Bosma's Finished Pool

tiptonJuly 25, 2006

Here it is...all but the landscaping. Thanks for all the info and ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosma's Pool

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Congratulations Bosma,

Your little girls are darling, what little swimmers. So I'll be the first to ask.... details, ie: size, color, depth, etc. It's just beautiful, and I love all the land you have you are so lucky. We live on a postage stamp, so eccentially when we're done it'll be a pool with a fence. I'm sure you'll be enjoying your pool for some time.

Also, please share with us your experience.

Again congratulations,


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36 Length
34 Width
8 ft. deep
Midnight Blue Pebble Tec (love it!!!)
Sta-Rite Filter
Polaris 480 Cleaner w/ booster pump
Aqua Logic P-4/Salt generator
2 Big white lights
2 Little white lights

The area with the fountans was designed to be a kiddie pool. After going to a friends house on day, we noticed all the little kids hanging out in his fountian and they loved it. My kids are in it all the time. We have a pretty big play step, big enough for 2 umbrellas, not that we will ever use 2 umbrellas but that makes it more versatile. Having the massive Oak trees among others, I told the builder I wanted the best cleaning system that can handle it. Out where we live (in the sticks) he told me that the in floor system may not handle it so I went with the Polaris 480. I am very happy with the way it cleans, it works great. My builder was timely, but he didn't watch the sub's very closey. He probably doesn't like you guys too much, because learning a lot here makes me ask lots of questions and have lots of ideas and he has lots of other pools to build. He wanted to build it and get the heak out. Funny, he always showed up on the days I needed to pay him. Typical from what I have seen on the forum. I think in general most contractors are that of any kind is not fun. All in all though I think he did a pretty good job, I don't have any horror stories like some people on the forum. The best part about the pool though, is my older daughter dumped the floaties and is like a fish. The younger one still uses the floaties most of the time but has no fear and will swim to me without them! Getting them safe around the water is worth the price of the pool! This forum is my pool lifeline. I have learned so much and keep coming back to it for answers. Thanks to Kelly, Lindsay and so many others for all the great ideas, unbiased opinions and info. My wife thought I had an addiction to the forum for a while...but now days I am too busy swimming!
Thanks for the complement on the pool.


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Nice job! Love the design... and of course jealous of the land. Where are you located...? In Tipton?

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I am in Tipton, which is in Central Cal. Between Bakersfield and Fresno.

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