Stains in Toilet Bowls

drdugitAugust 26, 2012

My wife and I moved into a new house 4 months ago, and are having problems with stains in the toilet bowls and in the tubs. The water is clear and we start noticing the stains after about 5 days, the stains are a brownish color. The house has a sediment filter that I have to change after about 1 month due to pressure drop. I had a Culligan dealer come (unfortunately only my wife was present for the test) and he gave her the following results:

8 gpg hardness

6.8 ph

trace of iron

He is suggesting that we install a "Big Blue" filter to see if that solves the staining issue. He said if that doesn't work that we should consider a refurbished super 5. Looking for any advice. Thanks.

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Trace of iron isn't a number. It means the Culligan dealer used a poor test and can't provide a number.

You need to get a real water test from an independent lab before any treatment recommendation may be made. You want to know

nitrates (if on a well)

The big blue filter will do the same job as the sediment filter you have now - it will just last longer than you existing filter (assuming it is larger than the filter your are currently using).

For a relatively quick test to see what variety of iron you may have:

Fill a clear glass with tap water. Immediately look at the water. Is it clear or does it have some color? Are there any particles in the water?

Now leave the glass for an hour or so. Fill a separate clear glass with water. Is the water in the first glass as clear as the new glass, or is it slightly colored? place the glasses on white paper so you can see well enough to compare.

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