2 cats moving in - help

dcrowexNovember 13, 2009

Next month, we are moving my inlaws in with us from another state. They are bringing their dog and 2 indoor cats. We currently have 2 dogs. We had a cat but he passed away earlier this year and really never came up to the main living room area. He stayed down in the family room. My inlaws will be living on the first floor.

My question- what do I need to do prior to these cats arriving? I am worried they will urinate on things to mark their territory. Any suggestions?

We have remodeled our house to accomodate my elderly inlaws. We extended our home to them, knowing they would never leave their animals behind. It was all of them or none of them. I am just trying to find out if there is anything I can do beforehand to prepare for this. They are good cats now, but they will be in new environment.

Would appreciate any help or advice.


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You might lay in a supply of Feliway (sp?).

It's a kind of feel-good hormone that relaxes & mellows cats.

Bless you for taking in...everybody!

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Can't say that any of my cats have urniated on things to mark their territory. Just make sure they have a safe, easy to get to place, to use their litterbox(s).

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dcrowex, you are a good person.

I'll second the Feliway to help the cats adjust. Will they have places to get away from the dogs? They won't wish to be at the mercy of the loving, licking hounds 100% of the time-they may not want to be with dogs at all. So a room or other place where the cats can get away is excellent. If floor space is a problem, go vertical. Provide places where the cats can clamber up out of the way. They like to be over their surroundings anyway. Don't be surprised if they take to fridge sitting. It's high (perfect), it's probably warm (even better), it's out of dogs' reach and it's near food.

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thanks for all the tips. yes the cats will be able to be away from the other dogs. my husband is just really worried (me too) about the cats urinating around the house. the cat we used to have that died several months ago urinated on a lot of things down in the family room and we had to replace the carpet. i am so hopeful this is going to work out with no problems.

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