Lowering Kitchen Island?

SarahG22March 28, 2013

Has anyone ever tried this?

My husband and I bought our first house this past August, but the entire kitchen island (approx. 6' x 4') is bar height. It makes everyday tasks inconvenient. I'd really like to cut about 4 inches off the bottom, but it's attached to the floor. Does anyone know about this?

Thinking I will need a contractor... :\

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Sure I know about this. I would need to see pictures though.

The whole island? That's a new one.

Many of the bar top islands I have put in have 42" uppers as the bar height part, which would make you SOOL unless you have some mad cabinetry skilz.

I would think to salvage any of it, your existing would have to have about 8" high toe kicks or so. I'm sure there could be some ingenious designs, but I hope I haven't burst your bubble.

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I'm sure it's possible, but I'm not sure it makes economic sense. You might be better off replacing the cabinets that make up the island. Island cabinets generally are attached to the floor, so that isn't unusual or hard to detach.

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if the island lacks drawers because they are wall cabs purposed for this, wouldn't you want to get more useful base cabs if you are going to undo it? In other words, Are these 15 in deep wall cabs back to back,with overhang? Perhaps there would be interest on Craigs list and then redo the island and get highly functional drawers/open bookcase inserted/maybe drawer microwave/etc.

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