Did your pets adjust to the time change?

glaserberlNovember 6, 2009

Mine have not. I have to get up at 5:00 for work during the week and the routine is that I shower and the go downstairs, let the dog out and feed the cats.

One of the cats can't get used to the end of daylight savings time. He demands that I get up at 4:00 now. Too early!

I ignore him, but he gets everybody else up and then everybody wants to be petted at least. I don't get up, but I don't get any sleep from 4:00 on.

Tried locking them out of the bedroom at night, but he makes so much noise with the door that I'm awake anyway.


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Not yet. Our doggie starts pacing for dinner an hour earlier than she should. I suppose in another week she'll realize what's up.

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Nope. My 16+ year old cat wakes me up whenever he's hungry. Used to be around 4:30 now it's around 3:30. Sometimes earlier. Trust me, when he's hungry, there's no rest!

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Since I try not to feed Max and Molly on a schedule---for this and other reasons-----and also do not get up on a schedule(finally retired)---the adaption to DST for them is basically the same as for me---it just gets dark earlier.

It would be quite difficult to change the routines for animals who have been on the routine for a long time---years---but it can be done if a person can stand the difficulties encountered for a couple of weeks.

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I am the one that adjusted. I take advantage of the Fall time change by getting up at the "same" time, meaning I get up at 5 instead of 6. I get more stuff done, and my dogs don't notice anything.

But, that only lasts about 2 months, because gradually I sleep later, so in the end I guess we all adjust...just not in one day :)

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Not yet. My cat usually wakes me up at about 5 looking for breakfast. For a while after the clocks change he is either looking for food at 4 or 6 depending on the way the clocks changed. Sometimes that can lead to some rather fruity language on my part, especially if I only got home from work after a late shift at 2am. But I love my cat and he knows no better. He didn't change the clocks. It's just breakfast time to him.

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