Warmest Jacket for Chihuahua?

suziequeNovember 9, 2012

My little one is already objecting to going out as the weather dips into the 30s. Can't say as I blame her!

I have a jacket for her, but it, and others I find in the stores seem to be mostly for looks. They don't seem that they would keep her warm enough to go out for walks (pee/poop, exercise) no matter how short the walks are. Sweaters that I find are simply cute and made with acrylic, not made of warm yarn.

What have you found for jackets or sweaters that really will keep her warmer as opposed to just looking cute?


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Our local paper had a small section about doggie coats yesterday.
I googled the coat and found it at Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ski Parka

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Check out the dog coats from Foggy Mountain. We bought one of their nylon fleece-lined turnout coats many years ago and it's been handed down twice. What I like about it (and the dogs seem to agree) is that it doesn't bind or constrict the dog in any way - totally functional for active dogs. It's like a mini-horse turnout coat!

I just checked and they do have small sizes... scroll down about half way on this page to see a pic of a chihuahua wearing the coat:


Now that I browse their site, I'd almost like to buy a new one (love the plaids), but honestly there's not a stitch out of place and the hardware is still shiny on the old one after 10+ years, 2 Jack Russells, one Sato, and a lot of bad weather in our New England winters.


Here is a link that might be useful: Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

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Hello - I'm dropping for the day (owner of a crazy, munched loved rescue Yorkie).

I love the Lands End Squall Jacket. It's on sale right now for $19.

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A people sock with end cut out for head and two holes for front legs. It stays on better than any dog jacket. Cheap. Through it out when needed. Socks are cheap. This works only for very small Chi's.

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