Bathroom Sink pipe to wall broken

frankt999August 1, 2009

Hi all.

I came across this site doing a search for a problem I have, and the people here seemed very helpful, so I thought I would post a question and see if anyone has some valuable advice.

My bathroom sink was clogged; no drainage at all. I let the draino sit in it overnight, but still no effect. In the morning I went to use a small snake to clear the clog, but it poked a hole through the bottom of the trap; it is very old and corroded.

I'm not a handy person, but thought I could change the trap. When I went to loosen the clamps holding the trap pipe on, the straight pipe going to the wall broke! I applied almost no pressure, but it must be pretty corroded to to have broken so easily.

Anyway, I'm very nervous about damaging the pipe BEHIND the wall (which I think is cast iron), so I'm wondering if someone has any suggestions about attaching something to the straight pipe going into the wall that is now broken. There's about 5 or 6 inches of it left, along with the broken bend part.

My brother said this straight pipe is galvanized.

I've included three links below to photos showing:

1. The trap pipe with the hole in the bottom (sorry about all the gunk, it was like that when I bought the house 11 years ago).

2. The break on the pipe going into the wall.

3. The best shot I could get of the fitting of this pipe going into the cast iron pipe behind the wall.

I'm not that handy, and just don't have the $$$ for a plumber right now, so any suggestions would be appreciated. My main worry is damaging the pipework behind the wall; that would be devastating at this point.

Image 1 --> in pipe.jpg

Image 2 --> pipe to wall.jpg

Image 3 --> to wall base.jpg


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The pipe to the wall looks like rotted out galvanized steel pipe that was lead & oakum sealed into a cast iron fitting.

You are probably going to need to remove everything back to the cast iron, then use a 'donut' to put in a new nipple from the cast iron.

The horizontal run from the trap to that will use a ring nut on the end of the new pipe to seal the arm of a p-trap.

The trap then attaches to the arm and the drain from the sink.
It is pretty likely that the sink drain is also rotted out and will need to be replaced.

You can do the work in chrome plated brass if it show, or PVC if it is hidden (or you do not care about the PVC showing).

The donut is likely to be found only at a plumbing supply house since they come in many sizes depending on the inner and outer dimension of the hub they need to fit and the pipe that enters.

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