pool remodelinghelp!!! dallas

susantigerMay 5, 2008

Hey there!!! We have a large pool circa 1972 that needs an overhaul. I've gotten bids from 2 different PB's, and I am starting to have doubts. One is pushing Diamond Brite, the other 100% quartz. Quotes are $22,322 (with DB) and $23,872 (with Qrtz)...

Pool is about 28000 gallons, 3'-8'. 572 Sq feet of new concrete with Kool deck overlay,refloat 515 sq ft with overlay, 12" sawcut existing Kool crete, using Oklahoma flagstone...

Is this price within range? I'd like to see how Pebbletec with the sparkles would price out, and I love the look of Beadcrete, but I don't know which way to go...any suggestions??? Also, what about going non-chlorine?

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