Time to Decide Which Granite Edge

sail_awayMarch 15, 2013

So we're going to be scheduling the templating for our kitchen counters, which means it's time to make up our minds on what edge to use. I really like the clean lines of a straight, squared edge, but I don't want to get that because I'm afraid it would chip more easily AND I would worry about children bumping their heads on a square corner of our island.

So now I'm trying to figure out which edge to use. The fabricator offers a total of 6 free edges that provide an almost square edge look---1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" either beveled or rounded. I would prefer the smallest rounded or beveled edge possible so that it will look almost squared off, but I'm willing to accept a larger bevel or rounded edge for the sake of making the granite more durable. As long as it's not a bullnose, I think I prefer the rounded rather than beveled.I want to be sure to minimize the risk of chipping the edge of the counter. What would you recommend?

One other consideration---they round or bevel only the top edge of the granite at N/C. I assume there would be an upcharge if I wanted the bottom edge done, as well (I've seen that identified as an eased edge). I really feel I need to have the bottom edge rounded (or maybe beveled) on the island, again for safety reasons. However, I'd rather not pay extra to have it done on the perimeter countertops. Do you think it would look okay if the edges of the granite on the island was slightly rounded on the top and bottom edge but only on the top on the perimeter?

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One thing our granite fabricator suggested was to not have square edges at the corners of our island or breakfast bar. Instead he suggested we cut the corner with a diagonal cut. It was a fabulous idea and has likely saved my hip hitting it countless times.

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Mic111, That is a good idea. We have the angled edges now with the Formica, but this time I think we'll just round each corner for the same reason.

I will add that our granite is Black Pearl (aka Mysore). I don't know whether it is a granite that is more prone to chipping or not.

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Have both White diamond in the kitchen and steel gray in the bathroom. Both were done with a 3/8 rounded edge. The bottom edge that you are concerned with is not sharp at all on either one. The bottom edge is NOT round like the top edge. We were never asked about the bottom edges and did not pay extra for any treatment.

I have never seen a granite counter that the bottom edge was sharp.

Can your fabricator give you/give you as same of edge edge so you can feel the bottom edge?

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Debrak, Thanks for your helpful information. We finalized our order today and we spoke directly with the fabricators. They told us what you said, that it is not a sharp edge on the bottom and that they finish it off with about an 1/8" rounded edge---it basically looks straight, but it's just round enough to avoid a hard edge. So, yet again, I was worried about nothing.

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