Pentair Minimax NT HI on display

tthieryJune 8, 2008

Hey there,

My Minimax NT just displayed HI on the led display. After reading through the manual it appears that one of my HI-Limit thermostats are acting up. My pool water on temps out at 70 degrees!

I was wondering if one can bypass the Hi-limit thermostats as a way to figure out which one is bad. I actually tried doing this one at a time and I still had HI on the display after powering back up. I did remove each Hi-Limit thermostat to check for mineral build-up. Neither one was exceptionally dirty. I did brush them both off and reinstalled them. Still no luck.

Is there any other source for the HI code on the display or am I on the right track and replacing both Hi-Limit thermostats should solve the problem?


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