intelliflo VS3050 or Intelliflo VF or Intelliflo VS+SVRS

swimchildAugust 29, 2009

New to board. I want to replace single speed hayward 1.5 hp. I have 20,000 gal pool, salt generator, filter and solar panels. Pump runs on mechanical timer and solar on heliomatic control panel.

I've been told conflicting information from both sides that intelliflo VF not good with solar? Rumor has it that software is too smart for its own good. I want to be able to set time, know power consumption, flow/or speed and have other bells/whistles.

The vs apparantly does not come with controller built into pump. If you recommend this, can i use something like suntouch to control solar (to what extent-control temp, control solar/on or off and when), control diverter valve to recirc only or vacuum pool all in addition to pump.

The VS+SVRS has built in timer, tells power consumption and has other bells and whistles. Still may have to buy a controller box for solar and other things.

I willing to piece meal over time. Mainly i want to be able to save on cost of running pump. Advice greatly appreciated.


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