best root killer?

dedtiredAugust 18, 2011

I had the main drain from my house cleaned out this morning and also got a video (with souvenir cd!). I've had a root problem for many years. I tried a new drain cleaning company this time and they did a far more complete job than the one I used in the past.

They recommend putting root killer into the system twice a year. Can anyone recommend an especially good product? I'd love to be able to go a few years before having to have it cleaned out again. What has worked well for you?


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Are the roots coming from the top or the bottom/sides? If from the top, you need a foaming root killer. The root killer, any root killer, will never solve the problem, just postpone it - eventually the line will need to be replaced.

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Pretty much from all around, according to what I saw on the video. The plumbers said the pipes are in pretty good shape. The roots are getting in through the joints.

Is foaming root killer something I can apply myself?

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Yes. There are instructions on the container. Just be certain if you flush it down the toilet (as per the instructions) that you do so quickly to avoid a foam monster taking over your bathroom. If you have a clean-out it can be poured into, I would use that.

There are a variety of brands you can find - as far as I know they all use the same chemicals, but strength could vary. Just google it - you will find what you are looking for.

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Yes, I do have a vent on the front lawn. If I'm dealing with foam monsters, I'd rather do it outside. Thanks for the tip.

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