pooping Dachshund.

lily316November 26, 2010

I rescued a Doxie in May. He was from a kill shelter in WVA. They think he's around 2 or 3 and was not neutered till May. He has never pooped, peed, or thrown up in my house. We go for a two mile walk every day along with my other dog, a Boston mix where he poops and lifts his leg every other tree. . Today I took both dogs to daughters house for Thanksgiving. Half way thru the day, Wally pooped in their kitchen.. a great big pile, and then a few hours later did the same thing in their living room. Two very big piles. Needless to say he won't be invited back. He knows these people but there were more than he was used to and there is a dominant bossy cat who hates dogs(but he lives with 5 cats) and grandson was rough housing him which we don't do. What would make him do this? Anxiety? And how does a 21 pound dog have such large piles of excrement?

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A different routine can throw off the digestion of any animal.
My guess is the accidents were due to him not being walked or taken out every couple of hours for him to relieve himself. Anytime a pet's normal routine is upset it's not unusual for a perfectly house-trained dog to have accidents in a strange home.

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I agree with annz, it was a strange house and he wouldnt have known where to go when the time came, so he just went. make sure when you take him visiting he still gets taken out for toilet breaks, it's easy to get distracted and forget to do these things but he's not trained to know the rules and the toilet spot in a strange house so he won't automatically tell you he needs to go out or take himself off somewhere appropriate to do his business.

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as for the big piles, sometimes it depends on what you are feeding. cheap kibble with a lot of fillers will produce big piles.

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In my opinion, you can never count on dogs remembering their housebreaking when they're in a strange house. I always treat my dogs as if they're puppies if I take them to someone's home by not allowing them out of my sight and letting them out more frequently than usual. I take their crates along for when I'm unable to watch them, too.

The excitement of a car ride and a strange place will stimulate their digestive system sometimes even to the point of diarrhea, so I wouldn't be concerned about the big piles.

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I figured it was the excitement, and he was given free reign , but since my other dog has been going there over two years and never did anything, I was so shocked he did this. He was taken out once, but his routine was messed up. Nina.I feed both dogs the exact same thing as well as the greyhound before them. It's Purina ONE w/ chicken & rice. or Pro plan. Both dogs get 1/2 cup dry in the morning and 1/2 cup dry w/ a little Purina One wet salmon mixed in at night. They get the same amount and food yet Ziggy
s poop is small and compact while Wally's is three times bigger. (Excuse the delicate subject matter)..I always thought for such a little short dog, his poop was large, but never diarrhea in the six months I've had him.

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Some will not agree, but I think Purina One and Pro Plan are decent foods when compared with a lot of the alternatives. We use Purina One Sensitive Systems (the salmon one).

I find that it's a good compromise between some of the very costly super premium foods, and the cheap kibble.

Ours pooh noticably less on Purina One than they ever did on lesser varieties.

Some dogs just pooh more. We have two beagles...one only poohs once a day a regular amount, and the other beagle poohs twice a day and it's a lot. Every dog's system is different just like humans.

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I had a dog once that no matter if he did his business 5 minutes earlier he "always" had an accident the minute we walked into the vets office. I think it was nerves because he didn't like the kennel cough spray up the nose. The vet was super gentle with him, but still the accidents.

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