Rusted pipe - need advice

thomaskuhnAugust 11, 2012

I am helping my brother put new sink cut off vlves on his bathroom. When removing one of the valves, we noticed first that the pipe was iron (tested with a magnet), and second that is was coroded on the bottom so that most of the threads were gone. This is an old beach home built in 1956 and we knowthat the majority of the piping is copper, but we do not know where this iron pipe came from. The other pipe is is good condition.

So how can we repair this pipe? What is it attached to behind the wall? We are hoping that we can vice grip it and unscrew it from whatever coupling is behind it. Does this seem feasable? We want to avoid cutting out the plaster in the bedroom to access the area.

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1956 was when galvanized steel for DWV lines was in common use.

Some supply lines also.

While there are ways to patch up the rusted out pipe if all you have to do is some plaster repair you probably should start learning how.

The odds of getting a short rusted section of galvanized steel out of the next fitting (and a new piece of anything screwed into it) are not good.

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Sounds like some good advice. I think it would be beter to replace too. I t sould not be too hard to open up the wall on the back side and learning a new skill never hurts (except the pocket book).

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Use Easysand to repair the hole.

The so called 'patching plaster' is a bad joke.

Is the wall wood lath or gyp?

If you are careful cutting out either the piece can be used to help make the repair.

Gyp is easier than wood though.

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