Diamond Brite vs PebbleFina vs 3M ColorQuartz for Re-surface

sjdowlinJuly 8, 2008

I'm getting bids to resurface my 20+ year old pool and am having a tough time selecting a finish. It's a dated 80's pool/spa combo with tan safety brick coping. I'm hoping to go from "dated" to "classic". I'm planning to swithch the coping out to a used brick bullnose and I'd like to upgrade from standard plaster while retaining the light color.(not necessarily white but, the pool is in the hot sun all day dark pools in my neighborhood get really warm)

My kids and their tender feet don't like our neighbors' pebble tec/river rok/gemstone pools. So, I'm honing in on DiamondBrite, 3M Colorquartz and PebbleFina. Honestly though, I'm not clear on the difference. It all sounds like marketing fluff... maybe it is.

Can someone help me compare/contrast these materials? In particular, abrasiveness, durability, colorfastness, etc. I'm also curious how it stacks up agains plain old plaster.

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