Need help sizing new water softener

MidwestGreenAugust 4, 2014

We are replacing the Culligan water softener we've had for the past 25+ years. We should probably have done this years ago but it really has seemed to be working until recently - not very efficiently, I'm sure

Our Public Water District sends us an annual report from the testing they have a certified lab do each year. The water source is groundwater and some of the 2013 test results are as follow:

Hardness: 273 - 308 ppm
pH: 7.3 - 7.4
Iron: 8.6 - 48.5 ppb (or 0.0086 - 0.0485 ppm)
Manganese: 1.89 - 4.86 ppb
TDS: 430 - 537 ppm
Chloride: 14.6 - 76.5 ppm
Copper: 10.5 - 268 ppb
Bacteria: None detected

They did not report any test results for sulfides, arsenic, or nitrates.

We have 2 bathrooms and there are only 2 of us in our household. We rarely, if ever, take showers at the same time. In fact, the shower in the second bathroom is rarely used. The Culligan softener is on a 3/4-inch line. A local plumbing supply company is a dealer for Water-Right softeners, which we're considering in place of another Culligan.

Thanks to anyone who can help us size the softener we need in advance of a dealer offering their advice on what we should buy!

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SFR = service flow rate. Bypass your existing softener. Using the bathtub as the measuring point, open BOTH the hot and cold water faucets completely open. If your tub has a single faucet then find a hose bib near the water entrance to the home and use that. Place a 1 gallon container under the faucet and measure the amount of time it takes to fill the container in seconds.

Year old water quality reports with results in ranges is hardly conductive to accurately sizing your softener.

Since you're wanting to treat the water at your house that's where water samples should be taken and that's what should be tested.

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I understand that Culligan and Kinetico are both proprietary softeners. Does anyone know if Water-Right is also proprietary?

Here are links to the descriptions for 2 of them:

Here is a link that might be useful: Water-Right Water Softeners

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