New Countertop, how many holes?

jerry_njAugust 25, 2011

We are having a new counter top installed in out kitchen and it will have the under counter sink mount. Thus, it is possible to "design" the sink for the faucet setup you like.

1) just two holes, one for the single handle spigot with a pull out spray hose and one for a soap dispenser.

2) just get the usual/standard 4 holes that will accept anything in the future but will require a cover plate to cover the two unused holes for the number "1" arrangement.

What's the thinking? Is "1" more modern, or cleaner and easier to clean?

I suppose one could drill or have drilled more holes later if they took the first choice and later decided they wanted separate hot cold handles, for example.

This may be a better question for the "Remodeling Forum"... all aesthetic.

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I remodeled my kitchen about 8 years ago, and one of the things I've found to be my favorite items is the single hole faucet w/ integrated pullout sprayer. It is so easy to keep the countertop around the sink clean with just a single fixture to clean around. I even opted against having an in-counter soap dispenser (didn't want to have to climb under a sink to refill it once a month, especially with the disposal in the way) and instead keep a stainless steel soap/lotion dispenser filler with a hand/dish soap on the counter beside the faucet - again, easier to clean because I can just pick it up to clean it and the counter. So, I just had a single hole drilled for my faucet, and haven't regretted the choice at all - just the opposite, I'm glad I made that choice.

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What are the shortcomings of your existing arrangements?
How many model homes have you visited?
The "KISS" principal is, "keep it simple stupid" but only if it fits.
Because of the clutter associated with under-mount sinks, post drilling may be expensive.

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I also posted on the Kitchen/Bath forum and was convinced that a single hole (plus a second hole for a soap dispenser) was the way to go.

I had originally figured get all 4 holes, as that was an option, no extra cost for "extra" holes. Still I have been using a three hold faucet with a pull out sprayer head (love that feature, works so much better than the separate spray hose) and a soap dispenser in the "spray" hole. Two of the holes are really not used, just hold down the over cover. So, the arrangement we have would work with just two holes... and the cleaner look sounds good to me. I have looked at displays and like the cleaner look of a single hole for the faucet/sprayer.

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Never mind the future. Do what you want now. Period.

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Good news, I got a call this afternoon saying they are ready to install the new counter top Friday. That's just 10 days for fabrications.

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