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wamahaMay 9, 2011

Well, the wife and I have bit the bullet, and have contracted with Pearland Pools for our build. We found them to be very easy people to work with, not pushy one way or another, and basically just educated us in the process. We interviewed Blue Haven, Platinum, and Backyard thru the process. We signed this morning, and are hoping to start digging in the next week or two.

Our pool will be an "L" shape due to how our backyard is laid out. Between the detached garage, and the easements we are dealing with (10' utility in back, 5' SLE on side), we pretty much squeezed in as much as we could. Specs are:


*Pool Size: 19� x 36�6"

Pool Area: 431 Sq. Ft.

Pool Depth: 3�6" X 6�

Pool Perimeter: 103 Ln. Ft.

*400 Sq. Ft. Spraydecking

*Top existing patio w/ Spraydeck (386 Sq. Ft.)


Filter: 425 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter by Hayward; 3 yr. warranty

Pool Pump: 1.0 HP Tristar by Hayward; 3 yr. warranty

Waterfall Pump: 1.0 HP Super II by Hayward; 3 yr. warranty

Skimmer: (2) Hayward Automatic Surface Skimmer with built in Overflow

Waterfill Line: Letro Leveler

Main Drains: Anti-Vortex 8" Drain (2 in pool)

*Pool Light: (1) Colorlogic LED Pool Light By Hayward; 1 yr. warranty

Inlets: (5) Upper & Lower Pentair Adjustable Eyelets

Cleaner: Polaris 280 w/ booster pump; 1yr. warranty

Chlorinator: Rainbow 320 Automatic Chlorinator

*Sanitation: Delta UV sanitation system; 3 yr. warranty

Timer: Intermatic Dual Time clock; 1 yr. warranty

Steel Schedule: #3 (3/8") on 8" Center

Beam: 4 Bar Box Beam #4 (1/2") Steel

Gunite: 6.1 (Sacks/Sand) Ratio; 7000 psi; The gunite structure of the pool is warranted

for the lifetime of your ownership through Modern Method Gunite and Pearland Pools, Inc.

Coping: Flagstone

Waterline Tile: 6" Waterline Tile � from standard stock

Trim Tile: 1" X 1" Standard Trim Tile on steps and benches

*5� x 10� tanning ledge w/ (2) bubblers and (1) umbrella sleeve

*100 Ln. Ft. Area Drains (run to rear)

*Plaster: WetEdge Luna Quartz; 10 yr. warranty

2-ton moss rock waterfall and beam (includes booster pump and plumbing/electrical hook-up)

Chemical Start-up and Pool School

Pool Care Equipment (Brush, Pole, Net, Water Testing Strips)

Plumbing and electrical line runs included.

City Permit Fees Included.

HOA Application included.

Fence Removal and Re-Installation included.

Final site clean-up included

Any thoughts on the setup?

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Hi wamaha, did you receive feedback and how did the build go? Thinking of using Pearland Pools as well.

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