What would it cost to change out drain pipe under shower?

tlbean2004August 6, 2014

About 4 years ago i was sitting in my bedroom and heard a loud scratching noise in a closet. There is a plumbing access panel for the shower in the closet. It turns out, a rat or a something had scrached a hole in the shower drain pipe and that allowed water to drain directly on the ground
. I had a home warranty but they did not cover damage from rodents. When the pipe was changed out i asked the plumber if he had a metal pipe and he told me they only carried the pvc on the truck. He told my i could go pick one up at lowes but i did not know what to look for and that would have added time onto the bill.

About 2 months ago i looked at the pipe and it has more scratches in it from something.

I would like to have it replace with a metal pipe.
How much would that cost?

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Not enough information to go on, but I'd start with a guess of about $100 for materials (5 ft of 2" copper pipe plus fittings), depending on what your total length is.
I'd expect labor to be close to double what you paid last time.
Is there easy access to the entire run of drain pipe?
Could you possibly wrap the PVC with sheet metal (aluminum flashing) and clamps.
Rats/rodents cause other problems. What are you doing about the root issue?

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