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iamdouglasAugust 15, 2010

Hello to all out there...

About 4 years ago I had a well installed and I have contiually had a sediment problem. I installed a "turbo filter" provided by the well drilling company. It works to a degree but if I run the outside faucet with a heavy flow the filter will block up and I have no water. The filter clears itself but the problem still exists.

I believe that I have an iron eating bacteria problem as well.

My question is what should I expect of the well drilling company? They even drilled another well the same depth, 400ft. A four inch well casing with submersible pump is used.

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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hmmmmmm, all the people in the know must be on vacation.

I guess I'm left to my own devices. I'm thinking the problem is the earth that surrounds the end of the well head has gaps that let loose sand enter the pipe. I'm thinking I'm going to drop an M-80 fire cracker down the pipe and see if the shock of concusion will cause the loose soil to colapse around the pipe and finally make for a tight packing of soil that will prevent sediment from entering the slits in the well head.

Does anybody have a water proof fuse?

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