My 13 year old cat peed on some clothes

danny74November 14, 2008

Hello All,

This is my first post to this forum of pets...

My cat of thirteen years peed on some t-shirts that are situated on a shelf in a closet. The weird thing about this is this spot is one of her favorite places to sleep. This is the very first time she has peed on anything, so I am kind of worried. One important thing to mention is the fact that I recently changed her litter from the traditional gravel to a Pine litter. But, she has been using the new litter so I would not think it would cause her to do this, or could it be the cause? Also, I have noticed she is not cleaning herself down below properly. I have had to clean her with damp face cloth because it was all crusty, sorry everyone 8-)

The cleaning issue has only started to happen, at least from what I have noticed, within the last four weeks around the same time my Vet prescribed a prescription diet food to help Chloe lose some weight, she is a robust 15 pounds...8-) The food's proteins are broken down and it also has no additives what-so-ever, not sure it the food is the cause of her not cleaning herself properly, maybe it is making her feel sick?

The only other thing I can think of is my sister moved out back in August; Chloe is a family cat but my sister had her before she moved back home and has owned her the longest. She decided to leave Chloe when she moved in August because of Chloe's age and the an attachment that my father has developed for her. But I didn't think that she would still be stressed from the absence of my sister after all this time? She seems to be her normal self again, she acted kind of weird within the first two months of my sister moving but is okay now.

One more thing; one of the reasons for the food switch aside from her weight is due to chronic vomiting. She has thrown up her food for as long as I can remember and asking my sister, she confirms that she has always thrown up from time to time after eating. The vomiting does not happen consistantly, most of the time it is right after the morning meal, but sometimes it can occur in the afternoon or evening. It stopped for a while on the new food, but has begun to happen regularly again.

Sorry for the long post, I really appreciate any suggestion anyone can give me. I love Chloe liked she is my child and would hate to over look something serious.



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You really need to take her to the vet. Peeing on soft items like clothes or bedding is a classic sign of a urinary tract infection (and if she's messy down below and you cleaned her, you could have gotten bacteria into the urinary tract. Not blaming, just guessing. I've done the same thing to my own cat.) I'd also be worried about the fact that she has suddenly started not cleaning herself -- that could be a sign of a more serious illness. You really, really need to get her to the vet and bring up these two symptoms.

The other thing to address is the vomiting after eating -- this can often be resolved by simply elevating the bowl that the cat is eating from. My cat had the same issue, and we just raised her bowl by a few inches, and she rarely barfs now.

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I agree with the urinary tract problem. I had a few that had this problem in older age. With urinary problems they can't empty their bladder fully so they always feel like they have to go and then go in bad areas because can't make it to box quickly enough. They also have pain when urinating, but cats are good at hiding symptoms so that is hard to tell. I hate to tell you this but they usually start to have kidney problems too. I have read that overweight cats tend to have more/earlier kidney and U.T problems. Also the change of food can bring on problems. Was the change of food made gradually over a week or so? When ever changing food you need to add a little to the "old" food and increase the "new" food over a few weeks to let their system acclimate. I had a bulemic over weight cat, she ate food too quickly, it would come up about 10 minutes after gobbling too quickly looking just the same as when it went in. I saw a suggestion to slow down eatting speed by putting a golf ball in food dish so they can't eat so fast, I wish I knew that trick when I had my bulemic cat.

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Do not trust vets with diet, its not a good idea- vets are brainwashed by the recalled mass companies Iams,purina, science diet that there product is the best plus in vet school they get $$ kickbacks for feeding and offering the stuff. A sick animal is more marketable then one who is always healthy, vets don't know that BUT the big pet foods do.

I would try Innova EVo, or Instincts, Ziwi peak is good as well as Orijen, Peeing on the clothes suddenly is/could be a sign of problems that comes from a life time of eating a poor diet. A 13 year old cat shouldn't be doing this, unless she is unaltered. - Even then 13 may be too old to spray and go into heat.

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Diet is not responsible for inappropriate elimination. I have fed various diets for years and the only time I had a cat eliminate out of the box was when it was sick with an URI.

My cat, Sofie, just died, and I took great care of her in all ways. She was 5. Diet and everything was a excellent.

Animals get sick, and it is not diet related if they eat a commercial pet food. If that were the case, we'd have nothing but sick animals.

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My sisters older cat was peeing in odd places also. The vet said she might have Dimentia,older cats can get it also. She bought " pee mats" at the pet store. They seem to work for her older kitty. I would definetly have her checked by a vet to make sure there are not any medical problems. LOL!

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When it comes to medical issues, vets are great, just not food.. A 13 year old cat that pees on the bed, is probably getting a uti, or kidney problems, because feline systems are made to process, meat, raw meat and bones, 75% moisture, and less then 5% carbs. Its overloaded when you give 30-50% carbs and 30- % meat. Add that most dry is 10% or less of moisture and that cats as they age loose brain cells that tell them to drink more, you've got lots of issues.

By all means, Check her out at the vet, but be wary if he/she tells you to use a office vet food.

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hope all goes well.

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I hope she's ok, but do get her checked for the reasons already stated.

Diet is a big factor in their health and there are a lot of sick pets, with the same illnesses as humans.

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You tell me why cats pee on clothes, beds and whatever and we'll both know why. We have a little black neutered male who has peed on clothes, couches, the bed and the dog's beds. He seems to do it to send a message. For instance, if we're away for awhile and his litter box gets a little full he'll poop out in the hall. Most recently he peed on the bed for the first time in years. We had been away from home for a couple of days and the electric litter box had been turned off because of a switch problem (since repaired) so I'm assuming that is why he did it. He'll pee on the dog's bed when they are in the kennel, probably to tell them that he's claiming the bed. In short, there's probably nothing wrong with your cat medically, but rather something in its routine has been upset.

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if we're away for awhile and his litter box gets a little full he'll poop out in the hall. Most recently he peed on the bed for the first time in years. We had been away from home for a couple of days and the electric litter box had been turned off because of a switch problem (since repaired) so I'm assuming that is why he did it.

Sorry, but how can you blame this cat? They don't want to use a filthy litterbox. That's their nature, and not telling you anything except to keep it clean.

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That reminds me I gotta go clean my litter box!

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Wow, Thank you for all the suggestions, this is such a good web page!
I am happy to report that Chloe has not peed on anything since my original post. Shortly after posting my message I changed her litter back to the traditional gravel/clay litter. I guess she was trying to tell me that she didn't like the pine wood litter when she peed on the cloths. Regarding the diet food I mentioned, it is Hill's Prescription Diet: z/d Low Allergen. The vet said that the proteins are broken down in this food, therefore there is less of a chance for agitation and digestive issues. So other than the fact that she is still not cleaning herself properly she has been her normal funny self :) She is a little bit over weight which may be the reason why she has issues bending and licking her privates :o

Thanks for all the responses everyone!


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In gen Science diet is very low grade, I would switch to Innova EVO/Ziwi peak, Instincts or Orijen dry- these are much better brands.

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Runsnwalken, I don't feed her 'Science Diet', the food I feed her is labeled, 'Hill's Prescription Diet: z/d Low Allergen.' Have you heard of this food? I live in Canada, so it may not be available in the US. I really don't want to switch her again, her stomach is very sensitive. She seems to be doing better on this food than the stuff I had her on before.

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I stand corrected, I do feed her Science Diet. That is one of the names for Hill's. But I have read a couple of reviews and this is a recommended food for cats with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which my cat, in most cases, has. The only thing that was said about this food that is a negative was about the preservatives, Bha and Ethoxyquin. Why is the food you mentioned better, does it help cats that have IBS?

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