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cindyandmochaNovember 25, 2011


Meet Boo, the newest member of our pack. We got him last week and I wanted to wait and be sure before I posted about him. He was listed as an aussie mix, which I don't think he is at ALLLLL. When his ears prick, he is totally dobie and so is his build - all legs and lean form.

He was named "Malibu" but we thought it was silly, and given his hate of jack-o-lanterns and halloweenish adoption, "Boo" seemed to fit.

Boo is a year and a half, and weighs 70 lbs. He's all legs right now and all puppy. He was left at the vet a year ago with a broken leg, and the vet office called a local shelter to take him after setting his leg. Ironic, its the same leg that Rusty and Mocha had trouble with. He is 70 lbs of un-mannered goofiness right now. But I can change that. He's very very sweet.

On close examination, Boo is quite obviously a dobie mix. He's very playful, full of energy, and very very inquisitive about everything. We brought him home at night, and he HATES jack-o-lanterns (he almost refused to walk by the leftover on our front porch), and he is pretty sure his own reflection needs to be put in its place. We all had a hearty laugh at his antics in front of an empty mirrored display case in our den.

Ginger is NOT sure what she thinks of him right now, except that everything and everyone is suddenly "hers" alone. She's 11 and been a tad territorial, but she was neutral in her first meeting at the shelter (we took her with us). Neutral when first meeting is just as good a sign as playful.

After the first week, she has decided at least I am hers, if not everything in the house. And she is starting to play with him some in the back yard. She's also stopped hoarding the food dishes and toys, and she's stopped halting him at the dog door. We've tried to remember that this is a big change for her too having lost all her pack this year (Gypsy, Mocha, and Rusty all 3).

Boo is being respectful of her age, but he is really a big goof with no manners. He's also extremely sweet-natured. We've already tested being able to take treats and bones away from him. He's also not chewing up things he shouldn't like shoes and such - yet.

The big surprise was how much my father-in-law fell for him. We think we way underestimated how much losing all 3 dogs this year made him feel his own immortality. He ADORES this dog. When we can't find Boo? He's in Dad's room. We have thought that perhaps we just got Dad another dog without realizing it. Apparently he adores him and its his new pal. That's ok though, because I truly feel that dogs always teach us something - and this time its generosity. We have to share Boo with dad.

He was at the shelter for about a year, and we took him for a vet exam. We apologized to the vet for his lack of manners, but they said he was a sweetie. He had a secondary infection from some flea bites, but he's thriving now.

Now if only Ginger will "come round" and embrace having a pack-mate to bark at the neighbors with. I think it will actually make her like him more - his ability to deter outsiders and protect the home (in her head anyways).

Our next thing is a training class to get him some socialization and manners.

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Oh.. I meant to mention, when I say "when we can't find Boo he is in Dad's room"? I meant he literally makes him come into his bedroom and closes the door and keeps him in there with him for hours. lol

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Actually, based solely on that headshot, I'd say he probably does have a good dose of Aussie in him - maybe Aussie/Dobe. He does look like a goofy kid, so I imagine you're going to have your hands quite full with that boy! Congratulations!


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Very cute dog! Any body shots? Congrats on your new addition, sounds like he's fitting in well so far and isn't training the fun part?! As long as you're focusing on manners, your neighbors would likely appreciate it if he taught Ginger not to bark at them :-)

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When I saw the pic of Boo, I thought he looked a lot like our Rosie, she's a purebred aussie. What do you think?

Maybe it's just me but I think there's a strong resemblance. Marg

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Awwww, welcome home Boo!! He's a cutie! Sounds like Ginger is coming around slowly but surely. There have been some similarities in our house with the "last one in the pack" trying to readjust to a new buddy. Sam has desperately tried to get Tasha to play (he likes the run and chase game) and Tasha is just not into all that, but she is definitely coming around. LOL, she has never been a kennel dog and twice now I have caught her laying down in Sam's kennel when he is out hanging somewhere else.
I think that's great that your Dad has bonded with Boo as well and that ya'll are willing to share him.
Congrats on your new pack member!!!

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Oh hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) So happy for you all.

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what a happy face he has. I bet he's ready for some fun times w/your family.

It's nice your dad likes him so well too!

He does look an aussie but those are dobie 'eyebrows' to me too, and his coat looks odd for an aussie.

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He sure is a sweetie. So friendly looking. Good luck with him.

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I'm so happy for you and Boo too. Best cure for a broken heart is to help another.

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What an adorable doggy -- good for you!

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Boo is short for Malibu.... good call! He is really cute and sweet looking.

Congrats on the new family member! May he have many dinners with you all!

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Oh, he's just gorgeous ... my Lily is an Aussie mix ... at 75 lbs. A very sweet girl.

I think it's great how your FIL seems to have claimed him! You'll have to get him involved in training th goofball too.

So happy for all of you!

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