Kitchen Remodel Finally Complete....Before and After

Nattygirl6March 31, 2014

My house had a ridiculously small kitchen, and to make things worse, it had the water heater and washing machine setup in it. When I first moved into the house, it was manageable, but after three years of living in it, it began to get out of hand and it was time to remodel!!!

Here's some before pictures of what it looked liked.

This was our dining area... unfortunately also very small.

Expanding wasn't an option for us, so our goal was to make the most of the space that we have. First step was to get rid of the washing machine, water heater, and to knock down the side partition. We also decided to fill in the additional entryway, cause we felt the additional counter and cabinet space was more important.

And now, the final product... What a transformation!!!

And have to throw in a pic of my Never-MT. My installer loved the idea of it and had never heard of it before.

I also had them prewire the house for cabinet led lighting. I haven't finished hooking all of the led strips up yet, but here's a pic of one completed cabinet. I have it hooked up to a dimmer switch so I can adjust the brightness.

During my remodel, my installer got ill and had to delay a week, so I took this opportunity to install wainscot in the dining area and painted it. I love the way it came out.

A lot of the ideas I got from browsing this forum, so I want to thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. Wouldn't have come out the same if it wasn't for this forum and its community.

Here's a listing of some of the items I used:

Granite: Himalaya White
Sink: Blanco Diamond 1-3/4 Undermount Sink in Truffle
Faucet: Delta Addison w/ Touch2O, in Artic Stainless
Appliances: All Kenmore
Cabinet Hardware: Bayport House South Bay Pulls in 3 sizes

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Gorgeous! I too am planning a remodel of a narrow galley. Yours looks wider than mine, but I'm pleased to see it doesn't look oppressively small with all the cabinets! You can't even recognize it as the same space!

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Where did the water heater and washing machine go?

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wow! nice job

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That is a remarkable transformation. You must feel like you're living in a new house! I applaud your vision & creativity - Enjoy!

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Thank you so much for posting this! I am in a similar position, a very small kitchen. I find myself daydreaming over most of the kitchens I see on here, but am unable get excited over my own kitchen. This has inspired me to stop settling just because my kitchen is small!

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Nice job!!!

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That is amazing! It truly doesn't look like the same space at all. Wow, how nice is that for you to work in now? And it's beautiful. Good for you I hope you both enjoy it immensely, it's lovely.

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It's beautiful. You'd never know it was the same space.

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Awesome transformation! Great job!

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You hit a home run with this kitchen!

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You did a fabulous job, many, many years of happiness in your new kitchen!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Great job!

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it is beautiful and looks like a magazine kitchen! you must be thrilled every time you walk into it!

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You must be so happy with your new kitchen. I bet it feels amazing to work in your updated area. Congratulations.

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Your new kitchen is gorgeous!

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Awesome transformation, you should be proud!

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What an imagination to turn that spot into something lovely.

Have you put any art work on that back wall? You could repeat the iron piece you have in DR there. Just thinking...I have yet to figure out what to do with solid block of wood near fridge.

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Thanks everyone. It does feel amazing to be able to walk into my new kitchen. The old one was driving me crazy cause we had absolutely run out of space and started piling things on top of the fridge, on the counters, pretty much anywhere we could find space. It's definitely a huge difference and I love all the storage we have now.

@MGMum My kitchen is 8 ft by 12 ft if that helps.

@lazygardens We got a tankless water heater and installed it outside. It's on the exterior wall around where the dishwasher is, so they didn't have to add that much plumbing. That was step one since we new we would be able to have the inner walls opened. You can see the water and gas lines in the wall of one of the before pics. As for the washing machine, we already had an area in our outdoor patio where we had our dryer installed. So we had to reroute plumbing so that we could have the water lines and sewer line at that point also. Now they are side by side and I love it! It was a pain taking the wet close from the washing machine in the kitchen, to the dryer in the very back of our house.

@DesignInMind Glad I could be an inspiration for you. It's all about making the best and most of the space you have. I contemplated making it more of an open concept and making an island where the old stove was... but I'm glad I choose to close it up and have extra counter and cabinet space instead. I have so much room now I don't know what to do with it. :)

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Really lovely!!! You did a fantastic job! I love that you went with dark cabinets, too. Most would have gone white with a small space like that, but the black cabinets and stainless appliances give it an air or elegance. Beautiful!

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@bookworm4321 Funny you should ask... my sister is trying to talk me into putting a large silver spoon and fork on the back wall... but I'm not sure if I like that idea. The metal wall art I have in the DR has a matching over the door piece. Was thinking of maybe putting that on the back wall towards the top.

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Such a great transformation. I am sure that it makes your heart sing to finally have space, counters and plenty of storage.

Where did you move the W/D? That is so weird that it was in your kitchen so blatantly!

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Simply stunning!

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We went tankless with the water heater and moved that outdoors not far from where the existing water heater was.

When I first bought the house, it had no dryer hookup at all, only the washer in the kitchen. Apparently this is common for older houses. Mine was built in 1954. So I knew I wanted to move the washing machine next to the dryer. The biggest issue was getting the drain pipe relocated to extend to the back of my house because we're on cement slab. This is how it looks now. I still need to build an enclosure around it.

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Love your remodel and especially your back splash. It's just the back splash I'm looking for. Can't tell if the pastel color is aqua or green. Any info would be appreciated.

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Another person with a small narrow galley to be renovated here - your end result is just awesome! I worry that my own expectations for the renovation are too high - the biggest part of my budget is going to moving plumbing on a slab and opening up a load-bearing wall - so it's just great to see what a difference you can make in a small space with great materials and a smart reconfiguration. Thanks so much for posting and giving us all a peek!

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You really did a tremendous job on a small space. Very functional and beautiful, too! Enjoy your new kitchen!

ETA: just saw your post about cabinet hardware and had to come back to take another look. I love the hardware and love how it practically matches the handles of your appliances. Really looks cohesive. Nice job!

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Your remodel is just gorgeous. Your layout and design is so modern and practical. I love what you did. It looks spacious and inviting. Thank you for sharing your results. Very inspiring!

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Wow wow wow! Most excellent transformation! You had a great vision and brought it to life.


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Very successful!

I'd love to see something on the back wall. Maybe a wall hanging? Wallpaper?

Good for you for putting your washer outside - in small spaces we need to think outside the box. Makes sense. I have my chest freezer on my balcony - it's small and we don't really use it.

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Impressively beautiful! Great job and kudos for relocating things to be more convenient for you as well, the water heater and washer. Excellent!

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Wow! Hard to believe that's the same space. Your choices for finishes all play out so well together, the dark cabinets are gorgeous and your light flooring & light counter really look great and keep them from taking over. Backsplash ties it all together. Great job, enjoy!!

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WOW! It's like night and day! Amazing transformation!

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Amazing, amazing transformation! As another owner of a small galley kitchen, I take heart looking at your lovely space. I am going to end up with a similar layout without the window over the sink, though. A few additional questions: On your sink side, how wide are those base cabinets and pantry? Is that a 18" DW? Do you have a dedicated trash cabinet?
I bet the new space has you smiling ear to ear! Enjoy!

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What a wonderful transformation. Love the dark cabinets!

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Almost unbelievable transformation! I looked back and forth in awe at what a fantastic job you did with that space. It doesn't look like the same space, just so MUCH better. You must love cooking in there now! Congratulations on such great decisions along the way, it's a big success!

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Isn't that just beautiful!
I think it was wise to live with it, even if you didn't realize you were getting to know your space. You really utilized it all very wisely!

I hope you have many years of comfortable space there.

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Well done, well done!!! You hit the mark all the way around and still did it your way. It must feel like a dream to walk into the new kitchen each morning. Who built your beautiful cabinets? I love the glass tile backsplash and light floors with the cool green walls and the black cabinets.
By the way, if you would like to install trays into some of your base cabs in the future, I discovered who custom manufacturers some at a very reasonable price, have quality trays, and very easy for DIY install.

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Everything is beautiful! Great job!

How do you like the tankless hot water heater?

Also (sorry) Is that like a metal pan under your sink? I don't think I've seen anything like that before but super idea!

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@twinnee The tile place where I bought the backsplash said it didn't have a name, they only went by item numbers, but I've found similar ones online called "Eternal Linear". Lowes sells an almost identical backsplash tile, but there was a huge quality difference between the one at Lowes and the one I bought.

This is what I compared when I was selecting which tile to go with. The colors in this picture are pretty true to how it looks in person. The color of my back wall is the same color as the green in the tile.

@ck_squared That's why I chose this particular hardware. I wanted something that had the same handles as my appliances.

@feisty68 I added this over the door hanger on a beam in front of the kitchen, so not sure if I'm going to put something on the back wall now... we'll see. Still debating.

@vinudev_liny Here's the layout that my installer used for the cabinets. It shows the dimensions, althought he did make some changes. He tried to squeeze out every inch he could to maximize space.

The sink cabinet is a 36" base cabinet. Dishwasher is 24".

I do have a dedicated trash cabinet. This was before everything was complete. But here it is.

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Very nice transformation! I don't see what brand of cabinets they are.

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@Texasgal47 We had a friend of the family build the cabinets. Milligan Brothers Construction in Baldwin Park, CA. I am debating installing some trays in the cabinet that has my pots and pans to make them more accessible. I'd love to get the info on your source.

@sippinmom I love having my tankless. It took a bit getting used to in the beginning cause it took the water a bit longer to get hot than my tank water heater, but we're used to it now. The tray in the sink is made by Rev-A-Shelf. It's called a sink drip tray. It's trimmable to fit any size cabinet and comes in different sizes. This is where I bought it.


@kompy The cabinets were custom built, with the exception of the doors and drawers. Those were purchased from Drees Wood Products in Paramount, CA. I went with the Alora #89 with ov-8 edge detail. The stain color is called raw amber. He used a two step process where he rubbed the stain first and then sprayed over it with a second coat. The doors are made of red oak. Cabinets are melamine interiors. Drawers are made of birch. Our cabinet builder even put his company name in the interior of the drawers which I thought was a nice touch and very classy.

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It's funny that you mentioned the giant spoon and fork- I have a wooden set that belonged to my grandparents. When having to clean out their house I was asked if there was anything I wanted, and they were it. My family was shocked, since they did not seem at all my style and I spent years of my childhood teasing my Memere over them.

My plan has been to paint them, giving them a true silverware look, and putting them on the back wall of my galley kitchen!

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Oh, that's just wonderful! You must do a little happy dance everytime you walk in there! Lovely job.

Enjoy the new space.


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Thanks for the dimensions! My kitchen is 6" narrower and at the back left I have a hallway to the back door, so that's only about 7' long on that side, and I have a window on the end. I'm going to do white cabinets, and a black counter, so the complete opposite of you. I LOVE your kitchen and have big hopes for mine! I'm buying my cabinets tomorrow but the install will be waiting for a month or so.

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Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! As others have already said, what an amazing transformation! It's so much more functional and inviting. Closing up that extra kitchen entry was a smart decision.

Thank you so much for sharing!

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Beautiful--I love the backsplash! What a great use of space, too.

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Thank you so much for the dimensions and elevation drawings. I have about 8 inches less on the long side. I hope to squeeze every last inch out of it too.

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What a transformation! I actually gasped when I saw the first after photo! I love the dark cabinets and all your finishes really compliment each other. Just gorgeous! Your old kitchen sounds (and looked!) like a functional nightmare! I can only imagine how much you grumbled as your carried your wet clothes through the kitchen and outside to the dryer. Your new space looks like functional dream now.

Glad you're liking the NeverMT. When that bottle runs out, you've gotta grab the big ole Costco size bottle. My kitchen was completed almost two years ago and we're still using the same bottle. lol

Enjoy your gorgeous new space!

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robo (z6a)

It is beautiful and very classy! You did an amazing job.

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Holy smokes, fabulous transformation! Great use of space and you'll find this to be one of the more efficient layouts for cooking. Enjoy your new space in good health!

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I looked at your pics a couple of days ago-so impressed but wanted to wait until I had time to comment.
I can't imagine what you could have done to make it more perfect. All your choices compliment each other & in a small space that's hard to do.
Even the white you chose to paint the window is perfect.
Your floor is beautiful. The large tiles & the layout of the tiles really make the space look larger.
You are very talented!

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Beautiful! Wonderful transformation.

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Quick update...

I ended up ordering a spoon and fork from Here's a pic of it installed on the back wall.

Also finished up installing my DIY under cabinet lighting... these lights are bright!!!!

So glad I used a dimmer switch...this is the dimming level I tend to keep it at.

Also forgot to mention that one of the pantries is a broom closet.

After living in my new kitchen for almost of month now, I feel like I got everything right and did the best I could with the space I have. Trash cabinet, baking tray cabinet, broom closet, sink drop down tray, spice rack, plus all of the additional cabinet space makes me one happy camper. :)

My only regret is not putting in pull outs for my pots/pans and lids. It's a bit of a pain having to bend down and look back into the cabinet to find what I'm looking for. Maybe at a later time... since it's still possible.

Another thing I'm finding an issue with is our fridge. We bought a counter depth so we could have additional room, but it's been tough living with the limited space. Luckily, we still have our old fridge, so we're thinking of keeping it now to store larger items.

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