Pool design.... Please take a look!!

jeffchrisJuly 17, 2006

Hi All,

I was hoping to get opinions on our pool plan. My husband and I created this on our home computer and we would love feedback.

The pool itself is 28 X 14 and we will have a seperate spa as shown. According to my DH the patio is pink in actuallity it won't be it'll be a nice beige more than likely with a darker bottom pool, the guy helping us with the build is only offering River Rok and we will probubly go with the darkest one unfortunitly it's the only one I like.

My fear is that the kids will be afraid of the darkness, sounds like a bad movie doesn't it.

Anyway two steps by the spa go up to a deck and a 12" wall at the back of the pool with two 3' sheer decents.

Thanks in advance for the opinions, we look forward to hearing what you think.


Image link:

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Chris, Depending on how old your kids are. If the pool bottom is going to be dark. 1.It will be hard to see how clean or dirty it will become. 2.If they play games for finding things at the bottom it might be too hard to see items on the bottom of the pool.

Are those steps at both ends of the pool?

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Hi adichristi,

The left side is the deep end what you see there is a seat. thanks for the advice on the bottom color, can I ask where you are in the process and what you decided on a bottom color?



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It seems as though it is going to be beautiful, you guys are lucky!!I am going through the process of finding a color for my pool water and my guy only does diamond brite which they didn't have a color to satisfy me. I researched about mixing the finishes and seeing more of what my options are if I go with diamond brite. Maybe you guys can mix the river rok and have a safe, dark but not to dark color water. Thats what I am trying to achieve, just with a different finish.I worry about going to dark because my little children with there friends over may forget how shallow parts of the water might be and dive in. As well as playing games under water too.

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Hey there Brookey,

Well my pool guy came over and there are now 9 colors of River Rok and they have a great blue color now and we are so excited and antsy to get going. The reason we are going with River Rok is our guy told us that has the same texture as Pebble Sheen but a lot less expensive, were not rich but we still want a pool.

I sure wish you luck on your pool, I heard that Diamond Bright and River Rok are made by the same company, so maybe you could look into that for a selection. I totally know how you feel in not liking the colors offered, and since we are going to be looking at this pool for some time it's important that it's just what we wanted.

Anyway good luck and please let me know your progress and thanks for the great comments.


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jeffchris, Sometimes you forget you posted something, I am very sorry for that.

Your welcome for the advice on the bottom color.

Our pool is about 15 years old. The bottom is is a pebbled bottom, I think! I'll get back to you on that. Take care.

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