how will i stay warm?

NinapearlNovember 4, 2010

i got my down comforter out of storage yesterday. ashley and pea have claimed it as their own. guess i need to get me some flannel jammies!

here, they are conspiring against me, i just KNOW it!


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Maybe Bentley will share his chair with you. Very cute photos of your abused pup's LOL !!!!

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*sigh* it's a dog's life....


That's a beautiful afghan by the way. Did you crochet it?

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The pictures just cracked me up! My little iggy is a blankie hog too. In fact he won't sleep unless it's under a cover. So my bed-making in the morning is for naught. He is very adept at slipping under with his little pointy nose and just slides in like butter. The lumps in the bed used to be cats, but now they are Tubby.

He is a gentle and submissive little guy to his human companions, but a grumpy sleeper. If he is under the covers with you and you move a leg and disturb his sleep, he either lets out a groan of a soft growl. When he does this, I flip up the blanket and say "what did you say?" and he looks like a deer in the headlights.

If I am in bed when he wants under the covers, he will gently tap me on the shoulder with his little rabbit-like feet to have me lift up a corner. Sigh we don't train dogs, they train us.

Who wouldn't hog a down comforter? I used to have one and it's the ultimate in warm fuzzies.

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hehehe, I had the same problem when my room mates had 2 room mate was allergic to down, but I had a king sized one. Needless to say the Chis headed for it as soon as it dipped into the 70s at night. Now I have 2 down comforters, one for the pups one for me. Only because they are expensive to clean....hope you have a warm winter

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spedigrees z4VT

Solution is simple - just snuggle in between these two and you'll have the warmest spot in the house! Cute pictures. Makes me want to crawl back in bed for a nap!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

So cute and so smart of them!! Is Bentley too manly to join them? Or do they keep him out? LOL Your dogs are precious.

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quasifish, thanks and yes, that's an afghan i made years ago. the dogs let me use it. :D

bentley is one to curl up in a corner of the bed. for a big dog, he takes up very little room! but the girls make up for it because they both love to stretch waaaay out!

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O my goodness they are sweet!
I think you may need at least one pair of warm jammies. Those eyes are irresistible.

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Love the nose to nose picture. Looks like they are discussing WHO gets the pillow. LOL!

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speaking of pillows, it isn't unusual to see ashley using pea as her pillow. :)

i've never had a dog that loved being covered up as much as ashley does!

bentley will stay covered long enough for me to get a picture but he really doesn't see the point since he's already wearing a fur coat.

this time of year, pea loves nothing better than to lay out in the sun. i usually throw a bed out on the deck for her and she will lay there for hours just watching the world go by.

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LOL these are great photos! I was afraid to open your post because the title made me think you had lost one of your pups and how would you stay warm without the canine blanket. So very glad I was wrong!

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Those are the prettiest dogs.I just love large dogs.You should stay plenty warm with them with you!

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yikes, prairie, hadn't thought about that! :O

thanks, debbie. they really are great bed warmers. ashley loves to sleep slammed up against me so even if she hogs the blankies, i'm still plenty toasty. :)

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nina ... love the pics of your gentle giants. I was thinking you must have a huge bed for all of you, but now that i see it, it doesn't look very big!

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here's another one of pea. sometimes she will go outside and hang with the mini horses. when i call her in, she usually stands there and looks at me like "do i HAVE to??"

my "bed" is actually 2 klick-klack sofas pushed together. it ends up being about 5" bigger than a king sized bed so it works out well for us. all 4 of us can snuggle! :)

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