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lee280zxNovember 17, 2011


I sit dogs in my home near San Diego. The smell of dog urine in my small backyard has become a problem.

My yard is not landscaped. I tore everything out when I bought it, and haven't decided what to put back there. Right now it's just dirt. My neighbors tell me our yards are decomposed granite. It's dry, light beige-colored dirt. It's not clay or rich soil or anything like that.

We get very little rainfall here. When it does rain, or when I try to hose everything down (thinking it will cause the urine to soak in), the smell gets much, much worse (especially if it's a hot day).

I plan to put a fast growing sod in the yard and water it frequently. I know the dog urine will cause dead patches, but this stuff will come back. I'm hoping the sod might somehow help with the smell.

I've read that the smell comes from bacteria that digest the chemicals in urine and release gas that has an ammonia-like smell. I guess that's what I'm smelling. I presume that I could spray a bunch of watered-down bleach on the dirt, but, of course, that wouldn't be very eco friendly, cost effective, or good for the grass I intend to eventually plant.

Does anyone know what I can do to lessen or get rid of the urine smell? Do you think the sod will help? I'd really love any suggestions (and yes, I am seeking lessen the amount of peeing in the yard).

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I've used lime, aka soil sweetener, to cut down the odors in dog runs but I'm not sure how well it will work on the type soil you have. http://www.gardenguides.com/99762-use-lime-rid-dog-urine-odors-soil.html

Your easiest solution may be to buy an enzyme used specifically in dog kennels. I've used the one below on concrete and inside the house and it works.
In addition to using one of the products mentioned, I think what will really help is to use an oscillating sprinkler daily in that area of the yard. It will slowly dilute the urine and allow it to migrate into the soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: odormute

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or Sweet PDZ from the farm store. I like it because it's granular and safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet PDZ

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Thanks, annz and cynthia.

I've ordered some Odormute and am going to check my local feed store for the Sweet PDZ.

Do either of you have experience with these products?

Thank you,

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