Gator type connectors

big_al_41August 1, 2014

I think that's what their called .. they are like a push on fitting that has O-Ring inside and teeth that grab the copper pipe. I have a sink to install in the garage and I don't solder well . My question is have you used this type B4 and will it hold up to temp changes ( mild swings ) I know solder is the way to go... just wondering ..thanks

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The days of copper and solder are numbered, but since they still sell oakum and lead bars, that may be a while!

The only problem I find with a push on fitting is it will want to rotate easily. That can be a little disconcerting to someone trying to shut down a right angle stop that has that sort of connection. However, they don't get used much that way, just sitting there being forever open.

I have never had a leak with one; the seal is as good as the o-ring, so de-burr well if you cut tubing with a saw (highly NOT recommended). I'd also think the copper tubing would need to be not dirty or distorted. Throw away your torch!

edit: can't spell to save my life.

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Thanks, I'll hold on to my torch.

Push on connectors have their place... (not sure what that is...but they have it).

Solder connectors are much cheaper, and they more solid - both mechanically and water tight. I'm not going to put a push on connector in a wall and close it up.

I think you will see copper slowly go away in general plumbing. It will still be used for high temp, and refrigeration and such - but unless the cost comes down, I think it will be replaced by CPVC and PEX in residential use. Until that happens, I'm using soldered fittings.

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The fittings are called SharkBite . I have never had a problem with them or saw and leak.

Anytime I replace a water heater that is hard lined with CPVC, Copper or PEX. I install it using SharkBite Flexible Water Heater Connectors. I will even use them on new installations. Makes the next water heater swap a breeze.

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Thanks everyone !!!

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