Add showerhead to garden tub

bcurreyAugust 20, 2013

I've seen this posted before, but I think my situation is different. In the other posts, I've read where people can't install a showerhead in their existing tubs because too much water would spray and pour into the floor because of the surrounding around the tub.

Looking at mine though, I don't see that I have that problem with the addition of a shower curtain. Obviously, I'd need to tile the walls as well.

My plan was to open up the wall by the faucet and run pipe up and attached the shower head. Thoughts on if this would work? I've attached a photo (please excuse the mess, a remodel with two small kids is not easy). Thanks!!!

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Additional picture

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It really depends on several factors:

What is the wall made of? Is it water proof? Is there a tile flange on the tub, and how did they overlap the wall board?

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It would only be possible to do correctly if you gut and rebuild your alcove with new plumbing and waterproofing. And probably go with a different tub. That tub doesn't appear to have a tiling flange.

Now, you could probably gut the wall, fir it out to depth of the ledge on top of the tub, install an aftermarket flange, and then install the vapor barrier and cement board, new shower valves, and tile.....but that's a lot of effort to keep a tub that isn't that expensive to replace to begin with. After you've gone to all of the effort to demo everything, that would be the penny wise pound foolish approach.

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I would just replace the tub spout and add a hand held shower.

Here is a link that might be useful: hand held shower.

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Wow. Thanks for the responses! Very helpful.

Ill probably leave it as is. Would it be ok to tile the walls if I leave it as it is? Obviously put up some backerboard. Would that be ok?

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