Problem at base of toilet

soozAugust 3, 2014

What is going on with this area, along where the toilet sets on the floor? Is it the wax ring decomposing? Is it something else?? Guess the hubs never notices what goes on in his bathroom!

The discoloration gunk is not wet.

What is it and how do I (or a plumber) fix it?? Not sure how to post multiple pix, so have to post separately.

Thanks so much!!!


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Close up

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It looks like water leakage. Does the toilet base tilt to left on second photo?

I suspect the wax wing is breached. Maybe wrong size was put in initially or industrial instead of commercial (whatever is on the truck)? I had that happen and it leaked down to below ceiling wall.

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Hi, SparklingWater, thanks for the input. The toilet doesn't have a tilt--that's just the tilt of the camera :O)

Thanks for your help!

Do you think there will be a world of hurt when we remove the toilet, and could it be that water got under the flooring and such?? Yeah, I'm asking you to look into your crystal ball -- or, since it happened to you, maybe you can recall if there was extensive damage that needed to be addresses.


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The leak I had was straight down near the access hole, not to side. Long story, but it was only discovered it was due to an industrial mis-matched wax ring AFTER a lot of other work up was done. So check the wax wing first.

It does look like you'll need to pull up the surrounding tiles. You need to make sure your sub floor isn't wet etc, and if it is, it can be replaced. Do you know if when this toilet was installed it was off set from the prior one's placement? I'm wondering why that gray area is present on sides and back. Good news: you're on this now!

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What it is or what caused it isn't near important as wherther that's wood or concrete floor. It can be fixed regardless what's causing it. Wood,it should have been fixed 2 years ago so pull the toilet because it's getting worse with each passing day. Concrete,no real harm leaving it until you replace floor cover if looking at it doesn't bother you.

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Thanks SparklingWaters and klem1 for your input and helpful information!

The bathroom floor is linoleum (sheet vinyl??) and underneath that, it's wood-- *not* concrete.

It's a fix for sure, and I'm on it! Well, me and some of the fellas I know!


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Check to see if the tank bolts need to be tightened. Sometimes it is a simple as that.

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"it's wood--concrete."

It's one or the other.

If the dwelling has a slab floor, it's concrete.

If your house is a raised foundation, it's wood.

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Oh goodness! My mistake... it's corrected now--supposed to say "it's wood--NOT concrete."

Thanks for the suggestion Acadiafun, and for the heads up snoonyb!


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