my 6mth old puppy

kristaubreyNovember 12, 2009

I have a small boston terrier puppy named Pete. He's 6 months old. Since i work during the day i have never crated him. He is gated in the kitchen and always uses his newspaper i lay out for him. I have two issues i'm not sure how to resolve. First, how do i get him off the newspaper and outside? Second, how do i get him to sleep through the night? he wakes me up to go "potty" at least 2 times a night (which he actually is doing so it's not just because he wants to play) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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You just about have to let him get older. With that comes the ability to control his system. Some dogs get control early, some later, depends on the individual dog.

As far as how, start taking him out when he wakes you up or when you first get home from work. Lots of praise when he goes. Just keep at it and he should soon 'get it'.

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You are going to have to suffer a bit more with the late night forrays to go outside, your pups bladder is just not big enough yet.
Next, the paper thing (heavy sigh) Take a weekend, devote it to training. Start first thing in the morning, BEFORE you do ANYTHING for yourself, get outta bed, throw on a nice big coat and some sweat pants to cover your jammies, leash the pup and take it out for a walk. A good walk, until your dog goes pp and poop. As your dog is in the middle of doing businees, give your dog a command "go on the grass, park it. pp outside, vw bus" it does not matter what you use, as long as you use the words as a command consistently. As soon as your dog finishes, praise it as if it has brought you a bag with a million dollars in it. "good pp outside" etc, make it good a big deal, high voice, good puppy blah blah blah. Same thing with number 2, pick a phrase use it and repeat it while your dog is in the act, praise praise praise. NO REPRIMANDING your pup for gong inside on the paper since that is what you trained it to do. Go back inside, get yourself ready for your day, feed yourself you pup, read the paper, whateve, and then take the dog outside. Same thing. Dont expect anything to happen and dont get frustrated if it doesnt.
Ideally your pup should be able to hold its bladder for about 4 hours. To be safe, take it out every 4 hours or so. Repeat weekend. Last walk at night should be as late as 10pm. Should be outside until something happens. Your dog should be able to forget the paper within a couple of weeks.
As far as weekdays, first thing in the morning - out you all go. Then get yourself ready for work. Just before you go, a good 10 minute walk is in order.
Word of note - Your dog NEEDS to have all of its shots before going out, especially distemper and parvo...

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We trained each of our Labs that night time is for sleeping. If they insisted that they needed to get up/out, etc. as puppies, they went out and right back into their sleeping environment; it wasn't play time. You will need to get up earlier than you might like in the early months because your puppy just needs to get up and move about earlier than you. Get up with him/her and and enjoy your time together. Accidents and issues will happen; baby bladders will grow and become stronger, and eventually your puppy will sleep through the night and hold it through the day! Good luck -- all of your efforts are worth it!

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