What's Wrong w/ Dishwasher in Corner?

TileMarch 27, 2014

Other than being unable to access some drawers and cabinets, is there anything wrong with putting a dishwasher right next to a corner cabinet? I have about 30" of space between the sink and the corner base cabinet on the left, and I'd really like to stick my dishwasher there because I need room for a pantry on the right.


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Can you post your layout?

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My dishwasher is in the corner and the only issue that I have is not being able to open the corner cabinet with the dishwasher door open. I keep my casserole and baking dishes in that cabinet and just set them on the counter above until I have finished unloading the dishwasher,then put them away, no big deal!

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robo (z6a)

I kind of agonized over this.

The recommendation is to leave 21" between DW and corner so someone can stand in between DW and corner cabinet to unload dishwasher.

I didn't follow the recommendation and put DW in the corner with a 3" filler between a blind corner cab and dishwasher. Don't skimp on the filler! You need it to make sure everything opens correctly. My parents' dishwasher has 2" filler or less and everything scrapes, it's horrible.

My personal experience with this setup: I don't mind it. Two people still unload the dishwasher, one from the side and one from the front. Two cabinets behind the dishwasher (in the corner) are completely inaccessible when DW is open. I didn't store dishes in them for that reason. Remember the DW door may protrude as much as 30" when open, so it can block up to 54" of cabinet run in total.

This setup does encourage me to close the DW door more often so I can get to the corner (my coffeemaker is in that corner so I need FREQUENT access -- maybe a little too frequent!).

Because I do find myself needing to close the DW to get to the corner, it is a little inconvenient when open, so that is a tradeoff. If I could have had a longer run with the recommended clearance I would have, but it was totally worth it to me to get DW beside sink and out of the prep area. Plus the kitchen looks cleaner when the DW is closed all the time.

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I have 2 dishwashers and they are both in the corner. My back wall is dishwasher, sink, dishwasher.

The rest of my bases are all drawers so even with the dishwasher open I can still open the upper two drawers to put things away. Anything that goes in the bottom drawer gets set on the counter until the dishwasher is closed.

The only "downside" is losing the corner for storage. In some kitchens that mights be a deal breaker but it isn't for me.

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I had to place mine in the corner, as well. Not ideal, but not a major annoyance, either. Mine blocks the trash pullout when open, so I make sure to dump trash before doing the dishes. One of the three under-sink cabinets are blocked, too, but I don't need in there while loading/unloading dishes. It also makes reaching the wall cabinets on the side difficult, so I unload those dishes onto the counter to put away last.

As for losing the corner storage, not a big deal here. We opened up that space from the other side of the wall (game room) and used it for the beverage cooler.

My DW is perpendicular to the sink. Having to reach to the back while standing at the front of a tall tub door might be an issue for shorter people, so that's something to think about.

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Blocked cabinets like that can always be used for extra paper towels, napkins, etc.

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