager was no help as they changed recently. B of D I would assume read the web site for our community where I have posted this question.

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We have an outdoor shower that has a new & recently installed Symmons tap. Almost right away, it became so hard to turn that it took two hands to turn on and off. I tried removing the handle and sprayed the spindle portion w/WD-40 but that did nothing. My question is obvious, what happened & how can I fix it, short of calling the plumber back in . . .

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I suggest you to hire any professional Plumber as this will create a big problem for you and also it will waste your time too and then finally,you have to call any Plumber to fix this issue so it is better to Choose best plumbing installation and repair Company now because if later on, problem becomes big then it can cost you more then now.

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