Skinnydipper's backyard

skinnydipperApril 3, 2007

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Lovely pool/yard! What type/color is your pool fisish?

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Thanks! It's a dark gray plaster finish. ;-)

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Wow, what an incredible set up! How I would love to have a big yard like yours--so much for the kids to do. I love the waterfall and spa set up--how fun! Also, your water color is really beautiful and inviting. Great job, you're going to have a great summer.

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Beautiful! How do your Colorlogic LEDs look with the dark gray plaster? My husband and I are pretty set on getting the colorlogic but were told we should go with white plaster with the LEDs. I really like the look of the dark gray though. Our pool will be 31' by 18' and we plan to have one light in the pool and one in the spa. Any input or photos you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for the compliment. Honestly, my pool is wayyyy too dark at night. I wish I had put two lights in the pool, but even then I don't think the led's would be as vibrant as if the bottom were white. There are darker and lighter light shows in the colorlogic system, so I don't use the darker ones in the pool- like the reds/purples for example. If I use the ones with shades of blue and white it's brighter. Another reason it's dark is the fact that it's freeform, if you're pool will be rectangular then the light may travel better. My light is centered on one of the long sides of the pool. Feel free to throw any questions at me, I'm happy to help.

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Thank you for such a quick and helpful response! I think we'll stick with the white plaster.

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Hey Deb, your yard and pool is amazing....can you tell me how big your baja/tanning shelf is? And if you have any photos of the shelf itself....I would be most appreciative. Our PB is coming out on Tuesday to "paint" our pool and I am still undecided on the size of our shelf. Thanks so much!

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