Sizing Water Softener

mjnicelyAugust 29, 2011


Please help me size a water softener... have been looking and looking on line etc and there is almost no agreement between calculations.

270 gallons used per day

10 grain hardness

no iron

no anything else (city water)

high flow showers and I really care about good water flow (volume/pres)

(high flow showers etc)

have fleck 2510

I have read a lot of your comments and have learned a great deal... can you help me with this?

Thanks very much!

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How many people in the house?

You have a Fleck 2510 control valve or a whole softener?

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2-3 people ... water usage is almost always 7000-8000 gallons per month...
thats where i got the 270gal/day figure

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sorry... it is a fleck 2510 mechanical control, (timer)

i was worried about computers in salt air... i live near the beach

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The timer control valve will be a lot less efficient and waste salt and water.

If you're worried about electronics around salt air then don't drive your car around there either.

You ought to consider a Fleck 5600 Econominder or 5600SXT. Both are demand initiated and will be more efficient than your timer based control.

Based on the info you've posted a 1 cu ft softener set at 20k capacity with 6 lbs of salt and a 8 day calendar override will do nicely.

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Also... I have a structural tank that is 10" x 52"

I could put in 1.5 feet of resin or less (so i am told) if you think that is better.

After all that I have read, I was planning on straight pipe, upper and lower baskets, with gravel bed... just can't decide how much resin... i dont want to mess up and go too big or small... but again, the good water pressure and flow really matters to us. thanks again for your help

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Do you think I could set up this 10 x 52 tank with 1 cu ft of resin?

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You bought all the wrong stuff for what you need.

Sell it on craigslist and do it right.

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Have you checked the SFR?

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