why does my cat pee on my bed?

downsouthNovember 6, 2005

About every 3 to 4 weeks, our cat will pee on my bed or on any clothes in the floor that are close to the bed. I first saw a big wet spot on my new down comforter. It's dark red, so it was really noticeable. At first I thought she threw up, but the smell said otherwise. We took her to the vet thinking she might have a bladder infection, and the vet asked if we had changed her food or cat litter, there was no bladder problem. We had changed her litter brand, so we switched it back. Three weeks later she did the same thing. Hubby changes her litter often.If I didn't have a mattress pad on this bed, these mattresses would be ruined!! I am also tired of washing the comforter, the sheets and the mattress pad!

I have to sleep alone because od back problems. She has never peed on my husband's bed, not once! (this bed is close to her litter box in the master bath.)

The vet asked if she likes both of us and she does. We got her from the shelter in May when our cat died. She is part Siamese. We buy her toys, and just bought her a cat tree which she loves.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

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Red urine would have me worried. What kind of test did the vet run?
DIL's dog once had red urine..........turns out he had a huge calcium deposit in his bladder that was irritating it.
Wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion on possible bladder problems.

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If you're absolutely sure that she doesn't have a UTI, and it took 3 weeks before she peed on the bed after you switched back to the original litter (3 weeks isn't frequent), I would suspect the she's one that needs an immaculate litter box. "Hubby changes her litter box often." You didn't say 'daily.' Either scoop twice a day, or try getting a second box and putting it next to the first box. That way, if one is dirty she has another option before resorting to an inappropriate spot. Also, close the bedroom door, it's easier to wash the bathroom rug!

Annz, I think that downsouth was saying the comforter is dark red, not the urine :)

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If you've ruled out medical stuff, she might be trying to communicate something to you. The fact that she only seems to be peeing in your bed says something!

I have a friend who has a cat who likes things a certain way. She expects her owner to be home at certain times for Her Royal Majesty's petting time. If my friend has evening plans, she has to ask a roommate to pet the cat and to close her bedroom door... or the cat will definitely pee on her bed! The last time my friend tried to pack a suitcase, she opened it up and put it on the bed. Before she could put a single item in it, the cat crawled inside of it and peed in it while making direct eye contact with my friend!

So is there anything that coincides with these incidents of intentional incontinence? Kids or dogs in the house? Visitors? Do your hours change? Is her routine disrupted in any way?

If you've ruled out medical causes, you need to explore the reality that sometimes our animals try to communicate with us in other ways... and sometimes what they have to say isn't very nice! Perhaps you could keep a journal and write down a description of all of the days events whenever this occurs? In looking at it in this way, you might discover something that is preceding the problem and develop a work-around...

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My suggestion would be to keep the door to your bedroom closed.

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The comforter is indeed dark red, not the urine, LOL!

He doesn't change the litter every day, but we will try that. I don't use scoopable, but I'm thinking we should switch. It would be more cost effective than throwing away regular litter every day that is still unused.

Hubby suggested shutting this bedroom door and that means her litter box would have to be moved to another area of the house. I really hate to do that as it's in the master bath which is out of sight/smell from the rest of the house.

There are no kids, no dogs, only the two of us.

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I forgot to say we have never caught her in the act, only found the evidence. Guess I will start watching her every move, as I'm home all day.

The vet didn't run any tests. She just felt of her stomach. She was pretty sure it was something she's not happy about. Could it be that before she had a low litter box and this one is high? Or perhaps she smells our other cat in the house?

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Cats are very finicky. Try moving the litterbox and close your door. You will have to find a place that she is happy with, it isn't always the best place for the owner!!

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Avoid cleaning with ammonia containing products. It attracts them back. Inappropriate urination - when not caused by UTI is most often territorial behaviour. There are a number of medications that can help. Feliway or Bach's rescue remedy can reduce stress. Have you made any moves of furniture, additional pets, departure or arrival of another person or other changes in your household routine? If you need more aggressive therapy - ask your vet about Elavil, Buspar, Valium or Clomicalm.

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I have two cats, a male and female. For the last couple of months, the male cat occassionally (once every 2-3 weeks) will pee on my bed... and he will always pee on my wife (haha)! The female cat is fine. I have been reading posts, on other web sites, suggesting that it is due to declawing. Although this may be true in some cases, I believe it not to be true in the majority of cases. However, I have noticed a pattern in posts as I have been researching this problem, and will post that later on. Neither of our cats are declawed. The problem with him peeing on the bed starting only a couple of months ago. The first time, was after a visit to the vet (we have been to the vet prior to this, but no change in behavior.. until now). The vet gave him all sort of vaccines.. distemper and a couple other shots I don't remember. That night/morning, our cat peed on the side of my wife in bed (through the comforter). Each and every time since then (a total of 5 issues now), the cat has ALWAYS peed on the bed when we are in the bed... never has he peed in the bed when we were not present. Ok, so we thought it had something to do with the vet visit. We figured he would eventually forget the trauma of the shots, and wrote it off to him being upset. We dry cleaned all of the sheets and comforter, and thought we were fine. A couple weeks later, we went on a 4 day trip. Came home, and all was okay. But at night, again he peed on her. Later, we went on a honymoon for a week, came home, all was clean.. then that night, or night after, he peed on her again. Each time, of course, we washed the sheets and/or dry cleaned the comforter. Af first, we thought maybe we were not cleaning the litter box right, or sometimes forgetting to fill up the food and water bowls at night. So, in an effort to eliminate that as a possibility, every day we made sure to clean the liter box, and made sure there was ample food and water at night. Almost two weeks past, and no problem. Then, last night, he did it again.. on my wife! This time, he had plenty of food and water, and my wife had cleaned the liter box that night... so I think we can rule that out... as I have been doing research, I found a common thread to "where" the cats were peeing. Many said the "bed"... but where on the bed I asked? Most said on or near the comforter... seems obvious, since the comforter is on top... but what kind of comforter? In most of the replies, when the cats peed on the comforter (other places where sheets or clothes), is was a DOWN COMFORTER. Funny, I though, I have a down comforter... and a down mattress topper. I recently bought the mattress topper several months ago... could there be a coincidence here? Not sure, but seems like a likely connection... maybe something in the DOWN is causing my male cat to get territorial... so, this time, we are removing all down from the bed, and will see what happens. Wish us luck, and I hope this e-mail has helped others.. try removing your down comforter.

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I'm one that wishes you luck! I have 2 cats, one a female calico who looks like she might have some Siamese in her (slanty eyes, very long and slender) who had some issues when we brought her home from the shelter and again when we moved to a new house. Always on my DOWN COMFORTER! I assume that there was some insecurity mixed with attitude as the peeing stopped thankfully after about 2 months. Cleaning a down comforter is NOT a fun thing to do more than once in a week, lol! Thank goodness I have more than one comforter and I could rotate them as they got peed on.
And the down connection is an interesting theory.....

To the OP, I would suggest you get a more thorough exam (ie a urine test) to be SURE that this isn't a UTI problem. Somehow just feeling the tummy doesn't seem too scientific. Maybe because her bladder wasn't full the vet either couldn't get a sample or couldn't feel any swelling but that doesn't always mean there is no infection. Barring any medical issues, this may just be one of those frustrating cat-owner phases (we all have them). I wish you luck as well. :)

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We had the same problem when first married. My female (spayed) cat would pee on top of our very soft, silk-covered comforter at least once a week, always when we were in the bed and always on top of my side of it, not my husband's! In her case, it seemed to be a reaction to my husband's having joined the family. Each time, I tried to get rid of the smell completely, and after a few months, the bad behavior stopped and she never did it again in all her long 15 years of life.

I suspect that, if there are no crystals in her urine and no infection present, the cat is simply showing signs of not being really settled yet in her new home. She may even be picking up on your grief over losing your previous cat.

How do you react when she does it? I know from experience how upsetting it is, but if possible, try not to show the cat your feelings, because it only causes her more upset and will make her worse. When she misbehaves, you could calmly show her the litterbox and have her smell it, just saying, "This is the right place. OK, girl?" And it is important to really remove the scent of her urine from the bedding each time it happens. There are enzyme products that will do the trick. Ordinary bleach does it, too, but would probably ruin the comforter from your point of view!
I may be wrong, but it has seemed to me that Siamese and Abyssinians are more prone to get upset and show it this way. We had a male Aby once who hated being alone until we got him a kitten companion. Our first time away overnight, we came home to find a cushion pulled out into the middle of the room, soaking wet with urine and with a little pile of something else on it. But we didn't go away again until we got the kitten, and he never did that again.
Not so pleasant a solution, but if you get desperate, you could also try using one of those large flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths on top of the comforter for awhile. I am pretty sure it would not interest the cat as a place to pee.

Try to hang in there, and I think she will get over the bad behavior pretty soon.

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My bedroom is off limits because I don't want to sleep w/ cats walking all over me. It must be very frustrating because it's a pain to wash down comforters. That said..I have had my share of peeing over the years. I had two males who had pissing contests all the time. I figured each wanted to be top cat. They were unrelated and close in age. Each died at 15..I have about five or 6 litter boxes all the basement and one big Sterlite box in the sunroom w/ a hole cut out for our 17 year old. We use mostly Fresh Step clumpable but one box is regular litter , and almost every day there is a little pile of poop right beside the box. I know who it is and I never actually catch her until she's done. She has even pooped when I was 6 feet away on the computer. I heard a scratching sound on the hardwood floor and looked to see her "covering" it..She's 13 and I just deal. She's trying to communicate something to me but I'll be damn if I know what!

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Of course any health issues need to be ruled out, but when it all boils down, I think cats are just freakishly intelligent and vindictive. (You may call it territorial-- I prefer to call it just plain evil.)

I never got along with my parents' last cat, who we had from the time he was a kitten until he died last year at age 17. Some time ago when I was still living at home, my parents went away for a vacation, and it was just me at home... danged cat decided to hop into the bathtub and drop a couple of nice turds RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN HOLE of the tub. (The drain cover had been removed for some reason, so the turds went right into the hole... I had to fish them out with paper towels. GROSS.)

Same cat ruined two mattresses on theire guest bed-- any time they would have overnight visitors who also happened to be cat owners, my parents' cat would pee on the guest bed. The door was normally kept closed, but the cat would literally wait by the door and sneak in, usually unnoticed by the guests who didn't think anything of it, and he'd do his business when they left the room. Since the "keep the door closed" thing didn't work, they eventually had to put a waterproof mattress cover over the mattress... and who likes to sleep on a rubber mattress cover?! Ick.

Hubby and I, however, have had 2 cats (both females, both spayed, one declawed) for about 6 years now... They both share a litter pan, and we are not daily scoopers-- they get the old-style clay litter. Neither kitty has EVER, since we have had them, gone anywhere but in the litter box... And don't think I don't realize how lucky we are!! :)

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I have two persian-cross, neutered male cats who are brothers (1.5 years old, not declawed). Five weeks ago I bought a new down duvet, and three weeks ago and I moved to a new apartment and gained a housemate (I used to live alone). I have never had problems with either cat soiling the bed before (or anywhere else), but in my last place one of them liked to occasionally use the laundry sink as a litter box. I never could find a pattern for this behaviour. There is no accessible laundry sink in the new place. In the first week at my new place I came home the night after staying at my fiance's to a very large spot of pee on my bed and it had happened again by the time I got home from work the next day. After the first instance I took the duvet to the drycleaners and left the blanket off the bed during the day. I assumed the cats were stressed from the move and hoped it wouldn't happen again, but one week later it did. I was fed up with having to wash the sheets and the mattress being soiled so I bought some sheet plastic from the hardware store. I figured they would not like to pee on this, and if they did that it would be a temporary solution so that I wouldn't have to wash the bedding. A few days later there was pee on the plastic sheet. I scooped it up in a jar and had a look-it was clear and of normal colour (ie no visible blood). Almost 10 days passed before it happened again, and then again a few days after that!! Both cats sleep with me in the bed, and one even cuddles up next to my face purring, so it is definitely a place of comfort for them. One veterinarian told me that this behavior is territorial and that it will eventually stop. I have also read that cats do not "scheme" out of anger because they are not capable of this type of though process-although you have to wonder! I don't know which cat it is, but I am starting to think it may be the one that used to use the laundry sink. I am not fastidious about cleaning the litter box. Admittedly, I do try to stretch it sometimes so I am now thinking that the cat who used the sink does not like dirty litter. I will try to test this theory over the next few weeks by keeping the litter cleaner than usual. Otherwise I am seriously considering putting furniture close to the sink so that the cat can jump up (there is no counter and it is actually an awkward jump, even for a cat). Maybe it will stop if they have a sink alternative.

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I have 3 male cats all neutered. Two are brothers and a third that we got when the brothers were just 2 mos old.One of the brothers pees on my pillow about once every 2 weeks. They have never been allowed outside. We keep their litter box clean. we cant figure out whats wrong. This cat is very high strung we try to give them all equal attention.We joke and say that he acts like he is the middle child. I feel bad that we cant figure out why he does this.
Any suggestions?

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a peeing cat that the vet has ruled out all medical reasons for her doing so!
You might go read all the replies to my post "This Cat Is Driving Me Crazy".Lots of good suggestions and comments,none of which have seemed to work as yet.I have just about made up my mind to send her away to be a barn cat.Haven't been able to contact the lady that wants her yet so she still has time to straighten up her act!LOL She actually hasn't peed on my bed in a couple of days,although I haven't checked yet today,so maybe she is going to straighten up.Maybe she has heard me talking about her "fate".I also have a back problem and have a really hard time changing the sheets myself.I usually get my DD or DGD to do it for me when they are around.It is really frustrating to have to strip the bed and launder sheets and everything and try to put them back on by myself at all hours of the night!LOL
I feel for ya!.....Lillie

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My Siamese doesn't pee on my bed, but he pees on any piece of clothing or material that is on the floor. Leave a towel on the floor-peed on. Clothes on the laundry room floor-peed on. He even peed on the plastic dry cleaning bag my husband tossed on the floor of the closet. If a sleeve is hanging too close to the floor, he'll pee on it.When we had only one other cat for a period of time, Duncan had his own litter box, and that was a temporary fix. Now that we have a total of 5 cats, they all share litter boxes. He is either upset because I'm such a lousy housekeeper, or because the other kitties bully him !

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I just wanted to let everyone know that my cat has now stopped this behaviour (the bed has remained pee-free for 4 months now). I took him to the vet and she suggested that it was a territorial problem and that he felt that his space was threatened somehow. Thus, he was trying to mark his territory. Well, I am not sure what the reason actually was, but she gave me an allergy medication (used for human allergies) and told me to give him half a pill twice a day. The medication is called "Periactin" (in Australia) and has an active ingredient, cyproheptadine hydrochloride 4 mg/tab, which apparently acts like Prozac in cats (antidepressant). Perhaps it was the pill, or perhaps it was coincidence, but I never had a problem after giving him this pill. He hasn't taken the pills for a week now, and the behaviour has not returned! I really suggest for everyone to go see their vet about the problems they are having. Obviously, not every cat will be peeing for the same reasons, but the vet sure helped my cat!

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This is an interesting thread to me since I had once a cat with this same behavior. The vet ruled out physical problems, and I had to resort to keeping a plastic cover on my bed.

I also had a dog that would pee on my husband's pillow at times, usually when she was under stress. She wouldn't do it very often and it was usually when something had drastically changed our routine--Christmas, etc.

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I have always had cats, usually muliples and always siamese (we do currently have our second non-siamese as well). My 11 year old siamese started peeing and deficated on my daughters bed when he was young. Our vet ruled out any medical problems and was convinced he was doing it as a behavioural problem. We kept him out of her room for months, then back in only under supervison. This seemed to work. Then he started about three years ago to occassion pee or deficate on my bed (sometimes twice a week then not again for months)and only when we are not in the room. We shut him out of our room but eventually let him back in. He has been perfect for over a year and just this past weekend deficated twice on the bed (only when our feather comforter is on the bed). He deficated on one bed at the cottage a couple of years ago and peed twice on another bed (both had fibre comforters on them). He loves everyone one all animials, our own and any other cat or dog that visits. He gets lot of love and attention, is always the first to be picked up and I clean their clumping kitty litter at least once a day, often twice. Oh, yes, and he sleeps on this bed that he mess too! I didn't think a pet would mess where they sleep. I just can not figure him out!

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Something I noticed in many of these replies is that the peeing cat comes from a multi cat household. It seems to me that this increases you chances for inappropriate elimination problems. Also, I always thought this occured more often with females then males.

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Spirit has taken to jumping on top of the stove and peeing in the burners. The next time we turn on the stove to cook something, the entire house is permeated with the indescribable smell of HOT cat pee.

I don't CARE about her stress level, what about mine? What the heck has a house cat got to be stressed about, anyway? She should have my life for a week, I'm the one who has a right to pee on the burners, if stress is any excuse!

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Something I noticed in many of these replies is that the peeing cat comes from a multi cat household. It seems to me that this increases you chances for inappropriate elimination problems. Also, I always thought this occured more often with females then males.

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With reference to "livvysmom's" comments, I agree with your observations but in my case my little culprit is a male. Also, I have always had multiple cats and he is the very first to eliminate any place other than the litter box. I know that a lot of people will recommend one box per cat plus one extra. I have to say I have always had just one large box (except for when we first get a kitten) and they all share with no problems (I do keep it very very clean). Thank God we love these furry babies!

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Excellent thread! Sadly, misery loves company, because I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone.

I have two female cats (both are approx. 4 yrs old). A couple of months back I kept smelling ammonia in my kitchen. I finally figured out that one of the cats (Raiju) was peeing in the sink! Well, I tried cat repellent (doesn't work whatsoever), cayenne pepper (found little cayenne footprints all over the counter), duct tape, and then just covered the sink with cardboard...she peed on it no matter what was in her way.

I broke down and bought a $60 scatmat (shock pad). She actually managed to pee on that! I think she finally got shocked enough that she no longer pees in the sink...now she pees on the stove burner. Arghh!

To save my sanity...I have started locking her in my room when I leave. Two separate litter boxes and two sets of dishes. I was hoping that enough time would go by that she would forget about the sink and stove. Nope, twice now she has snuck over there while my attention was on the computer and peed on both (at the same time even!).

Someone told me recently that cats never pee where they eat. So they suggested I put bowls of food over the drains and over the burners. I am trying that now (16Mar07). I will post again with updates.

I am thinking if the food thing doesn't work I may buy a sonic fence.

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god bless you guys for putting up with such behavior from the cats...my answer is get rid of the problem! There were two cats that my husband was taking care of and one of them was a puker...had been all her life...they went into foster care and now has been adopted by a permanent family. I could not handle my furniture being ruined with vomit...I cannot even imagine urine around the house! When I had the cats in the house, I constantly suffered from sinus problems and now that the house is clean I have no more sinus problems unless I go to Macy's and smell the perfumes...HEEHEE! ;) The smell of urine would sicken me!

downsouth, you may want to read my post about the dusty cat litter to get suggestions on a less dusty scoopable litter because what I used produced so much dust it was unreal! I would think that a dirty litter box would be the number one cause of this behavior. But obviously for some cats they've just gotten it in their heads that a bed is a great spot to pee!

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This is what the animal behaviorists are currently saying. Something has happened that has made the cat feel insecure. You can try to discover what, but since we can't think like a cat, you probably won't ever discover the reason. Possibly she got scolded, frightened, the litter change could have done it. To animals the scent of their own urine is both a territorial marker and a source of comfort and familiarity. The bed now smells like her and she feels more secure. Keep the door closed, its a small thing. She may have no desire to mark any other area. After a long time let her into the room again. Habit is also comforting for cats. It will take time to both break the habit and get past her need to surround her area with her scent. And donÂt fall into the trap of assuming your cat is sending you a message. Researchers who have studied animals for years will tell you cats are not capable of spiteful behavior nor are they capable of planning and plotting dramatic communications with humans. She is a little fearful and needs reassurance .

My nieceÂs beautiful color point Persian suddenly developed something similar. After a very trying period, Jan found out her fiancé was mistreating the cat. The fiancé is no longer. Not that this is your problem, but just an example of an insecure cat marking her space.

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Cats communicate thru scent marking, they show other cats or anyone else their territory. They first claw mark, face scent mark and when they want to really make a point they use urine. A friend once said cat urine is like cave art it is forever. lol
I had the problem with one of my cats, she sprayed my computer screen. I had to throw the keyboard away. I used Feliway and the vet put her on a low dose of valium. I have a new unsprayed computer now. My cat Shenna is now playing and will soon be drug free. Like anyone she had to be taken off the valium slowly.
I wish the best to everyone having a cat pee problem. I find it intersting about the down being a place to pee, maybe they smell the feathers and think they own birds.

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WOW - my cat peed again on my bed just this morning, so I decided it was time to do a bit of an internet search. I have 3 cats, and this is the only one who pees on my bed - generally, but not all the time, right near my head in the early hours of the morning....... I have thrown out more comforters than I can say...... my guess is about 6 or 7 maybe. She's been doing this for about 2 1/2 years or so. The thing is, I'm almost certain she's not showing anger or saying "PAY ATTENTION", but I think she's feeling really comfortable and warm and cuddly when she does it...... I will usually wake up with her scratching the comforter to 'cover it up' - the one time I woke up AS she was peeing by my HEAD, and she was purring like a maniac - happy as a friggin clam..... I have only had her pee on a down comforter once, so I don't know if that applies to my situation. I have 2 litter boxes for all 3 cats, and I clean them out twice per day, so I can't see that as being the problem..... I swear, I think she's trying to tell me she loves me.
I'm probably in denial.

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I have two cats, both female. One is a turkish van/calico mix and she is almost one and a half(Kira). The other is your regular gray tiger striped and she is almost one(Abbie). Shes also deaf (since birth). Both are runts of their litters. Neither one of them has had a problem with their litter boxes (or eachother) untill recently. The little deaf one (Abbie) has suddenly started peeing on my floor, our towels, int he bathtub, and just today, the bed. I dont have the money to take her to the vet. I also have a DOWN COMFORTER. She isnt stressed at all. The two fight only now and again (but thats because Abbie cant hear Kiras growls and hisses). Kira is a mommas girl and Abbie is a daddys girl. The type of litter/food hasnt been changed. Nothing at all has been changed. Its all been the same since we got her. I think it may have to do with the stress levels of the two humans in the house. We have both been very stressed out lately and I think Abbie can sense that. I just want her to stop peeing on our things! She doesnt target anyone, she just...pees. And if you catch her she stops peeing and finishes in her litter box.

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I dont have the money to take her to the vet.

*sigh* Take your cat to the vet. She has classic symptoms of a UTI.

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Incidentally, for those of you with problems with cats peeing on the bed, I highly recommend getting a protective sheet. It's pretty much like a regular sheet, but has a plastic sheet on the inside of it (and it can be washed and dried like a regular sheet). It's been a lifesaver for our bed -- our male pees on the bed occasionally if he feels his litter box isn't clean enough or if he's feeling overly stressed, and this way he doesn't damage the bed itself. All I need to do is a couple of loads of laundry -- no big deal! You put a normal sheet on top of it, and you can't even tell it's there (no weird crinkly sounds or anything). The one I got was about $40 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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Got her to an emergency vet, and (besides her being deaf) shes perfectly healthy. I caught her trying to pee on my bed again so I picked her up and put her in the litter box. She sniffed around and left, then tried to pee on the bed again. I again put her in the litter box and she again left. So I completely cleaned the box and put her in it, and she went! She refuses to go in her own litter box unless its COMPLETELY clean. Not even a drop of pee can be in it. Picky picky..

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My cat is about a year and a half old. She is an only cat and has never been outside. She has been peeing on our bed lately and I'm tired of trying to figure out what her problem is. She did it two days in a row. The first night I was laying on the couch because I couldn't sleep and she peed next to my husband in our bed. Then last night my husband fell asleep on the couch so it was just me in bed all night. I kept the bedroom door closed all night because of the incident the night before. When we were getting ready for work in the morning, she slipped into our room and peed on the bed again. I'm thinking it was because we were not sleeping in bed together like we usually do, but come on, this is MY house! I don't know how to correct her, and she working on my last nerve.

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i have a 6 year old calico cat. i adopted her from a family that couldnt keep her anymore because the grandmother was allergic and the wife was expecting and they wouldnt have enough time to devote to the cat.
she was an only cat when i brought her home. i dont remember how long it was before she started peeing on my bed and my futon couch. but she destroyed 3 futon mattresses. and she peed on my bed so many times, i turned it over so you couldnt smell it since everything i tried couldnt completely get the smell out, and she peed on that side a bunch too. i had to get a plastic mattress cover that zips and covers the entire mattress all around so you cant smell it at all.

i tried to rule out every possibility. i made sure her litter was clean. i stopped having overnight guests, or guests at all. i came right home after work and didnt leave her alone alot. she even had her water bowl on the coffee table like she liked. she had kitty grass and bonito flakes. she has always been an idoor cat so its not the wanting to be outside thing i dont think.
i have no idea what it could be.
i had to move from that apt and moved to my moms house. i understand the change might be upsetting for her, as well as there being another cat at my mothers house. and she pees on the bed there too. she has even peed on me. but that still doesnt explain her peeing on my futon and bed while she was an only cat at my old apt before that.
im sure the change of living with me after 4 years with her previous owners was upsetting. but even after a year and a half of living with me, it was still an issue. i love to spoil my princess mimi, for example, i made an outdoor window lounge for her to sit in and enjoy some fresh air while watching the pigeons.
so i am frustrated that i dont know what the issue is so i can fix it.
the only thing i havent tried is taking her to the vet to see if she has a bladder infection. i think i'll get on that.
i love her to pieces and could never give her up, but i just wish i didnt have to cover my bed and futon with plastic when i am not home or worry about cat pee ruining my bed anymore...


is this a calico thing? i seem to have read alot of tortie and calico references.


this forum is a blessing. so glad to know i am not alone.

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The absolute first thing you should do if your cat is peeing inappropriately is to take your cat to the vet and rule out health issues. A cat peeing on soft materials like beds, futons, towels, laundry, etc is often a classic sign of a UTI. It may also just be a behavioral issue. You won't know for sure until you rule out health issues first.

It boggles the mind that people don't do this immediately when their cat starts pissing outside of their litter box.

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I think a lot of people get animals without factoring in the cost of vet bills. The first year I had my two cats I spent $5,000.00 in vet bills between the two of them. My Ocicat has a heart murmer and he gets checkups every six months as well as yearly ultrasounds, which run $400.00.
I don't make a lot of money but I would never not take a sick cat to the vet. I used my grocery money to pay the last vet bill.
If your cat is sick take it to a vet. If you don't have the money you should not have a pet.

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We have a 1 year old calico cat (female). We are a 2 years married couple. About 8 months ago, we went to a travel about 10 days. We asked to a friend to come to our apartment daily except for the last 3 days (because he couldn't). When we arrived we noticed she peed on our DOWN COMFORTER. So we send it to the laundry service. Then, like 2 months ago, she did it again, but this time we were inside the house. It was just after declawing her (I often declaw her, like once a week, she seems to like it). I personally don't think that declawing is related to her behavior (but I post it just in case). So we send again our comforter to the laundry service. Just 2 days after we received it (3 week after) she did it again. I also thought that was maybe the food or the litter box, but I had just cleaned it and she had enough food in her plates. So I think that was not related either. Again, to the laundry service. (I could buy a new comforter with that money!). Just after receiving it, I was sleeping and my wife was taking a bath. When she came back, you know what... I was really upset with the cat so I really punished her. She was sad the next few days... This time I decided to wash it myself, because I don't know how often this will happen. Just 2 days after I put it again (yesterday night), we were sleeping my wife and I and I was "aware" watching the cat, buy she wasn't even near the bed. I threatened her not to get closer. 5 minutes I closed my eyes, and BANG! my wife felt wet in her feet... I was again really upset... and punished her again. But now, I know that punishing her is useless. By the way, we live in Japan and in our apartment the doors open sliding them. My cat knows how to open them. My cat wants to be we us always... If she can't get in the room she start yelling out very loud (that is not good for our neighbors). I will keep reading posts in this forum to get ideas... I hope I can find a solution. Thank you!

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Hello, my English is not so good, so I want to clarify something. With "declaw" i mean just to cut off the nails tip.

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i got a new kitten. i've had her for about a month now, and all of a sudden she is pooping on my parent's bed. the firs time was when we found out about a death in the family and my mom was upset, the second time was about 4 days afterwards. i dunno why she's doing this. but id appreciate some help thanks:)

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Same problem here... 10 yr old female cat pees on any absorbent object that is horizontal: clothes dropped on the floor, chairs, beds, anything that absorbs liquid. She was thoroughly checked for health problems when she first started this behavior, so it's not that.
In her case, I'm almost sure that it's a luxury thing. Perfectly clean spot and no need to bury. I think this because this particular cat, for some reason, cannot figure out how to bury things in the litter box. She goes and then flails away at the edge of the box/the floor/the wall/the air for like 3 minutes until she accidentally hits the litter and covers it up. She always looks really frustrated by it, so it must be quite nice to just pee on a shirt or something and be done with it.
Our solution to the problem was to just confine her to my room, since I'm her favorite human and it's not too much trouble for me to keep all absorbent material covered or inaccessible. I figured after a while she'd get used to using the box again, but it's been a couple of years now and if I ever accidentally leave something soft on the floor or forget to cover the chair when I leave, it's soaked. Kinda looks like re-training a peeing cat isn't possible.

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i keep reading posts that say, my can has never been outside. Can this be the issue? i have a 4 year old cat that i rescued as a kitten. for the past 6 months she has been peeing in the bed pretty regularly. we've already taken her to the vet and put her on anti-biotics to cure her of a UTI i'm not even convinced she had in the first place. i think the problem can be one of two issues. One, my boyfriend moved into my small apartment in march. about 3 weeks later gracie peed in our bed for the first time. around this time, we also started letting her outside - but as we live in the city, in an area with lots of strays that fight all the time, only when we are home to supervise. i should also mention that not only did the peeing start 6 months ago, so did she start wining all the time when she's in the apartment (before all this she rarely made any noise at all). and the peeing seems to always happen when we are not home. we are afraid that we created a monster when we started letting her outside - and we're dreading the winter when its too cold to let her out at all....arrgghhhhhh!!!

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Well, your cat's peeing could be territorial based on the other cats. My male sometimes pees on the bed when he sees other cats outside the window, so I can't fathom what it would do to a cat if they're actually allowed out to interact with them. She may be coming home and marking the bed as "hers" to ensure that the other cats won't come near it, or doing it when she sees the other cats outside (and in her little kitty head, she can't recognize that the other cats can't come inside).

Letting a cat outside is a bad idea, in my opinion. Especially in an urban area. You're asking for your cat to be killed by other cats, stray dogs, or cars. It's also exceptionally rude to your neighbors (take a look at the loose cats thread in the Animal Debates forum for more info). And now that you've given her a taste of it, she is going to whine. Personally, I'd bring her in immediately, and keep her in indefinitely. She may whine for a while, but she'll eventually get over it.

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I stayed at Caesar's Palace a few months ago and they had a down comforter on the bed. I thought I died and went to heaven. I told DH "we are definatley getting one of these."

Now, that I have read these posts, its DOWN ALTERNATIVE for me.

All I can say is good luck to those who are having problems and I pray this never happens to me because I know it is a tough problem to solve (my DS's cat was a pee-er for 5 years).

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I have a 6yr old inbred cat with 2 dogs, one outside dog and one inside puppy. My cat has been regularly peeing in my 5yr olds bed which does have a plastic cover over it since my son still has some accidents. My husband is threatening to get rid of my cat because of the unsanitary reason. I love my cat but I respect my husbands decision, but if there is any way I can get my cat to stop peeing in the bed I would like to try. We've tried to keep the door shut but with a 5 yr old its tough. She's been to the vet and she does not have a UTI, he says its behavioral. My cat doesn't like to be petted either, she hides most of the day and night under my bed. The only time she comes out is when I go to bed and she will curl up at my neck for affection. Any advice will be appreciated.

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amythyst14, it sounds like your cat has both anxiety and behavioral issues. There are medications that can help with both of those (Geez, I sound like I have stock in this stuff -- I swear I don't!) One of my cats sounds a great bit like yours -- he's very anxious, and he also has peeing problems. He's on a medication called Clomicalm that has helped him greatly. I'll post here what I posted on another thread:


My male cat is very high-strung and neurotic as well. The clomicalm that he's on basically calms him down, and makes him much more low-key and less likely to freak out, get scared or anxious, or pee all over the place. My male's peeing (I'm pretty sure) is a combination of behavioral issues, and territorial issues -- sometimes I think he does it just because, and other times he does it when he sees a cat outside or when our other cat really pushes his buttons. Ever since I've put him on the clomicalm, the number of incidents have reduced dramatically, as has his overall "freakiness". It does make him a lot sleepier, so you do have to accept a certain behavior change when you put your cat on a medication like this -- if you're used to your cat crawling all over you and your furniture all the time, that's probably not going to happen anymore. I try to give him his meds in the evening, so that he's more lively during the day. I vastly prefer having a sleepy cat to having one that pees on my bed, so I'm willing to accept the behavior change.

He's been prescribed 1/8 of a pill a day, and they come in a bottle of 30 (that I order online with an Rx from my vet). Chopping them up is a pain, but you can get a special cutter from the vet. A bottle of 30 is pretty cheap -- it's been a while since I bought a bottle (it lasts a long time!), but I think it was something like $35 or $50 -- that should last you around 6-8 months or so. I highly recommend ordering online, as it's much cheaper than going through the vet (or so I've found).

The one tough thing is that our boy has figured out what pill time means -- if I open the cupboard where the pills are kept, he scampers and hides (I think they taste pretty bad), so I've had to get sneakier and sneakier about giving it to him. Usually if I sneak up on him while he's eating, I can pop it in his mouth with him barely noticing.

I highly recommend at least trying medication like Clomicalm or Prozac for situations like improper elimination (once medical reasons are ruled out), because really, what have you got to lose? Try it for a couple of months, and if it doesn't work, then oh well. And there's always the possibility that it might actually work.

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I had a cat start this peeing on the bed nonsense. UTI was ruled out. A behaviorist said the cat was stressed out because of adding 2 dogs to the household, and the second had a high prey drive. I was using a baby gate to separate the 2 halves of the house, which meant the cat wasn't able to join her people during TV time at night. She could get thru an opening in the baby gate, but one of the dogs would watch her too intently, seeing the cat as prey. So the cat would go back behind the baby gate. She was not happy, and any little thing started setting her off. DH went out of town, so she peed on his side of the bed. DH worked a night shift, she peed on his side of the bed. Not good to be awakened at 3:00 in the morning to a husband screaming because he has just fallen exhausted into a pool of cold cat pee. !! Oh, and next thing she would pee on the bed if I vacuumed. No down comforter was involved, by the way.

The behaviorist didn't suggest medication; she wanted me to set up 7 different litter boxes in the cat's half of the house (equal to 700 square feet), all with different stuff so the princess could decide which material she found more irresistible to pee on than the bed.

The SPCA got her back. I had never heard of cats peeing on the bed before her.

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I have a one-and-a-half year old neutered male. He is an only cat. I rescued him from a pretty grim living situation (his last owners abused him) when he was only about six to eight weeks old. I didn't really even have to litter train him-- I brought him home, put him in a litterbox, and he peed. The end.

About four months ago, I moved from my hometown to an apartment near the university I am now attending. He seemed to adjust to the move quite well. He stayed with my parents back home until we had the apartment put together, and then we brought him to his new home. He continued to use his box just like he always had.

However, about a month ago we went home for the weekend and left Binx alone. We were gone a total of forty eight hours, and we made sure we left him more than enough food and water and that his box was clean. This was probably the third or fourth time that we left him alone for a weekend, so I wasn't very concerned.

However, when we got home we found our bed covered in about four poop piles and several pee spots. We washed the sheets, comforters, pillows, etc. and used an enzymatic cleaner on the matress and bedding. I just thought that he did it because he was upset that we left him, so I put the incident out of mind.

At least once a week since then, though, he pees and/or poops on the bed. The only time it was ever anywhere else was on some clothes in my bathroom floor. He is clear of any UTI, so obviously it's behavioral, but I don't know what has caused it really. He is our only cat, we haven't changed litter or food, and his living conditions are the same, other than the move four months ago.

He only pees or poops on my bed if I am sleeping (in the guest bed, since my bed smells like pee now) or if I'm not home. Maybe it's kitty cat separation anxiety? Or is it just that he smells where he has gone before and just decides to go there again? He uses his litterbox most of the time, which I now scoop out daily in an effort to encourage him to use it. I've tried to reinforce him with treats and praise for using the litterbox, but he STILL goes back to my bed at least once a week, which hasn't been slept in in a month.

I have taken to keeping the door closed while I sleep at night, but I hate doing it.

I don't know if this will offer any insight, but he has always had some agression problems, which I've attributed to his rough childhood. Sometimes, for seemingly no reason, he will run up behind you and bite you on the backs of your legs, hard enough to draw blood. Most of the time though, he is quite lovable and sweet. He even sleeps with me in the guest bed, which has NOT been peed or pooped on.

Anyone have any suggestions? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Because you can't get the smell totally out, he's going to continue to associate going to the bathroom with the mattress. I'd do one of two things:

a) buy a waterproof mattress pad, which will run you between $20 and $40 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the one I'm using is here). Basically it's like a mattress cover, with a plastic sheet inside. It'll serve two purposes -- hopefully keep your cat from smelling the urine on the mattress underneath, AND protect the mattress from further damage. Before using the pad, I'd also douse the bed with something like Nature's Miracle, and run the fan or dehumidifier on it for a while to dry out completely. Do I sound like I have experience with this? ;)


b) get rid of the mattress completely. If you do get a new one, I would STILL get a mattress pad, just to keep your new bed from getting damaged.

Now, to get to the root of your problem. We had this very issue with my male (see a couple of posts earlier). When he was younger, he used to poop and pee all over the bed whenever we would leave the house on vacation. I've heard different theories on why cats do this -- separation anxiety, they do it so you will know where to come back to, whatever. Most vacations, we'd come back to a bed covered in poop and pee (we took to covering it with a plastic sheet). I remember coming back from my honeymoon, starting to unpack my bags, and he jumped up on the bed, and pissed on it right in front of me. So I personally think it's a combination of separation anxiety and "You're gone, and I'll show YOU!" Sometimes he would pee on the bed if my husband and I stayed out too late at night (never thought we'd need a curfew at our age!)

I've already mentioned it (see a couple of posts ago), but the thing that has worked best for us is medication. Because the peeing/pooping thing is an anxiety/behavioral issue in general, putting our cat on anti-anxiety meds has made a world of difference. We very rarely have any peeing/pooping problems on the bed now (and we always have a mattress pad on it, so if an accident happens, then I just throw the blankets and mattress pad in the washer, and it's no big deal). You may find that he'll grow out of it and calm down over time, but for the short term, it may be easier to look into meds.

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Thanks so much. I will be sure to pick up a matress pad! And I'll take him to our vet back home next week and see if we can get him on some kitty meds.

Also, it brought me a lot of comfort to know that there's a chance he could grow out of this.

Thanks again! :D

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Don't count too much on the growing out of it -- we've been able to slowly wean my male off of his medication over the years, and he has stopped peeing and pooping on the bed to a large extent, but I don't know if it's because he's gotten older and calmed down, or what. So no promises! But the fact that your cat didn't used to do it, and then suddenly started it suggests a sudden cause of anxiety -- if you give him no reason to be anxious, and put him on meds for a while, then it may all work out in the end.

One note of caution -- if you do put him on meds, please, please try it for at least two months. Someone else on here did it for only one month and then gave up, which is simply not long enough for it to take effect. My cat really only started to show change after about 3 months -- anti-anxiety or anti-depressants take a while to build up in the system, for cats and humans!

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I have a 9 week old black kitten who has lived with me for just over 2 weeks. She has settled in really well and has been using the litter tray brilliantly as she had been trained before she got here. We took her for jabs on Wednesday night and the next morning she peed on the bed. My boyfriend (who she gets on with fine!) was in the bed and I was getting ready for work, she had a bit of a play and then sat on the end of the bed and peed. She also did the same this morning, exactly the same situation, him in bed and me getting ready! She has been on our bed every morning before this but has always been fine, does anyone think this will have something to do with the jabs? If so, how do I stop her ? The bedroom is now off limits in the morning!

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OK..I don't get it. WHO is in charge here? I have a female cat that is 8 years old. She recently went to our lower level of the house and peed and pooped on a beautiful 6 foot LoveSac . She did it again two days later. Her litter is kept extremely clean. Tonight she decided to pee on the blanket on my side of the bed. I don't know what the issue is here with you people allowing your cats to CONTINUE to pee on your beds. Once is the only chance this cat gets. She is going downstairs and will be shut in the laundry room over night and all bedroom doors will be kept closed during the day when she is out...PERIOD...no second chances. I love my cat but this is MY house and I've worked hard to buy the things in it...not to have them ruined by an animal. One posting stated that their cat peed on the wife almost every night...WAKE UP PEOPLE...or maybe she did...that cat shouldn't be allowed in the bedroom...it isn't rocket-science. My cat will no longer have access to the downstairs or bedrooms of our house. If she starts peeing in the parts of our house that she does have access too...then she will be relegated to the laundry room permanently. Just because you have elected to own a cat does not mean that this animal has control over you and your possessions...that's just stupidity. Being a responsible pet owner does NOT mean that the animal is in control and should have free-reign in your house.

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And...have you had her tested for medical conditions?

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Well, I can promise you all that getting rid of a cat that has a problem doesn't help ANYONE. A lot of these are from people moving, getting new pet's, etc. All stressful conditions, for people too. We..just don't pee on thing's, so noone cares when we are stress. Getting rid of a cat with issues is stupid. When you get a pet, you take the responsibility of that pet. What, if your kid pees in his bed past the normal age, gonna just get rid of him too? No, you arn't. Don't be stupid.

I have..Well, let's just say a lot of cat's. We've had this problem as well. I have never tried medications, though it does seem like a good idea. I know the problem is behavioral for them though. None of them have any bladder problems. All of the cats we have are fixed. 2 of them like to take turns peeing on things. Usually the bed, or dirty cloths (we do not have down comforters or pillows). We don't have the choice of keeping them out of the room.

What I suggest;

1.Don't bother screaming at the cat..It upsets them more.

2.Make sure the litterbox is kept clean. A lot of cats are very VERY picky. I know of cats who wont pee in a box with pee already in it.

3.Keep dirty laundry off the floor. Keep your beds blankets/sheets/pillow cases clean. Cats will associate them with being dirty.

4.Have a lot of patience. Dont get any sort of pet if you cant stand the thought of pee in your house. Common sense. Pet's can be as much as child.

5.Don't get a pet if you have no patience/can't stand the idea of a pet peeing on your stuff. Do us all a favor, don't ever have kids either.

Any questions or comments, you can email. I can answer specific questions. If your rude or something, it'll just go in the trash. Same with any spam that gets sent.

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We are considering adopting one or two cats soon. But after reading this thread, I'm wondering. We've had many cats in our day -- we're retired now -- and never had this kind of problem.

One possible cause of cats' inappropriate peeing, in beds especially, that has not been mentioned is that they may be responding to the scent of the person who sleeps in the bed. Something about the scent may trigger the response. I'm not implying that cat owners don't wash. But cats' smell sense is much more sensitive than ours -- who knows?

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"Do us all a favor, don't ever have kids either." Oh brother! What a ridiculous comment.Pets and kids don't even belong in the same category!
As many of you know my cat has been peeing on my bed,and in other inappropriate places off and on for some time now.No medical reason for it and I have tried just about everything in the book to stop it.I know she knows it is something she isn't suppose to do because when I catch her in the act she takes off like lightning! I don't even have to say anything to her. In the last couple of weeks she has peed on my bed at least once a day,EVERY day.I just got a new plastic sheet to cover it with because the other one was discolored from the pee.The new one's blue,the other one was white.Maybe she doesn't like the color?? I just put 2 set mouse traps under the plastic sheet in the area where she pees every time.Hoping they will snap when she squats and scare the pee out of her!LOL At least scare her enough to not go there again.This is my last resort.I am so tired of having to put a plastic sheet over my comforter,watch her every minute,(which obviously hasn't worked) and having my house smell of cat urine.Nothing stinks worse than cat pee.Beat me up,show me your suggestions,tell me I'm a bad pet owner,(or a bad mother)!I just don't care anymore.I have too much stress in my life right now to worry about a peeing cat!

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LilliePad: Some things that might help--First, mouse traps are going to hurt your cat, or you, or someone. The sound will make it jump, but that's it. If you want to keep the cat off the bed (or anything) use a spray bottle (set on stream) filled with distilled water or change the water often. Anytime the cat is somewhere it shouldn't be - squirt it in the rear end (never the face). The cat will immediately leave the area and then set down and groom. It also (over time) conditions the cat that being in that area gives an unpleasant result and the behavior will eventually cease, but you must be persistant. Another way is to fill an empty aluminum can with a few pebbles or coins. Shake it vigorously under the same circumstances. Cats HATE that noise and will run. The same conditioning takes place over time, but again - persistance. Try using a deeper litter box. Buy one of those Rubbermaid, Sterlite, or similar plastic boxes at least 8" deep. Keep it filled with at least 5" of litter. Cats like to bury their waste, sometimes deeply. Cats are desert animals and litter works because it's like sand and they usually want their presence hidden from other animals. Marking is different. Neuter/spayed cats lack a good ability to mark, because the chemical producing organs are gone, but they may try anyway and other glands do produce some pheromones, but they're not nearly as strong. If you've ruled out medical issues, your problem is almost entirely due to stress on the cat. What's changed in your home? Do you try to punish the cat? (It'll backfire - it creates more stress - use only what I described above - and only when they're in the act!!!) Putting a pets' 'nose in it' is the dumbest thing ever. They don't know they did anything wrong and it's too late at that point anyway. Many people will disagree, but they don't know. Any discipline after the fact is useless. NEVER hit, spank, or scream at the cat and make FOR SURE your children, guests, visitors (especially other kids) are NOT hitting, spanking, or discipling the cat. Children under 12 often abuse or are rough with animals and the parents don't even know about it. In fact I found my landlady's grandsons (10 & 8) squirting my cats for fun and although it's not physical abuse it's still abuse and can lead to behavior problems. The cats had not misbehaved. I no longer live there. I just moved 10 days ago and just today had an issue with one of mine going on the bed. He's streesed badly. I'm now in a residence with a Siberian Husky and a Pit Bull and the move on top of that. Cats do this (pee in inappropriate places) because of medical, social, or environmental issues. It can take a while to go away. Cats hate change, new animals, or anything not routine. Take the cat often (set a timer for every hour or two) to that deep, clean litter box, stroking, and loving it on the way and place the cat in it. Usually, if they have to go, it will be instantly. Immediately give the cat a treat as soon as they go. It reinforces the good behavior and keeps their bladder empty. Good luck and give the cat plenty of attention, fresh water daily (Wash the bowl daily too - pour the water out and you can feel the slime building in only 24 hours), treats occasionally, pick one cat food and stick with it unless a vet says otherwise (changing their food can cause digestive & behaviorial problems)and play with it. No need for toys from the store, just a shoe string will do fine. Try some fresh grown catnip too. Cats react differently to it. It peps some up - it stones others. Give the cat plenty of chances and realize that we all need certain things and some need is not being met for the cat. I'm on tonight so I could find a link someone left earlier, but I've solved this problem before and you can too. Best wishes.

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peytonl-Thank you for your concern and suggestions.
The mouse traps were under the plastic sheeting.No way she could get hurt by them and everyone else knows they are there.Haven't worked anyway.LOL No kids in the house.
Spraying with water-this is the way I have trained her to stay out of things she isn't suppose to be into since she was a kitten.I only have to pick up the bottle now and she runs.I can't sit in the bedroom all day with a spray bottle. I don't know when she is going to do the deed,so that isn't the answer,(same goes for a can of rocks/coins):) She has a deep litter box with about 6 inches of (scooped twice daily) litter at all times.It's covered too,though I have tried it both ways.I don't have to take her to the litter box every hour or two because she does that on her own.She doesn't like treats,won't touch them.Her food is the same she has been eating since she was a kitten,just a different formula.She will not eat any other kind and if she does she gets digestive upsets.She has a little mouse with catnip in it that she plays with occasionally and some plastic balls with bells in them that she hides and brings out when she wants to play a game of fetch with me or DH.She gets plenty of attention and it matters not if there is something different going on in my household or if it is just DH and I here.She still pees on the bed.LOL Her water bowl is in my sink in the bathroom.That is the only place she will drink from so it is changed and the bowl is washed every morning when I brush my teeth and fresh water is run into the bowl several times during the day when I wash my hands.LOL I'm sorry,but there is just no "logical" explanation why this cat does what she does and for the last month or so she has been peeing other places also.I have been giving her chances for the last 2 years and her chances are about to run out!LOL Thanks again.

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my cat pee's on my DOWN COMFORTER too! I have been looking into this for a while now and this is the first time i have found anything that could possibly link it to the down comforter. You know, i had a feeling, but its my only warm blanket, so i was really hoping that wasnt it. :(
I swear, i have to wash the thing at least once every 2 weeks or so. She would do it more, but I catch her a couple times a week, poppin' a squat and i bat her off the bed before she does it. Then i have to trap her in her litter box until she goes. I dont want to give her up... I rescued her at 2 weeks old and bottle fed her, and we are very attached to each other. Its just this dammed peeing thing that is putting a wedge between us lol. She does it when I'm in the bed, or not. She doesnt seem to care either way. we have 3 litter boxes in our little house, all for her. and two of them have different litter types, so i can find out which she prefers (so far they have been equally used). Not 30 minutes ago, my husband went to crawl into bed and yells "the cat did it again". I put it in the wash, and then reluctantly got out the quilt his mother handmade for us as a wedding gift. It was my only option while everything is in storage. I had it on the bed for about 5 minutes and guess what- i see the cat getting in squat position!!! This comforter is not down. its a quilt. I guess I dont know if she prefers down over other things, since my down comforter is the only blanket ive used since we've had her (she about 3.5 months old). she has siamese in her, could that be a factor??? Im at my wits end!!! Is there any herbal or over the counter stuff I can try???? I havent had to sleep with pee in the bed since I was an infant, and i sure as hell wont sleep in it now!

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I have found that my cats are attracted to the organic (goose smell) of down covers. My cat used to pee on our down comforter, but after putting the comforter in a thick duvet cover the behavior went away.

So try that, or something synthetic next time you buy a comforter.

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Sky-Doesn't matter to my cat what is on the bed.Comforter (don't have anything with down), quilt,blanket,sheet or nothing at all! she will pee on it.She even pees on the plastic sheet I have OVER the quilt or whatever! I don't think softness or anything else has anything to do with it,nor do I think the breed of cat has anything to do with it.

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"You can use anything, and by the way there is always a solution."
Sorry,I have to disagree with that statement.I have tried them all and there isn't one for this cat at least! As I have said before,it's not always black and white when it comes to animals of any variety.

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i have the same issues with my cats. I have 2, half persians. Female and male, they're brother and sister. They're about 3 now and we started havin a problem maybe about 6 months ago or so, maybe even more. First they started peeing on my bed when I was away and my dad was at work. When he came home, the door to the bathroom was shut close because of the strong wind. Thus this behaviour was understandable for a cat to go and pee somewhere else which happened to be my bed. However, the peeing didnt stop then. They peed alot of times on my bed since then and we decided to close the door to my room hoping they would stop. One time i let them in my room as i heard my female cat working it with her claws to try and cover up the pee on my bed. Just like ive read, they would find any possibility to go and do their thing. So i started payin close attention everytime they'd b around my bed. They stopped peein on my bed (i still close the door to my room) and now they go on my dad's bed. No they dont pee in it when we're there but they will go when my dad wakes up for work and as he comes out of the washroom his bed would be soaked. He can't take this anymore, because it absolutely stinks. No matter wat we used. We also give them alot of love, attention, always clean their litter (they have 2), we always feed them on time and we're just not sure wat the hell is the problem...i been readin all kinds of posts and i dont even know wat to tell my dad anymore, cuz it frustrates him. It upsets me alot, cuz now we have no choice and look for some1 to give them away to. I love them so much but my dad can't stand the smell of a cats pee. He has no more patience to be dealin with this. Maybe if we lived in a house would solve a lil bit of problem but livin in a small apartment it does suck. Just wanted to share my story. And no its not the breed thing, cuz mine are half persians. They are both "spayed" or w/e is the word for it. *Sigh...Lillie we're in the same boat..and no matter how badly it hurts me to think of them bein gone, i think its the only solution we have, i don't know what to do anymore.
P.S right now my female cat came in and sniffed my bed, then 5 minutes or so later my male cat came in and jumped on my bed and smelled the spot where one of them peed sometime ago. They always would come in and just start smellin the spot..i dunno it's very weird, its like they're lovin it

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This is actually a new question!! Please read me!! :)

I have 2 cats who are sisters, 4 years old, half Siamese, half mutt. In May I moved into a house with 2 other girls and 2 other cats (one male, one female). Boo has never reacted well to change and we had about 3 weeks of peeing on the bed constantly, but that has now stopped. Since she was about 1, Boo has always been the "pee-er" of the 2 sisters. I cannot count the number of times that cat has peed on my DOWN comforter!!

Anyways, currently she is not the issue. Her sister Zoe is.

In the last week Zoe has peed on a pile of clothes on the floor, and twice on my duvet. I originally thought it was Boo until both last night and this morning she came into my room and tried pooing ON me!! I caught her and brought her straight to her litter box. This is EXTREMELY out of character for Zoe, as she has always been the "good" cat. I have set up a vet appointment for Monday to have her looked at.

I am concerned though that she is peeing on my bed out of stress. The other female cat in the house is very dominant and I constantly find my cats with scratches on their faces (she has claws and both my cats are de-clawed). I often find Zoe hiding in the hallway closet or underneath my bed when I get home. I also often hear or walk in on the other female fighting my cats. I'm afraid that Zoe is overly stressed because of the constantly vigilant state she has to maintain to ensure she is not being attacked by the other female!! They are much smaller than the other female (the Siamese in them...) and as I mentioned, declawed. I don't know how to try to reduce the stress between the cats, as I feel that is what is causing the peeing and the anti-social behaviour that is very abnormal for this usual friendly and loving cat!

We have 2 litter boxes for the 4 cats (I know, I know, we should have at least 4 but the space we live in doesn't accommodate that.) Litter is scooped daily and cleaned as necessary (usually once a week).

Any suggestions on how to decrease her stress? Or suggestions on how to stop the fighting between the female cats? The male cat has no problems with any of them, and my cats obviously have no issues with each other, it is only between my cats and the other female that there is constant fighting. It breaks my heart to come home and see scratches on my girls' noses, mouths or face! :( (Also to find urine on my bed!! And yes, thankfully I have a mattress protector!)

A response here or an e-mail would be GREATLY appreciated! My cats are used to being the only 2 cats in the house. I had about 9 months where they lived with 2 other males but funnily enough, MY GIRLS were the dominant ones in that situation!! Either way getting rid of any of the cats is NOT an option. All 4 cats are going to continue living together for some time so I need to find a way to make it work.

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Ok, so I have a 5 year old male, declawed and nuetered. We have had him since he was a very young kitten and he is a very social and lovable boy. About 6 months ago he peed on the bed while we were gone and now does it anytime we go on vacation or are gone for any longer length or time, however this past Sunday we were only gone 3 hours when he did it. My vet told me that peeing on the bed was a sign of separation anxiety which I think is true. She also ruled out UTI. He is the type of cat that is always in the same room as you, always on your lap etc. Before he was declawed we locked him in our room, which is adjacent to the room with his litter box, because we didn't want him ruining our leather furniture, he has been declawed for 3 years now. But when we tried to let him roam the house he peed on the carpet, so we just keep him in the room now. SO,.....there hasn't been an incident for YEARS, up until about 6 mos ago, as I said. The ONLY thing that changed around that time is we got new windows in our bedroom, previously the windows were painted shut and wouldn't open. We were leaving the windows open for him to gaze all day while we were at work, the first day we closed them (got too hot and we wanted to run the A/C) was the first day this whole thing started. Now it doesn't seem to matter if the windows are open or closed, he just pees on the bed anytime we leave for the weekend, or sometimes just for the day. No change in litter or food. Ideas on what to do? I'm not a big fan of medicating and I feel bad leaving him locked up when we're at work all day.....but unfortunately I think that's the only solution. I do use a waterproof mattress pad, and it doesn't matter what kind of bedding it is, although it seems more likely to happen if I have just washed it. My only ideas are A) lock him in the basement and gradually re-introduce him into the room. B) we need to get new mattresses anyway, i'm thinking when we do get completly new bedding, use absolutly nothing from before. (This is the expensive option) I'm only thinking that because I'm told that they can ALWAYS smell it, even if we've washed the stuff and a thousand times and we can't smell it anymore. I think he might be over his little window issue but is just doing it now because he can smell his scent. BTW, I do use the good cat odor remover stuff from the pet store. THOUGHTS???

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Ok update: Last Night I woke up to my cat talking to another cat outside. They were not hissing and meow's seemed really cheerful back and forth. I was thinking about getting a kitten so he wouldn't be so bored while we were gone all day, but now I'm wondering if this other cat is the reason for this behavior? I've never seen the other cat before.

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Why? maybe ...declawed (the obvious source--too late for that one!).. locked in, lonely. Add a couple of litter boxes in strategic spots (maybe you can remove your carpet temporarily), but let him roam, PLEASE!!! Maybe another (already.. declawed) cat from your local shelter to keep him company???
Feliway plug-in might help too, although I haven't had any experience with it. Go to Dr. Foster & Smith pet supplies-link below.

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I've been following the posts here. I have 2 cats. a female grey tabby and a 3 year old calico female who both have been neutered and declawed. For 3 years I've had no problems. Then the last several weeks the calico has peed on my bed. I've caught her in the act several times. I had to wash my bedding daily. I thank goodness have a waterproof mattress cover but it takes FOREVER TO DRY. All the washing has ruined my hand made quilt.
I had changed the type of cat litter they were using. So I figured they just did not like it and went back to the old brand. After doing this I thought the problem was solved as a couple of days went by with no problems. Then when I was indisposed taking a shower the calico peed on my bed again just before bedtime. GRRRRR. I know its the calico because I've caught her many times and the amount of pee has to be her as the other cat is much bigger and would make a larger wet spot.
Until now they were allowed to lay on my bed and nap during the day. Now I'm shooing them both off. The large tabby is not giving me any problems about it but the calico I've had to calmly but assertively guide her off the bed often.
I will not tolerate this behavior. I don't need cat attitude. The cats are both in perfect health. Outside of the change in litter and change back nothing else is different around here.
I;ve even experimented and left one cat in the basement and let the other one up. Only have an issue when the calico is up here.
I'm just wondering why now . She knows she's being bad when she does it. As soon as she sees me she scotts off the bed. Outside of this peeing issue, she's a good and loving cat. But I will have to find her a new home if this behavior does not stop. Or she will remain the rest of her days in the basment,
I'm just at a loss at what to do. I am the care giver for my 94 year old mother who lives with me. I have enough on my plate without dealing with a cat with an attitude.

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If you've been following the posts here, then you know what you should do.

Take the cat to the vet. Take the cat to the vet. Take the cat to the vet.

When a cat with no prior peeing problems suddenly starts peeing for no reason at all, the most likely reason is a medical problem.

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I did say both cats are healthy I did not think I needed to be more specific since I did say I had been following the posts. The vet could find no physical reason for this sudden behavior. This is an attitude behavior.
BTW rivkadr, I just read your profile. and all I can say is IT IS OBVIOUS and the feelings are probably mutual.

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Sorry, karlee, but just saying the cats are healthy is not obvious enough. A lot of people come in here and say that their pets "seem fine" but that doesn't mean that they've taken them to the vet. We're not going to make assumptions based on what you post; you have to be explicit.

No need to attack for me pointing out the first obvious thing to do. The comment in my profile is a joke...which if you take personally, well...that's your problem. I'm just trying to be helpful here, and nothing in my prior post was insulting.

Getting back to your cat issues -- have you noticed any other behavior changes in either of your cats? Increased fighting? Any behavioral changes towards you? Have you tried watching your peeing cat as she uses the box -- does she act diffident towards it or unsure?

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I have a male cat I am trying very hard to bread this habit of errant peeing. I am impressed by the devotion and love of all the kitty owners on this forum. After finally taking "Sushi" to the vet, kitty is now on a raw food diet and a scoopable litter called Swheat Scoop. I noticed a difference immediately. I got to look under microscope at Sushi's pee at the vet's and I saw lots and lots of crystals. Vet said he did not have a UTI but all the crystals were way more than a normal amount.
Sushi was doing much better (only one episode in the month after vet visit) until I went away for Thanksgiving (4 days)and he peed on the bed right after I got home. I had to be glad because normally he would have peed on who knows what (not litter!) the whole time I was gone so one episode is an improvement! Had to change him to a dry food for the time I was away as well. I think routine is a big thing for cats.
Also you can buy urinary tract herbal tablets for cats(same herbs as for people urinary tract) you can crush up and put in the food that is soothing for the urinary tract. We are using those too.
Cannot close my bed off as I am in a studio type space.
Also that scoopable stuff gets stinky after a while even if you are cleaning it out regularly, you have to replace it now and then. As the vet told me, let's invite kitty back into the litter box.

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until I went away for Thanksgiving (4 days)and he peed on the bed right after I got home

A couple things come to mind:

- did you have someone in to clean your kitty box while you were gone? If not, then it's no surprise that he expressed his unhappiness about the box situation.

- You're right about routine being key, or so I've found. My male will often mark our bed after we come back from vacation (and we always have someone in to scoop the box, so it's not a cleanliness issue). I think it's his way of expressing his anxiety about our having been gone, personally. I now try to keep him out of the bedroom for a day or so after we come back, and shower him with affection; that seems to have worked well to prevent him from marking the bed.

Good job on finding a possible cause of the marking issues -- crystals are a common problem with male cats, and changing their food can help a lot. I wish you luck with resolving that!

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I had to write (even a month and a half later) because I'VE FOUND A SOLUTION and I wanted to share! I've been reading this post as a lurker trying to figure out what to do. Here's my solution: the Scat Mat! (google it, or find it at PetCo, Pet Supplies Plus, or Petsmart.com) They deliver a mild shock when stepped on... yes, by humans too, but it's like static. When it has been activated, a "tattletale light blinks, so you know how many time your cat has tried to go to that location while you were away.

I bought two (they're $75 a piece but so worth it). One I put in the dog bedding, keeping the dog away from it with a baby gate. The other I put under the bedspread. Cat has jumped on the bed and run off and hasn't returned. The trick is to hide them under things so the cat associates the zap with the objects and not the mat.

Another trick is to drop tempting blankets on the floor with the Scat Mat under it, or put the mat under laundry in the basket.

Soon the cat associates the blankets, coats, laundry, etc. with "ouch" instead of peeing pleasure. It works really fast.

Yes, I'd rather avoid staticking my cats, but it's either that or get rid of the pee-er. I really can't have pee all over the place, and shutting every door and putting everything up all the time is not feasible.

Hope this helps someone as much as it helped me. I'm just thrilled not to have pee problems anymore! Wooohooooo!

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While I don't have time to read all of the posts here, reading several of them have been super-helpful to get a comparison to my problem. Thanks, guys!

To contribute, I thought I'd be long-winded and write out every detail of my own situation.

So here's my problem: I have two darling female sister cats (littermates). My friend's cat had the litter, so I got to know them early while they were with their mother. Took them both to my 2BR apartment once they were old enough. Had them both spayed a few months later. Everything was fine.

I moved to a huge house when they were 7 months old. Introduced them slowly to one room at a time, etc. - did everything right. But one day I caught one of them taking a dump on my blanket, and upon further investigation (while cleaning) I discovered three pee stains from that same day in the same area on my bed. Luckily I have two beds to choose from! My mom suggested ammonia and peroxide to clean the mattress, although now I realize that the ammonia isn't a good idea (I assume it lures the cats to pee there again).

That happened in February of 2008 the month of the move, and I chalked it up to the stress of moving, despite their young age. My brother moved into the back of my house for a few months and there were no problems.

Then in August of the same year, I rented out the back of the house to two friends of mine. The back of the house used to be the maid's quarters (it's a 200-year-old house), so it's separated by a swinging door that is kept closed, and the bedroom is only connected to the main house by a hallway - very private and separate. Their small living room, however, is directly below my master bath and bedroom, which are the rooms my cats are most familiar with.

My new roommates have a dog. I'm starting to think this may be the reason my cats have returned to peeing on the bed once every week or two.

To give you a more thorough history, however, the problem returned in August when not only my roommates moved in with their dog, but my assistant moved into my living room temporarily. Unlike my roommates' section of the house, this room was fully accessible to both cats (there is no door, just a curtain), and they began to pee on EVERYTHING in her room; yoga mat, clothing, and finally her bed. I assumed - as did we all - that they were frustrated with my assistant's presence (also, her belongings smelled like her old cat).

I called the vet, but the woman who picked up asked me a few questions and replied "That's not a UTI, that's a behavioral problem." I realize it was only over the phone, but after talking to several long-time cat owners, they all claimed that it couldn't be a UTI. Neither cat acts as if they're in pain or discomfort.

We built a ridiculous makeshift barrier to my assistant's room until late September, when I heeded the advice of my Local Cat Lady, who said I should lock the cats in one small room with nothing but food, water, and clean litter boxes. Luckily my bathroom is enormous, and the cats didn't seem to mind their captivity. I kept them in there for two whole months. Near the end of the two months, at night, I'd let them expand their territory to my bedroom if I was sleeping in the bed (so far they haven't peed on the bed while I'm in it, thank god). And eventually, after my assistant had moved out, I let them roam the house freely again.

It must not have been my assistant that was bothering them, because the peeing problem moved from my living room back up to my bedroom. It was happening maybe once every-other week. I began to cover my main bed with a plastic tablecloth, but now once a week I'd find a puddle of pee ON the plastic tablecloth. I increased the amount of litter boxes I had from two to five; two in one bathroom, and three in the other; three with their usual litter, and two with rotating new kinds of litter to see if they like them better. They use all of the litter boxes regularly. Still once a week or so, a puddle will end up in the center of the tablecloth. I use Nature's Miracle (orange) to spray and clean the tablecloth.

As per a friend's suggestion, I filled a tea infuser with a cotton ball dipped in lemon extract (weird, but at this point I'm willing to try anything). I put the infuser in the center of the tablecloth on the bed, but the very next day there was a puddle next to it. I mean, at least I'm not cleaning blankets and mattresses anymore here, but still... this has become a huge pain!

I'd been sleeping in the bed in my studio (two rooms away from my bedroom) for the past month, as the cats often nap on it and seem to think of it as only "a place to nap" and not "a place to pee." Well, I came home yesterday after a blissful week of no peeing problems, slipped into my studio bed only to find a GIGANTIC puddle of pee that had seeped through two comforters, a crocheted blanket, and a set of sheets (yes, two comforters - it gets cold in my house!). After spraying the hell out of the blankets with Nature's Miracle (I wasn't about to start laundry at that very moment), I moved to my old bedroom, took the tablecloth off and slept there for the night.

It just dawned on me today that, due to the holidays, my roommates' dog has been gone for a week. He came back yesterday. While the cats have no access to the dog, I'm really beginning to believe that they KNOW he's in their house and is an immediate danger to them. The pee in my bed last night was fresh and was definitely from that day, the same day they returned with their dog. This could be good news, as my roommates are planning to move (I hope?!) in the next few months, which means I'd just need to keep plastic sheets on both beds until the dog is gone... hopefully?

At any rate, I'll keep this forum posted, and I hope my laundry list of failed "solutions" will help anyone else who's looking for answers!

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Just read a bunch of other posts (I'm glad to see so many people who understand that "punishing" the cats doesn't do anything but worsen the problem!). Thought I'd add, for the record, that:

1. My cats are regular strays; petite shorthair mutts, one a grey tabby and one a black-and-white spotted cat.
2. I've never owned a down comforter.
3. The litters I've been using are Sweat Scoop, Fresh Step (their usual) and a corn-based one.
4. My cats get along GREAT; the only time they growl at each other is when they're playing really rough, or when one of them has a mouse.
5. I did change their food, although they like it and I believe I changed the food AFTER the problem returned.
6. I clean the litterboxes daily (like I said, there are FIVE of them!) and even use a few of those recycled paper ones so I can toss them out, rather than having to thoroughly clean a plastic one.
7. Both cats were indoor/outdoor cats until October, when it started to get cold and I began to keep them indoors. Still, that happened after the problem returned.

I'm starting to wonder if cats pee on beds because the bed is the best place to get a whiff of their owners' scents? Just a thought - especially to those owners whose cats are peeing on their beds after/during a long vacation.

Additionally, Local Cat Lady #1 did have a cat with the same problem, and she said that putting the cat on antidepressants worked like a charm. I'm still hesitant, but I'm thinking about bringing my cats to the vet next week just to get a solid confirmation that this isn't a medical problem. I'll bring up the medication idea, but I'd rather continue trying to figure out what my cats are telling me.

Also, while I REALLY want to be able to have my cats curl up with me at night, thank you lilmo11 for the Scat Mat suggestion! I work from home, but I NEVER catch the girls "in the act" (I have a water bottle ready just in case), so this may be a useful solution.

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I'm a fan of using antidepressants when nothing else will work -- it's been a lifesaver for my male. My viewpoint on it is, what do you have to lose? At best, your cat will stop peeing all over the place. At worst, your cat will keep peeing and all you've done is waste a little money trying. You do have to deal with some personality changes, though...they tend to sleep more and not be as playful; personally, I find that acceptable versus having to deal with pee all over the place.

It definitely sounds like your cats may be having a territorial issue with the dog in the house. Cats don't like change, and they don't like other animals invading their space...why that equates to peeing on the bed, I dunno, but there you go. Whenever our male sees strange cats through the window out in the yard, he will sometimes pee on our bed in response, so make of that what you will. I don't know about your cats, but ours spend a good 50% of the time on the bed, so maybe it's a way of marking it as theirs and telling other animals to stay away? Who knows.

I'd definitely start by talking to the vet and just ruling out medical possibilities...it seems unlikely, but you never know. Also talk to him/her, and see if they have any other suggestions. You may also want to look into a Feliway diffuser if you don't want to go the drug route right away -- I know some people have had luck with that.

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I have a 9 month old male cat, who has been peeing on our bed periodically as well,almost since we brought him home. We have a down comforter too, but concealed in a duvet. The vet recommended providing a better litter box and making sure he was comfortable. We followed the suggestion, which worked for awhile, and then he did it again.

We started closing the bedroom door, which worked until he snuck into the room without notice and was locked in.
The problem had been reduced to accidental lock-ins as mentioned previously and thought resolved until this evening. I heard him meowing down stairs profusely, and called to him (he usually comes to me). I went downstairs to investigate after 15 minutes and he had peed all over our comforter with the door clearly open. It seeped all the way to the mattress. I picked him up and he reeked of urine around his neck as if he had been lying in it! He may be trying to tell me something, but I don't know what. Nothing in his routine has changed.

Oh, he is a solo cat, but lives with a small energetic dog that he loves evidenced by their constant need to be near each other. Also, he loves us as evidenced by his constant need to be near us--so probably not an act of revenge. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

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To everyone who has a cat that urinates inappropriately: First get the cat checked for a urinary tract infection, which in 99.99% of the time, is the cause of it.

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Use All Natural Orange Scented Spray. As many of you know cats hate citrus. I just sprayed it on the bedding I just had to wash and now he won't go near it. Available at Trader Joe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods. Health Food Stores probably have it too. Good Luck......I'll repost if my luck endures.

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I was just checking the board and noticed there was a recent post here.
Jan,I tried the orange spray too because I heard "cats don't like citrus" my bed,the one with the nice wet spot in the center,smelled really nice and "citrusy" before I had to rip everything off and throw it in the washer.I even tried using the citrus stuff in the laundry.Obviously,my kitty didn't read the memo!LOL
As I said in an earlier post,everything is not black and white with animals.What works for one might not work for all. Mine actually hasn't peed on the bed in a while but she still pees in other inappropriate places at times.Good luck with yours.

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I had heard of cats doing this....and this morning was just waking up....one cat was still on the bed sleeping, the other had jumped off. They are 2 sisters, with intermittent jealousy issues. The one that jumped off, jumped back on, then walked around the perimeter of the bed, so that she was behind me..I didn't hear her pee...but turned around in a hurry..when I heard her start to ' bury' it!!AAAAAAAAHHH ..with me in the bed yet!I have never spanked them...but this was too much..I picked her up by the scruff of her neck and rubbed the pee soaked sheet in her face! Then she got 'banished' to the basement for the day.(solitary)I don't know if anything was accomplished....but did not even want to see her! At supper time I let her back up...she ate her dinner...and has been acting extra affectionate. Making me feel slightly guilty..for 'hating' her all afternoon. I have washed the bedding etc.and used an 'odour'spray...I sure hope this is an isolated instance!I don't have a down quilt either. I have had a problem with her in the past..with any cloth item on the floor..towels,clothing..etc. and it's always the same cat...till now the bed. Solved the other problem by not having any clothing etc. on the floor...but how do you keep blankets off a bed?? She is lucky..cause I was so upset...I could have cheerfully tossed her out the window. And really..that would be out of character for me. I love them.

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Glad to see so much info is available on this issue.

I have 4 cats;
Jack, age 6 (fixed and declawed male)
Jada, age 6 (NOT fixed or declawed)
Jack and Jada are brother and sister, have had then since they were kittens
Trouble, age 3, added fall of 2006 (fixed and declawed male)
Tinkerbell, age 1, added last fall/2008 (fixed and declawed female)

When it was just Jack and Jada, we'd occasionally find a basket of clothes/towels that had been peed on. We never saw Jack near these things, but did see Jada - although we've never seen her actually do it. We added Trouble to the family as my oldest daughter's cat and the cats all adjusted well to one another. I think they really enjoyed being a threesome. With the exception of clothes piles or baskets, the cats used their litter boxes.
That all changed when we added Tinkerbell last fall. Tinkerbell was a stray that was adopted by our 3 year old. She immediately named her and I tried taking her to the shelter and just couldn't do it. We had her evaluated at our vet, her health was fine with the exception of possible spinal damage from being hit by a car. This is a ? because we don't know for sure how her hips got slightly displaced. Her tail was also paralyzed and later had to be removed because she tried to chew it off herself. It took about a month or so to nurse her back to being a totally healthy cat, she needed love and food. We had her tail amputated and her spay and declaw all in one surgery. She's now a great and healthy looking cat. BUT after we brought Tinkerbell into our home, we started finding pee in the corners, pee on my 3 year old's bed. At first it was mostly in our 3 year old's room - I was thinking it was due to the stress our little one put on the kitties, always wanting to play a little more roughly than our cats cared for. But then it spread ALL OVER THE HOUSE! I bought some special enzyme cleaner, that did work by the way, but it was turning up everywhere, including our bathmats. There was no doubt it was Tinkerbell, as this problem only arose upon her arrival into our home. Her other issue is that due to her possible spinal injury, she occasionally drops a turd without knowing it. No big deal as long as we keep her diet regular! She could just be walking along and "plop!" so that is purely an accidental thing, not behavioral.

As to the corners though, well that's another story. Tinkerbell is litter trained. We know she CAN use the box, it's just that she doesn't always do it.

I thought I had it under control. Find a mess, clean it with my special cleaner. Annoying but we love our cats.

Then a few months ago, we started finding pee in our bed. We have no idea which cat it is, as they all spend time there and no one has been caught in the act. We did treat Tinkerbell 2 months ago for a bladder infection when I found red urine on the carpet. The vet suggested I give the cats distilled water and we have ever since.

Then about a month ago, we moved to a new house and over the last few days have pee in our bed and pee on our couch! This is getting REALLY annoying! Especially since we don't have a washer and dryer right now and it's a 30 minute drive to the laundramt. I suspect Jada likes to pee on clothes and Tinkerbell likes to pee on carpet (our new house has NO carpet and I don't intend to even do floor rugs for the time being), but as far as the beds and the furniture go, we have no idea.

Although, here's another possible culprit. A couple of weeks ago, Jada escaped the house as we were getting ready to leave town for the weekend. We looked and called for her as long as we possibly could and then had to leave. I worried about her all weekend. We came home and I found her hiding in our garage where she could get in through a hole in the wall. After bringing her back in she's been growly ever since. Jada is our high strung cat but since she was outside she growls at all the other cats and is very aggressive towards them. After reading these posts I think we may need to look into meds for her. Also, there is a cat or 2 outside that come to our windows at night and the cats fight sometimes with only the screen between them. These outdoor cats have actually tried to attack our cats through the screen, jumping up at them and causing quite a commotion! Last night an incident got set off which left my 4 in the house all fighting at each other. I think this is preventing Jada from calming down and may very well be the cause of the peeing. Come to think of it, the edge of the loveseat that has been peed on is closest to the window...

So my questions are: Would having Jada fixed help calm her uptight attitude and possibly keep her from peeing outside the box? I'm also going to ask the vet about meds for her. I've also seen some more bloody urine streaks, is it possible that Tinkerbell's first round of antibiotics didn't clear up her infection?

Where there's a will, there's a way...I just gotta figure out what that is...:)

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"Would having Jada fixed help calm her uptight attitude and possibly keep her from peeing outside the box?"
You said Jada had gotten out and was out all weekend.I'd be willing to bet money that she is already pregnant.Cat's in heat act "high strung".Her "high strung" attitude was probably because she was in heat! Cats normally come in heat every 6 months or so but can come in every few weeks until they are bred.What I call "perpetual heat"! Been there,done that!LOL My cat was a totally inside cat but would sit in front of the glass storm door and watch the cats outside,then would be in heat for a month.I finally had her spayed and it cured that but didn't cure the peeing on the bed! I finally found her a new home and she hasn't peed since.Maybe that is what you should do.LOL

"I've also seen some more bloody urine streaks, is it possible that Tinkerbell's first round of antibiotics didn't clear up her infection?"
Do you know for sure this is from Tinkerbell or could it be Jada? I think I would have them both checked out if you are not sure.UTI's and other problems can cause cats to pee in inappropriate places,especially soft places like beds and piles of clothes.And yes,it is possible that Tinkerbell's first round of antibiotics didn't completely clear up her infection.
Good luck with your kitty family.

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My girlfriend and I have had the same problem with our little "Bella"
She is a 3 year old Himalayan. She is a well behaved little girl until she pees on the bed. After peeing on the expensive down comforter for the 7th time in a 4 month period, I decided enough was enough. The odor was outrageous, not to mention the dry cleaning bills. We were not about to keep going through the cycle.
I stopped this behavior using an unusual technique that some may not be comfortable with, but it worked. The cat needs to know who is in charge, and that she can't just pee on the bed of the "person in charge". I took Bella into the bathroom and explained to her why peeing on a bed was wrong, then I marked her so she would not forget what she did was wrong. I marked her be peeing on her tail, the tip or her tail....then I placed a drop of my urine on her nose, while looking her directly in the eyes and saying "no peeing on the bed"
She now knows who is in control, and we have not had the problem since.
You cannot let your cat control you, you must control them with love and discipline. I hope this information might help.

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My girlfriend and I have had the same problem with our little "Bella"
She is a 3 year old Himalayan. She is a well behaved little girl until she pees on the bed. After peeing on the expensive down comforter for the 7th time in a 4 month period, I decided enough was enough. The odor was outrageous, not to mention the dry cleaning bills. We were not about to keep going through the cycle.
I stopped this behavior using an unusual technique that some may not be comfortable with, but it worked. The cat needs to know who is in charge, and that she can't just pee on the bed of the "person in charge". I took Bella into the bathroom and explained to her why peeing on a bed was wrong, then I marked her so she would not forget what she did was wrong. I marked her be peeing on her tail, the tip or her tail....then I placed a drop of my urine on her nose, while looking her directly in the eyes and saying "no peeing on the bed"
She now knows who is in control, and we have not had the problem since.
You cannot let your cat control you, you must control them with love and discipline. I hope this information might help

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This bella is a spammer, she just registered today.

April, lots of cats who are declawed develop bad habits because of the stress and pain of being declawed. Bad habits manifest themselves in litter box avoidance, biting and other bad behaviors. No one should declaw their cats.

All pets should be spayed/neutered. Cats who are already spayed/neutered will react unfavorably in an environment where there are animals who are not spayed/neutered. I've already had neutered males try to mate with unspayed females. So getting the remainder of your cats spayed/neutered and not declawed is the best thing you could do for them.

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spammer ? .... what is that supposed to mean ? Because I just registered ?
Declawing a cat saves your furniture....everyone knows that !!!

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Bella-How would you like to have your fingers cut off at the first joint? That's what happens when a cat is declawed.How cruel is that? There are other ways to keep a cat from clawing the furniture.Give the cat a place to sharpen claws when it is a kitten and it will be less likely to scratch somewhere else.I don't say it will never claw anywhere else because that's what cats do.Just that it will be less likely to use the furniture or the silk drapes in the bedroom! keep the claws trimmed or use a product like soft Paws. Use a spray bottle when it claws in an inappropriate place.Spray bottles are very effective for stopping or controlling inappropriate behavior.Or,I guess you could take the cat to the bathroom and explain to it that it is wrong to claw furniture.Maybe pee on it and it will understand who is boss! Sick!!

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Thank you all for great posts on this subject. There certainly are a lot of cat people with similar problems and it does my heart good to read how feverently you have all tried to come to a solution and have not really put the blame on your kitty.

I have a 4 year old male orange tiger that pees wherever he wants. It used to be once in a while on .. yes.. a down comforter, a month, every couple weeks...well today was twice in two days. I want to sit and cry! I love this guy. I love all my "kids", 5 of them. (I also notice "Siamese" brought up quite a bit. I have two but they are not the "pee problem.) This cat is very neurotic. He jumps at a pin drop. He acts terrified at the slightest noise. He has never, ever been hit. Quite the opposite. He is babied, he actually is the baby of the house. I can't figure it out. He has dark orange urine sometimes, othertimes his urine is very normal. He has been vet checked. He peed in the bathtub for over a year but he has stopped that for over a couple months.

I am thinking after reading all the posts, it has to be behavorial. I guess I will see what the vet has to say.

So thank you to all those who took the time to post.

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Just thought I'd add my two cents worth on Prozac.

In 2003 Gizmo began territorial spraying in the house after we brought Duffy in. We tried Rescue Remedy, Feliway, Buspar, Elavil - nothing worked and I was at my wits end.

I found an article written by noted animal behavioralist Dr. Nicholas Dodman from the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. The article was published in 2002 in the Tufts Veterinary School newsletter and it was on the effectiveness of Prozac for inappropriate peeing & spraying.

We decided to try it with Gizmo and the day after we began the medication, the spraying stopped. I tried to wean him off of the medication several times, but the behavior returned so Gizmo has remained on Prozac to this day.

He has maybe one "accident" every 6 months - a lot better than daily!!

For anyone who wants to read the article, all three pages are located towards the bottom of this website:

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A lot of people have posted similar stories...but mine is a bit different and I am SO stressed out right now.

So, my husband and I got this foster kitty 4 years ago right after we were married. She is a Calico mix and very very shy...She lived happily in our apartment/townhouse and the only accidents were related to diarrhea and her pooping over the side of her box.
Anyways, after 2 years we had to move in with my father in law. His wife hates cats. So, my poor kitty became indoor/outdoor. (She HATES the outdoors. She would cry for hours if I couldn't sneak her in without the inlaws seeing.)I put a litter box out for her but she never used it and preferred to go naturally. I was home almost the whole day, so while using my computer/sleeping/etc she would be in my room with me. Only during the afternoon I would sneak her out and then sneak her back after she finished her business.
One time, while my husband and I were out of town, his sister was in charge of the kitty and accidentally left her in our bedroom alone for almost 20 hours. She pooped and peed right in the middle of our bed..but this never happened again and was totally understandable.
Now, fast forward to a year after that...my husband works for the oil industry and we got transferred overseas. We had to fly her over here, and the entire trip, with layovers, delays, and everything took about 23 hours. (not to mention $800 just for her.)
When we got to our new house, she settled in RIGHT away. Our house is HUGE. We have 3 extra bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in all. So, one of the guest bathrooms became hers...and her litter is there.
So everything went perfectly well for about 2 months. We did have one incident where the maid closed the kitty's bathroom door and she couldn't find her litter box and she pooped and peed on our brand new couch. :( I was really upset, but we cleaned it.
Anyways, so this weekend, I hear her meowing in this weird way and look up and she is on the new ouch AGAIN. I got so annoyed and went to see, and sure enough, not only had she peed on one side, I also found another section with pee from a few hours before.
We figured it must be because we were running a little low on litter, so my husband cleaned her box and filled it up. 2 days later, and once again, I woke up and she ran downstairs meowing the whole way for me to follow. SO I did, and found another puddle of pee on the new couch. I cleaned it...and she is acting normal, except she looked really sad and guilty.
I am SO stressed out.. what should I do?????? (we are going to the vet in 4 hours when they open...)

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I have a 5-month old desexed male Ragdoll kitten. We already have an adult male (also desexed) Ragdoll living with us. The second night we brought him home, he defecated all over our walls and carpet (although we'd seen him use the litter tray in the first day, so he obviously knew where to go). Anyway, he hasn't had any further problems with the defecation.

But, about two weeks ago (so this is after we've had him home for 2 months with no incidents) he pissed on our bed. We took the quilt to the drycleaners and bought a new quilt. We thought maybe the litter wasn't clean enough, so we've been keeping it immaculate ever since. Then last night, he did it again. We were both in bed at the time, watching TV.

I made an appointment with our vet immediately, so we'll be seeing him late this afternoon. He seems to drink a LOT of water this kitten (we have to refill the water twice daily, whereas with our adult cat, we only had to do it maybe twice a week). And his urine seems very watery, it hardly smells like urine at all -- in fact, the first time he peed on our bed, we weren't even sure if it was urine at all.

Anyway, I don't think he's stressed -- we haven't changed anything at all in our household, and we have no life so noone comes to visit us. He occasionally fights with the adult cat, but don't all cats fight occasionally?

Anyway, I've read through all the posts here and will think about changing some things -- we'll move their food away from their litter trays (currently they're sitting next to each other). But we are quite puzzled and upset by this, especially because my partner is absolutely fastidious.

But it is peculiar because it seems like an isolated incident. Our kitten pees a LOT (probably because he drinks a lot), and in the 3 months we've had him, he's only done this twice now. 99% of the time, he goes in one of the litter trays (we have 3 trays -- one for each cat, plus one).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We could just shut him out of the bedroom, but we feel bad that our adult cat, who is soo sweet and dignified and such a good boy, will also be punished by being shut out of the bedroom. (We can't let the adult cat in and keep the little one out, because he cries if he's on his own, and the adult cat will also be unable to get out to use the litter).

Please help!

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I would suggest you start a new thread so people will know you have a new problem. I opened this thread wondering why people are answering a question regarding a cat with a problem over 5 years ago. I know the problem is related but I believe more people would view if it was new. People here have helped me a lot and hopefully the vet has found the problem.
good luck.

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Like many of you, I have a problem with my cat peeing on my bed which happens to have a down comforter. She was doing it several months ago and now that the down comforter is back on the bed for the winter, she started doing it again. Four times this week! Then this morning she peed on another down comforter that was laying on our couch. After reading this thread, I'm beginning to think the down comforter is the culprit.

I recently found out that down comforters can be washed in a washing machine. Just wash on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. The key is to put two or three tennis balls in the dryer with the down comforter to keep it fluffing. It takes a while to dry, but it comes out nice and fluffy and clean smelling. I was hesitant at first to try it, but I've washed it several times now and the comforter looks great.

Oh, and I'm keeping my bedroom door closed now!


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Greetings afflicted friends. I have just started having this issue with my unfixed male. Being the analytical type I am I will list my observations and known obvious changes.
> I have two male cats. The unfixed male (Sammy,he's about 1 1/2 years old) I have had about one year. The fixed male (Mason,he's about 2 1/2 years old) about two years.
>Both are indoor/outdoor cats.
> My wife and I just moved to a new home in a rural setting about two weeks ago.
> I was living in a suburban neighborhood prior to this move.
> Sammy went through the "conquer the neighborhood thing" when first joining our family. He came home daily with lots of battle wounds until he had established top cat honors over the neighborhood.
> He kept our fixed male on a short lead after this.
> We never had any urinating issues at the old house. Although Sammy did pee on a plastic drop cloth right in front of me one day while I was painting, and once on a plastic trash bag. I was pretty uneffected by ether of these incidents.
> After we moved to the new house (11 acres) needless to say it was a big change. Mason hid under a bed for about the first week and had to be physically extracted and put outside. Sammy went out with trepedation.
> A few days ago it snowed hard and temperature are in the single digits.
> Twice now Sammy has crawled into our bed and took and Atomic piss. Once on my wifes side of the bed and once on mine. Additionally he crawled into a plastic bag contaiting some new curtains and did it there to.
Sammy is Daddys cat, and Mason is Mommys cat. Very distinctive rolls.
> The litter box is clean now, but has admittedly fallen behind a few times during the moving in process.
> The bed in question....yes has a down comforter and that is what has been peed on, but...we had this same comforter on our bed at the old house without incident for the last 6 months.
> It does appear that nether cat wants to go outside since the weather snap, and this has only happened since the weather change, but....twice now two of the neighbors dogs have come exploring in this same period as the weather change. I would assume that the scent of the cats is new to them and they are checking it out, as I noticed both of them walking around marking one after the other all over.
> Sammy watched them out the window the first time and growled like a dog when seeing them. I'd never herd that from him before.
> This morning Sammy looked to be on a mission to find a place to pee in the house. He started nosing around in one of our bedrooms that we are painting and have a drop cloth down in. So I closed that door. Then he went to our living room and started pawing some Christmas stocking that were laying on the floor. At that point I put him outside and
and left him out there for a about 10 minutes. When I opened the door he had never left the threshold.
> Both cats are currently locked in the basement today while my wife and I are at work, with their food, water, and litter box (where all have been since we moved in).
> The first incident of peeing in the bed, (at my wifes insistance) I rubbed his nose in it and banished him to the basement. The second time I put him outside for the whole night. The peeing in the plastic bag on the curtains was discovered last night and appeared to be and older incident.
I've given a lot of parameters to consider, so give me your thoughts. Steve

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I am convinced now-there is a link between my cat peeing and pooping on my bed when I get out the down comforter. In the spring/summer, he never does this but come winter, it starts all over again.

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I have the same peeing issue with just one of my cats. I am going to try the not getting mad approach and really make an effort to keep the litter box clean 24/7, but I think I might also want to try the clomicalm that some have recommended. A few people have mentioned buying medication online as it is less expensive then at the vet. Can you post a website that you have used and trust? The last thing I want to do is buy bad medication for my cat online!

PS. mu one cat only does this about once or twice every few months. It is very strange...


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catproblems, I have used vetcentric.com in the past. It's a site that your vet has to submit a prescription to, and they always seemed on the up and up to me.

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I have a 4 year old male cat who is fixed. We've had him for almost 7 months. When we first got him he pee'd right in front of the door and near the couch. After we cleaned everything and covered it with "Nature's Miricle" everything was fine....until recently!

Now he's peeing on our bed! Itz only been twice, but itz still fraustrating. I took him to the vets and she said there is no urinary problems. Most likely he is Stressed out about something...but what? There has been no food or litter change. No new move. No new animals. We do have one fixed female cat who is 5 y/o though.

The first time he pee'd on the bed we were out on the couch. We saw him run really fast out of our bedroom, so we went to check it out. We saw a huge puddle of urine right in the center of the bed. We cleaned everything very well....he was good for about 3 days. Then he did it again.

This time My boyfriend and I got in bed...put a movie on...and the cat jumps up in between us.. Empties his entire bladder and runs off! I couldn't believe how much pee there was!

I just ordered a bunch of Feliway Spray and Plug-In stuff. I really hope this works.

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I am just astounded with how ignorant people are and just how many should not own pets...I am reading these posts because I have a treasured pet who has just recently started doing the same thing-peeing on the bed. But I don't yell at her, or rub her nose in it, or for crying out loud, pee on her to show her who is boss! I truly cannot believe these stupid "people" reactions can be construed as good ownership traits, and for those of you who do these dumb things like putting a pet out all night to punish it, well, perhaps, someone should have done the same thing to you as you were a child growing up OR anytime you have made a mistake!! If you do care, I mean really care about this pet, you would think about the dangers--strange dogs outside, coyotes, cars, threats that scare them or make them feel insecure??? Duh?? You think a cat that is scared or anxious is going to behave "better"?? And you guys compound the problem by making it worse? I can certainly understand frustration and upset by inappropriate urinating, I am going through the same problem--5 times in 36 hours. But I sure as hell won't be vindictive or mean to an animal that depends on me to be the caretaker and loves me with all my flaws. I am just so disgusted with some of the things I have read on here tonight. Pets are responsibilities. When you accept that responsibility, it doesn't mean you get to abuse the power over a smaller creature, or just give up when you can't immediately find a solution. Gee, do we give our children away when they become too much of a burden or are always in trouble?? Yes, that responsibility never ends until they or we die, which is the same for a pet. They didn't ask us to take care of them...we made a conscious decision to take them home and care for them. Figure it out folks!! Life is about love and caring! Sure, I do not like the smell of cat urine either--but a couch or a mattress can't love me back and in ten, fifteen years you'll probably have a different one (piece of furniture)anyhow! So, first, take your cat to the vet. And while there, ALWAYS, have your animal spade or neutered. This will stop many of the problems right there. And no, 99.99% of the time, it WILL NOT be a urinary tract infection, despite the post above. Yes, males are prone to crystals in their urinary tract, and sometimes it is a UTI which can be easily treated with medication. (My sister and her husband are veterinarians.) The majority of the time it is behavioral or emotional. They are anxious, depressed, scared, territorial, upset, lonely, starved for affection (and all animals require various level of attention, just like humans), abused, or just don't like the litter, the box, the location, the food, etc. and the final issue is you may just never figure out what the problem is--period. But that doesn't mean you just get to pass the problem to someone else. Taking that animal back to the shelter where it gets to live in a 3x3' cage forever, or adopted out to someone else who mistreats it because of the same problem, is NOT the answer. Grow up! Figure out a solution everyone, including the cat(s), can live with. The world is full of self-centered, myopic, people. I am just amazed at how some of you prove that with the demonstration of how you treat your pets!!

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I have the same problem but am unsure if it is my neutered male or his mum who is doing it as I haven't caught them in the act and yes, the twice it has happened it has been on my side of the bed, but what I would like to share with you is an article I read many years ago when i had the same problem with my neautered male, I read it was a feeling of insecurity and I was to add a few drops of Bach drops to his water the ? is I can't remember what Bach drops it was and I am still researching, as it did work and he never did it again even when I stopped the adding the Bach drops to his water. I will keep you all posted if I find which one it was.

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Bach's Rescue Remedy can be given in the water during any time of stress. You can use up to ten drops every time the water is changed depending on the level the cat is stressed. If your cat does not like the taste (though the alcohol content is almost negligible after dilution), you can rub one or two drops behind the cat's ear. The remedy can be given by mouth, which is the most effective method. Only a few drops (4-8) are necessary, and need not be swallowed, but only must contact the mucous membranes (gums, tongue, lips). Be careful not to contaminate the dropper by touching it to the animal (if this occurs, rinse the dropper in very hot water before returning it to the bottle). You can also add a dropper full to the water dish, or a few drops on wet food (there is no effect of dilution). You can add a dropper full to a spray bottle filled with bottled spring water, and use it to spray a room, carrier, car, around litter boxes or plants, or other problem areas. You can even put a few drops in your hand and pat the animal on the head and around the ears with it--the head is very sensitive to energy and will absorb essences in this way.

For most behavioral problems, you can give 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks, or add a dropper full to their drinking water every day until no further signs of distress are present.

There is no improper or wrong method of applying the Bach Remedies. It is truly not necessary to be precise in counting the number of drops in any of the dilution methods. You cannot overdose the Bach's Remedies, they are non-toxic and have no side effects.
If your cat does not like the taste (the alcohol content is almost negligible after dilution), you can rub one or two drops behind the cat's ear. People who have tried Rescue Remedy on their cats, swear by its effectiveness.

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This message is for information only
not aimed at anyone individual

My cats were peeing on the bed.
Both had to go to the vet.
Each cat had to have blood drawn and urine test.
Each cat got antibiotic injection and antiobiotic pills.

Next day immediately they were better.
Follow up will be necessarily to see how they progress.

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Please take cat immediately to vet.
Cat is in Pain.

Just like human get UTI infections. A UTI can be very bad
and painful.

Don't wait.
I took my cat yesterday to vet; today she is purring and feeling bette already. It will take several more days or weeks. A follow up at the vet is necessary.

Also no Beating, Hitting, Pushing or Putting Nose of Cat in
the Mess whether it is throw up or pee or number 2.

Just clean it up with Enzyme Cleaner and you will be much. happer. This does not help and is InHumane.

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I am having this exact problem with my cat, Kitty. My fiance' and I currently stay with his parents, so our room is our layer. There are several animals in the house, we have Kitty and a Boxer named Franny. The rest are his parents pets.I got her from a local vet clinic when she was about 7 weeks old.(last November)Up until about 3 weeks ago everything has been fine. She is a loving, playful and talkative(meow)cat. Franny sleeps in the living room(because she eats cat litter and snores really loud) but we keep her large bed in our room at all times. Kitty has started peeing on Franny's bed at random. She has even used number 2 on it once. Then the other day she peed right in front of my fiance' on the foot of our bed. I also noticed a wet spot on the carpet on my side of the bed yesterday. I do not understand. I keep her litter box(has top, she loves it)very clean and I haven't changed her litter brand or food. They all stay in the same place, so does our furniture. I know this has to do with stress. But she is inside all the time(never been out) she stays up my butt while i'm home, and if not, then she is exploring the house or playing with the dogs. I just cant figure it out. At first i thought maybe it was because she doesn't like Franny, but then i caught her nursing from Franny and she always purrs and "talks" to Franny. I think it has something to do with Franny and her maybe being jealous of her. Although, Franny is rarely in our room.I am going to try the Bach's rescue remedy. If anyone has any suggestion or remedy that i should try, please let me know.
Thank you

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I have a Bengal cat that peed on my $300 bean bag until it was ruined. Then I got her spayed, thinking that would solve the problem, but now she too pees on my bed. My solution? Currently the cat is locked in the bathroom until I take her to the humane society. They can put her down for all I care, it's a cat, they're a dime a dozen for ones that don't pee on your bed.

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@Brent (burntalem@hotmail.com)
What a despicable thing to say...cats are a dime a dozen. Well one can say the same for idiots such as yourself who judging by your statement care more for material things than life itself. And the cat obviously knows it too based on your description of its behaviour. Animals make mistakes just like us humans do. Perhaps you need to take a look at yourself and what you're doing to possibly upset her. If you had half a heart or any patience you might have contemplated that. I sincerely hope your cat is not sick and gets to go to a new home where it is appreciated, loved and cared for. You don't deserve to be a pet owner.

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spedigrees z4VT

Ditto to all that Sabine wrote. (Brent's post kind of made me want to go pee on all his stuff.)

In response to posts further back, what vet feels a cat's tummy and pronounces the cat free from urinary infection!? Geeze! XOX your advice is spot on.

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Ditto... So despicable, Brent!!!! And why did you wait so long to have her spayed? And why did you wait until your 'precious' bean bag was ruined (you closed our eyes on her behavior, and by not having checked her out for possible bladder issues, you encouraged her in her behavior!). There are sooo MANY, MANY ways (and some great advice on the thread) that could have solved the issue.. if only you had given that cat a little LOVE!

Well, a Bengal in a shelter will very quickly get adopted, and be loved.. and will be the greatest cat for a loving family!!

I wonder how much you paid for your Bengal!!!!
Don't ever get cat another cat.. Get yourself expensive bean bags! And remember that all precious belongings can be destroyed in a few seconds.. fire, floods, tornados, earthquakes, nuclear contamination....


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My cat,Sophie, is just a kitten but she just started doing this after we got her fixed.We clean out her litter box every day and switch her litter brand every once in a while.Today I go in my room and there`s already cat pee stains on my sheets and comforter but right when I walked in there I caught her peeing in the SAME SPOT!So I walk downstairs angry so I need help with this. What should I do?

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Because she is part siamese. I had one too and she did the same thing. They are tempermental stuck up cats, especially the females. I tried everything....vet visits, keeping the litter box very clean, and she still peed everywhere. Solution: take her to the pound...sorry all you animal lovers! I am the biggest cat lover out there, but I had to make the decision to get rid of her or deal with pee. I dealt with the pee for years untill I had finally had enough.

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Those of you that "get rid" of your cat because it soils inappropriately and do not get it medical help: Don't get another pet.

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Hello everyone, I thank you all for being wonderful humans. I am not new to this thread obvious reasons however, this is the first time im posting. I am a professional responsible Kitty Kat owner/lover all vet/environmental issues clear. My cat pees on ME!! while im in bed usually just as im waking up. On my legs same spot every time infrequent with no time pattern. I thought it might be my hormones but that doesnt seem to line up. I have 2 cats from a hoarding house i dont know how they are related but i think the female-leg wizzer is mom. I love sleeping with my cats I pretty sure we all do thats why were here posting to each other. It seems behavioral but why my legs? i got a new mattress and she hasnt done it in 6 mo. now again? Any thoughts?

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I got a kitten months ago, she is now 10 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old. Ever since she started to get in heat, she has not been fixed yet. Ever since she started getting in heat, she has peed on my bed. The first time, I had just come home with my mom and had left my room to go to the bathroom, I return to my room and she is peeing on my bed. I have no DOWN comforter, there is a plush throw that lays atop my bed. The second time was in the morning and before I left to go to college. There was another instance where she had peed on my moms bed, we came home and found it. And now today, just a few moments ago, I was sitting in my room on my laptop and she comes into my room, jumps on my bed and purrs. I didn't pay any attention, she was on one of my pillows and was peeing on it! I have just placed a mattress cover on my bed and I did show her how angry that I was that she had done it again. I have plans to close my door and if mom doesn't like it, oh well. I would really love to know why in the world my cat will pee on our beds. My mom doesn't even have a comforter!

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I don't get it. Why do people keep posting the same question over and over when the answer(S) are in the above posts?

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Yes, I agree with Betsyhac.. same old problem, same answers. People looking for answers can't be serious as EVERYTHING on the topic has been written. If a cat has an accident, it is your fault for not taking proper care of the cat. And Amy, have your kitten spayed--she is old enough for that.

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"Why do people keep posting the same question over and over when the answer(S) are in the above posts?"

Because they can. Because they are special and need a special answer. Because they won't take the cat to the vet and think the internet will solve it for them. Because "showing the cat how angry I was" (two posts up for that gem), didn't work.


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if ur cat has uti, and can't take them to vet, get over the counter cranberry pills, mix in wet food. also, seems to happen more in males- ur supose to make sure ur cat gets wet and dry foosd regularly, that hard food all the time can onset uti. most medications for cats to cure uti have cranberry in it. if u do this a few times a week 9for the rest of their lives) it prevents them from getting it, it cures it, and it has "now" action in the discomfort department. maintains proper ph in urine.

also - peeing cats, i too have had problems. 1st, clean litter daily, 2nd - neuter cat (no matter the sex, calms them down from marking, territory is usually related to sexually active cats) 3rd pick up all laundry off ground-put in bin with lid. clothes - clean with dish soap (my daughter asked science teacher "what gets the scent out?" he said "Dawn") i was using expensive tide, washed cat pee load three times and it still smelt, i used dish soap, scent was gone. now get a tarp, put it over your bed, keep it there for weeks, only removing it when u wanna sleep. i sprayed mine with vinager and water (lightly) - cats dont want to pee or sit there. after weeks or a month - u can take tarp off, getting the cat used to not wanting to pee there, it forgets.. some cats r stuborn, my cat stopped for a year, then just started up again and peed on my bed. back with the tarp and starting from scratch. 4th- disruption in the house, choas like the humans arguing can set a cat off - make them nervuos. changes, cats and dogs like routine, breaking routine screws them up, including changing the kitty litter. i read in book to use dirt instead. that thats what they would be normally using if they were outside. stopped one of my cats, she never did it again - but u have to clean, dump it daily - i live on farm with alot of land, so not an issue for me, if ur city folk, i'd stick with one litter- don't change brands often

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i had an older cat, she was 15 & i decided to get a kitten..when i got the kitten she was only 4 weeks old...mom cat was attacked by an animal & abandoed the kittens...anywah when i first brought the kittem home she peed on my bed, but i kind of expected that bein so young..noe my problem is sadly my older cat passed away 2 weeka ago & all of a suddem my kitten is peein on my bed again...people tell me its because she misses the other cat howevee the other cat never had anything to do with her..my issue is that last week i had jus gotten out ofthe shower, put on my pj's & stripped the bed to wash sheets & before i could remake the bed she peed on it...same thing this week, get out of the shower, sit down for a minute & she jumps up & pees gettin me & the bed..now aside from bein aggrevated cause i jus got out of the shower, shes ruining my brand new mattresses & i have no idea why shes doing it....somebody help

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I am an owner of 1 female (spayed) cat. She was a stray and we brought her home,after a couple of months after having her she became in heat and she started spraying in my husbands chair,we finally relized it was from her being in heat. After she was out of heat we got her spayed. After that all was fine,till about a month ago,now she's peeing on my husbands side of the bed,at this time it was when I didn't have nothing in the bed but a bottom sheet,the litter box is cleaned twice daily food and water full.Well after getting rid of the mattress and put a new one on,everything was fine,till just the other day she did it again on my husband side,now my bedroom door stays shut.. what's so weird is she sleeps with us at night and there's no problems....

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Tutta is a 10 year-old spayed male - he was diagnosed with DM Diabetes 2, four weeks ago. Currently he has hair loss, which is another hurdle to overcome in his life. The verse is meant as a tip - hopefully it will work for you.

We were at the "end of our tether"
Three nights in a row, our feline would "go"
On our bed, whatever the weather

Our bedding was drenched, oh what a stench
All hours of the night we would wake
Orange peel, powder; even a spray
How much of this could one take?

Then an idea came to me, out of the blue
An awesome one, people; it's true
I spread supermarket bags over our bed
To see what our "Tutta" would do

It worked a treat, Tutta was beat
He hates the sound the bags make
Instead of lost sleep, and the counting of sheep
We hear Tutta snore, on the floor!

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My cat does the same thing,
and I'm at my wit's end.
I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of giving her away because she's a terrible cat in general.
I've never seen a cat act like her.
I've had her since she was 6 weeks old, and she is now almost a year old.
She jumps on the counters and knocks stuff in the floor and lets the dogs tear it up.
She meows LOUDLY while we're sleeping and bangs on the door.
And even when we are in the same room as her, she meows NONSTOP.
She doesn't even like us.
She stands by herself all day.
She bolts out the door every chance she gets, and she's not fixed.
She has already had a litter, and we still have a kitten that nobody wanted.
And she just recently came back from a little trip she went on outside and came back with a male cat that tried to scratch us when we went out to get her.
So she's probably pregnant again.
And on top of ALL of that, she pees on our bed now.
She has never done this until a few weeks ago.
She goes in our bedroom and likes looking out the window,
but if we EVER leave the door open now, she goes in there an pees on the bed.
It could have something to do with her being in heat, but either way, it's disgusting and nothing works to get her to change.
She is literally SCARED of me now because i have ti scare her off the counters or ANYTHING all the time.

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^^ Why the heck have you not had her spayed??

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HELP!!! My 16 year old female cat just peed on my bed right by my feet. She has never, ever done this before. We keep her litter box clean, and there has not been any tramatic or other changes in our house or routine. I just woke up this morning and moved my feet to find it soaking wet from cat pee. I have no idea why she would do this. She does not sleep on my bed.

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kcmolg, the first thing you need to do is take her to the vet to make sure she doesn't hae a uti.

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My 7-month old Ragdoll kitten has been peeing on the bed every several weeks.

I do not have down bedding (rather a down alternative). She tested negative for any medical issues. I clean the 3 boxes for my 2 cats daily, sometimes twice daily.

I think she just gets confused early in the morning when she is still tired. It's odd that she is still doing this at 7 months, but my vet has suggested to try placing the litter boxes in different spots.

I have one in my master bath, but maybe that's too close to the bedroom?

Obviously there is no one fix as everyone's cat may be experiencing a completely different problem. Don't give up on your cat. He/She needs you to be a patient cat parent.

Good luck!

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kerrylamanac, you can't possibly be for real. If you are, I'd be "scared" of you too.

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I have 2 cats, Graciela (12yr female tuxedo) & Oliver (a 4yr old male Manx) - both fixed.

Graciela started urinating outside the box late last year. I figured it was stress related because I moved several times last year. It took her losing 4 lbs without dieting (she was obese) for me to take her to the vet. Found out she's diabetic. She's now on insulin and doing quite well.

@kerrylamanac - You need to get your cat fixed. Immediately. A cat that isn't even a year old shouldn't be having kittens, much less be on a second litter. She's darting out the door because she's in heat, and she's peeing on your bed because she's stressed. While your at it, get the kitten fixed, too.

You need at least 3 litter boxes if you have 2 cats. The rule of thumb is 1 box per cat + 1 extra, and they all need to be scooped twice per day. Do you like to go to the bathroom when there's a turd already floating in the toilet? Neither does your cat. Also, litter boxes and food/water bowls need to be in different rooms, or if they must be in the same room, as far away from each other as possible. Cats don't want to eat dinner in their bathroom.

To keep her off the counters, run 3 strips of double-sided tape, each about an inch apart, down the length of the counter's edge. Leave it there for a few weeks. Cats don't like anything sticking to their paws, so she'll cease jumping up there to avoid the feeling.

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I would suggest rubbing the cats nose in the pee and telling it no and pop it in the but. Dont beat it relentlessly lol just punish it. If the cat associats dislike from the reaction he gets from you after peeing on the bed they will most likely stop. Thats what i did with my cat. I punished him for it i refused to shrug it off. I rubbed his whole face in his pee and poped him for it. He has not peed on there since. of course soon after his punishment i had to give him a bath but shortly after his punishment and then bath he seemed to say he was sorry and started sucking up lol. of course i know why the cat peed on my bed, cats will do it out of stress, either new house situation or new family member ect. My cat is an outdoor cat that comes in at night to sleep and eat. recently he got into a cat fight and got injured so i have been making him stay inside so he can get better faster with his meds and stuff. He is not used to being inside especially because i have a 2 and 4 year old so that has been causing him stress enough to pee on the bed. But no matter what the sercomstances are an animal needs to be punished and let know that you dont approve of there actions. and be sure to always give them a little more attention and love when they are stressed because that helps also.

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My son moved in with his two part Siamese, ~2yr old sisters. They both have very different personalities. I've had cats all my life and never had any random peeing on the bed until now. We put in a cat door so we could put the litter boxes on the patio. Took a little while and a little more patience than I had, but between the 2 of us we got them using the cat door. We have 2 cat boxes, one with Fresh step crystals which I love - although it is expensive. As long as it's scooped frequently, it doesn't need to be changed more than once every 2-3 weeks (which, at the end of the day, might make it less expensive than the cheap ones). Anyways Lexi and Mitzi have picked their respective adults/rooms to hang out in. Lexi is
the only one that pees on beds. One night it was because I was just dozing off when she went over to the patio door in my room and batted the vertical blinds. I knew she wanted to go out but I didn't want to get out of bed when she can go to the dining room patio door which has the cat door. I also had a pile of clean laundry on my bed. 2 strikes against me she jumped on my bed and sat at the end if the bed just staring at me. Then she turned around and started "covering" her pee. I could not believe it. But it was obvious why she did it. In general, I think it is probably a normal occurrence every 6 months or so when they don't like something (vacation, new housemates/pets, changes, moves, just plain anger, threatened by real or percieved real "danger," etc). I really have the feeling though that if you do not get rid of the scent immediately and COMPLETELY, they will continue to "mark" the same place and even other similar places.

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misses cat has been peeing dispite having a clean litter tray. the damm thing does it every 3-4 weeks, but she only does it where the misses has been,misses sits on the sofa one night, goes to bed and guess what i find in the morning,cat pee on the sofa. the misses has switched places with me on the sofa before and guess what? the cat pee'd overnight where the misses was sat. the litter tray is in the spare room, and we have had to wrap the spare bed in plastic cuz that was the dam cats favourite place to pee. if i leave our bedroom door open she will pee on our bed. she is an indoor cat (iv seen too many cats get killed on the roads and dont want that to happen to her) the cat gets plenty of love, loads of toys, she is 3 yrs old. she gets plenty of exercise cuz 6 months ago we got a kitten (she was pee'ing long before we got the kitten) and he keeps her running about.it is a vile smell and i always disenfect afterwards, thankfully we have a large leather corner sofa so its wipe clean, but we have a throw over it and washing that is becoming a regular thing.

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My cat is little over a year and a half old now. I found her in the backyard at around 5 weeks of age. Despite her young age I never had any trouble with her and she always neatly used her litterbox. Since last july or something she has started peeing on bathroom rugs, my bed and my 2 by 2 meter carpet. I took her to the vet and it turned out she had a urinary infection and bladderstones. I cleaned everything up and my cat was put on antibiotics and a special diet food. My vet advised us too keep using the diet food to prevent her from getting the infection again. however after checking here urine again, and hearing that she was completely healthy now the peeing on my bed continued. At first she'd only do it when I'm not around but now she's even doing it when someone is still in bed. Luckily for me I got plasticized covers on the bed as soon as this started happening so I'm only having to wash those now but she's doing this every other day orso. I considered cleaning her litterboxes more often but I already do so every other day orso, and she's just by herself. I know daily cleaning is adviced but she has 3 boxes which she all uses so I honestly doubt they would be too dirty to use after a day. But I guess it's still worth a try so I will start doing that on a daily basis.
My boyfriend is also quite fed up with the cat and she's now been banned from the bedroom. I'm afraid she's just gonna go back to the bathroom rug though, so we got a trainingspray that should be sprayed on the object she pees on and is supposed to prevent it from happening again. So we'll see what happens I guess.

I have to say though, it was good for me to read through this thread and know that I"m not alone with these troubles, I love my kitty very much but she's driving me quite mad.

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This is my 4th cat and she has started peeing on the bed. EVERY cat I have ever had does the same thing and there was NEVER a medical reason. Every change in the house sets them off. Going on vacation and leaving them with a sitter, boarding them, taking them to the vet, having a baby, getting another pet, doing work on the house You name it eventually every cat will do it.

I have tried everything and nothing works and once it starts it only gets worse.

Down or synthetic it doesn't matter. And for everyone sending down comforters to the cleaners you don't have to they can go in the washer and the dryer. Throw in 2 tennis balls to help fluff them back up.

The only product I have found that will actually get rid of the odor of cat pee is
called Pureayre you can google it and order it on line. It has to actually touch anywhere the cat urine has touched but it destroys the odor for good.
You can soak the spot on the comforter all the way thru and it will kill the smell. It saved my mattress as well.

I wasn't so lucky when one of my other cats peed the bed I had to throw it out.

I will NEVER own another cat again. If you aren't prepared to deal with this problem don't have a cat.

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I have a problem with my male cat spraying on my bed too!!! He started after my female had a litter of kittens. He also sprays on my dogs blankets.

I'm pretty sure it is due to the kittens but they are 4 months old now. I thought it would stop. I'm hoping getting him fixed will help.

Does any one else have an experience with this? I hate the get rid of him but the kittens are not going anywhere.

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well do you mean that your comforter It's dark red) (or is the cats pee dark red) what one is it i would like to know your cat is spraying thats how the girl cats spray mine does it all the time but i yelled at my cat for doing that and she stopped doing it and i put her in the litter box and i said thats where you pee or spray and she don't do it anymore

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I recently adopted a male kitten. He is about 10 weeks old. The first time he peed on my bed, it was right after I'd had the comforter (down ALTERNATIVE) and duvet cleaned. This was only days after being adopted. Then last night he did it again - again, right after I'd just had everything cleaned. Luckily we have one of those nice mattress protectors from Sit N' Sleep. The first time he did it, it was about 10 minutes after he pooped in his litter box upstairs (I live in a loft and don't have the option of shutting the door). I was upset because he tracked some of his feces onto my pillow and it stunk really bad. So I spent about 10 minutes cleaning everything up. In the meantime, he peed on the bed. I think my cleaning around his box really stressed him out, because I was pretty stressed too.

Then last night, my husband and I needed some alone time. A few minutes after he pooped, it smelled pretty bad so I suggested putting him in our walk in closet for about 10 minutes because he likes it in there. Well, he cried and cried for 5 minutes and I felt terrible. So we let him out and he peed on my bed through 5 layers and right onto my foot. My husband was pretty upset and stuck his nose in it. I had to explain that kitties don't respond to negative reinforcement. So then this morning I put Maslow in the litter box a couple of times and he would scratch around, but not go. I could tell the litter was a little bit dirty because sometimes the clumps are too small and go right through the slots in the scoop (I use the Scoop Away litter because that's what his foster mom used). Anyway, I changed the litter, used MORE litter this time, and BAM he peed right away! I petted him and told him good job. Then about half an hour later he peed in his litter box again. I was pretty happy. So he might just be one of those finicky cats that like a super clean box, he might be a little bit territorial, and he was probably pissed off at my husband for putting him in the closet.

That was the second time he probably felt punished for going poop. I won't be giving him anything but praise for it from now on. It seems like he likes to poop and then pee 10 minutes later. One thing too was that this one time he peed right outside of his cat carrier. We've been using it as a step stool up to the bed. I want him to be comfortable around it so he isn't scared of being in it for trips to the vet. But the litter box I had upstairs was nearly the same shape. I think this confused him and that's why he went right outside his cage. I have since purchased another of the Booda dome boxes and he seemed better with it until he peed on the bed last night. I haven't seen him go in front of his cage again, so that's good. I plan to get the enzyme cleaner and a black light, but I can be a little OCD when things are gross, so we'll see how this all plays out. He is super affectionate and playful, and cleans himself a lot. He's not neutered yet - needs to be 2.5 lbs. first. I hope this helps any new cat owners who are also not very familiar with kittens like me. I'm always learning though and so is Mazzie (I hope).

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Your cat if female may be peeing on your bed due to a uti. My vet said a cat will associate its litter box with pain and choose a place to pee that comforts her. If a boy cat it could be urinary stones. My cat got penicillin and an anti-inflammatory shot to help with the pain. I purchased a new cat box and got by Pet Organics a no mark spray to clean up the spot and it worked so well my girl did not like getting onto the bed for a while. It is really not normal to have your cat peeing on your things you should bring the animal to a vet and your animal could be in pain. Best of luck to all of you.

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I just want to say we had this problem with our female kitten every since she was brought home. Everyone says not to punish but after trying everything, including vet visits, work ups, and behavioral methods I was on my last leg and if she peed one more time she was gone.
SO.... the last time she peed, I grabbed her by the scruff and stuck her face in it for like 15 seconds. I held her to my face, still by the scruff, and sternly told her if she did it again she was gone, promised. We had about 3 feet of snow outside so I opened the door and threw her in the snow. She never, ever peed out of the catbox again and is a happy little kitty. Don't say it was cruel. It probably was unpleasant for her, but she did understand not to do it again.

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I need some serious help! My fiance and I adopted a kitten when she was about 8 weeks old. She was found behind a restaurant and needed a home. We took her in and she was a great addition to our home. We had a male, spayed, Siamese/Ocicat mix that about 6 months at the time and a German Shepherd Dog. They all get along great!

Our problem comes in...
The new addition, female Ocicat...She's very sweet. Loves attention from anyone who will give it to her. Sleeps on your lap. Gets lots and lots and lots of attention. On the flip side of that, she tends to be the dominant one of the household pets. I have to correct her by shooing her away to get her off the make she usually keeps pinned on his back , biting his ears on the . .floor. So, little sweetie isn't always so sweet. Unless you're taking about the dog. She loves the dog. Can't get enough of him. It's pretty funny, really.
Anyway...about 2 months after we brought her home she thought it would be a good idea to begin peeing on our bed. She always pees on my fiance or his side. It's always around 2am...so imagine how happy I am to have to jump up and strip the bed in the middle of the night! Oh, let's not forget all the laundry and vinegar I've used to wash my comforter 100 times. There is no method to her madness. She's got a clean bill of health, picky about litter box being clean...so we keep it clean. We got to where we would clouds her out of the room aht. Instead of peeing at that point, we got screaming all night to let her in.
We just moved and have stuff tock to the same plan of keeping her out of the room at night because the first night we didn't, she peed again, on the bed. So a few months have gone by and my fiance has been gone all week so I thought I'd try to see if she'd survive a night not peeing on my bed. She didn't for about 3 days. Just walked all over me all night, which was a bit annoying, but oh well. Anyway...I just changed my bed sheets today back to the ones we had in our old home...(same comforter the entire time, just put the old sheds and duvet back on) and low and behold I'm not asleep (fianc�e is gone) for 30 minutes and I wake up to her scratching to cover it up. She peed on my bed again! It's winter and she ours on the warm stuff at 2am! Oh and another thing, neither me or my other half are pleasant when rudely woken up. I'm not going to sugar coat it....I was LIVID! I'M SO SICK OF THIS CAT (now 6 months old) GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION, DEMANDING FOOD AND GETTING IT WHEN SHE WANTS IT, BEING MISS DOMINANT TO MY OTHER CAT, AND PEEING ON MYYYYYY BED! I'm so angry at this point I truly felt if I had my hands on her too long I was going to hurt her. I finally caught her after moving all furniture at 2 in the morning, rubbed her snotty little face on it, hissed in her face lettinvg her how INCREDIBLY angry I was and that she had, yet again, peed on MY bed. She then got put in her crate the rest of the night whole three other cat gets to play. She can watch. Maybe she'll pee in there and she'll know why I'm so mad she does it to me! Really though, I'm so angry at this point, she's in her crate to avoid me crossing paths with her right now. The last thing I want I'd for her to jump up and want to be pet while in fuming over her peeing again. This is crazy. I'd give her away but I'm certain if she did this to anyone like she does us, like starting at you and squatting right there and darting off like she's so proud and you won't catch her...someone else will take her to a shelter or let her go in the wild. I love this cat. She is attached to me at the hip, but I CANNOT tolerate this anymore! Help!

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Menagerie, I think you need to toss your old duvet and sheets. The fact she didn't pee until you put those back on says the pee odor is still there. Vinegar really doesn't remove the enzymes of urine and altho you don't smell it, a cat can. Most likely the odor is now permanent in the fabric so I doubt treating it with something like Nature's Miracle will save the linens.

I also think this is a cat you can't trust in your bedroom so you shouldn't let her in. You really can't be upset at her since it was your decision to let her back in the bedroom after months of no problems.

Is it possible she's hungry at 2am and is demanding food? My cat would romp thru the bedroom and try to play in the bed during the night but once I started leaving food out for her the behavior stopped.
If feeding doesn't help and the screaming continues, I'd suggest shutting her in a room in the opposite end of the house with food, water, toys.

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I just thought I'd share that I have a little Siamese mix, 6 years old, who goes through spells of peeing on my bed. I just brought in my old bed from the garage, which is the most comfortable bed in the world, and of course, she had peed on it.

I gave her some Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets, and so far, it's been working.

I was wondering what would be the best enzyme cleaner for my mattress. I put baking soda on the spots, which helped a lot, and cleaned the sheets, which still have a bit of smell.

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I am convinced that my cat is trying to communicate something to me. She is a kiten about 5 months old. I never had a problem with her about using the cat box.

Since I brought her home from the vet after being spayed, she has been peeing on my bed. In exactly the spot I sleep. It is a Calif King bed, so she could have had the whole bed to pee on.

The first time it hapened the comforter was pulled back and I watched her as she hunched her back and peed while looking at me. Accordig to the vet she has no medical issues to cause this.

The same thing has happened several more times in exactly where I lay to sleep. She is a very happy playful kitten.

In reading this thread and observing her behavior, I am convinced that there is something to the idea that she is trying to express some message to me. When an animal chooses a specific persons clothing or bed to pee in the same spot every time, there must be something that it is trying to express.

It should be noted that there was no problem until she returned from the vet after being spayed. I wish cat behavior was as well understood as dog behavior.

We need a "Cat Whisperer" program. LOL

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I found this post because my 3 month old kitten just peed on my bed, right in front of me. After reading what everyone had to say, I'm thinking it's because when I came home, I was doing some chores instead of my usual playing with him. He's not fixed yet (too small), and I haven't seen him do this before. I'm taking him to the vet in a few hours, but since I read all of these posts, I thought I'd share some things with everyone.

My other cat is a 6 year old spayed female. I never had an issue with her, until we got another cat. She had lived with other cats before (I foster), but those were usually kittens, and this was a male who was her age, and 3 times her size (she's very small for her age). They shared a litter box because we only had a small apartment, and she started urinating on the bathmat right in front of the box. She would poo in the box, but never pee. I got two smaller boxes, and she was fine after that.

To address the indoor/outdoor debate...I live out in the country with my family. My mom has two cats (both 7) that are indoor/outdoor. My girl that I previously mentioned, although always an indoor cat, quickly became both. Her choice, not mine. I also had a younger female cat who was only indoors for the first year of her life because she hadn't been spayed yet (purely laziness on my part, but at least I made sure she didn't get preggers). After she was fixed, she started going out with the rest of the cats. A year later, she was hit by a car in front of my house, on a dead end street that sees very little traffic. So just a warning, even in the country cars can be a major threat.

My last cat was about 11 months old, spayed, and had always had issues with upper respiratory infections, but had never peed outside of her box. Out of nowhere, she started peeing basically whenever she got up. She would be napping, then walk a couple feet and just pop a squat. I took her to the vet, and he "felt around" and decided she had another URI and prescribed her antibiotics. After a few days on these, she was feeling better and her other symptoms were pretty much gone, but the urinating was getting worse. I was starting to get frustrated, so I would take her to her box every half hour, and she would use it just fine, but when I was at work or sleeping, it was back to the carpet. Then about a week later, I woke up and she couldn't stand up. If she put any pressure on her back legs she would howl in pain. I rushed her to the vet, and he said that she had heart failure, and a blood clot in her hip (yes, the same vet that she had seen just 9 days before). She had a seizure while I was there, and he said I had to put her down, she was in massive pain and probably wouldn't make it through the night. It was horrible, and it broke my heart. So just as a warning to everyone, please see your vet! And if it continues, go back!!!

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Seriously, people?? Your KITTENS are trying to tell you something? They're mad at you, etc? NOT POSSIBLE!!!! Sheesh. Dogs and cats do not act out of spite. They are not capable of having this emotion.

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OK not to repeat things but, my now one year old kitten has just started peeing on the my bed and also attacking a nice calm dog that has been visiting our house since she was born,and who visits 3 days a week. Even on some off weeks when the pup does not visit she still pees.

This all happened about a month after she was fixed. Nothing has changed in her life. She started to go out in the yard ( that is new ) and she loves it, and I thought she would just go outside,like all my other cats in the past, but NO. She will then come inside to go.I got her medicine in case of a UTI. I am changing the sheets and comforter at least once a week because of her. I do NOT have down products. She also has been peeing other places besides her litterbox in the house I have noticed. She has grown up with a dog who is aggressive and bites her if he catches her, but that is nothing new.
Last night was the last straw for me when she peed in the bed while WE were sleeping in it!!!!! That means me, her and the Chi. Its always in a different place on the bed. I guess I will have to put her on meds, although that didnt work with the dog. He ended up biting me twice on the same finger and had to have surgery. These are my children, but my God they are a trial. I have never had such problems in my life with animals. I got her because I wanted some joy in my life not more grief!!! I can't bring myself to give her away, but I also cant have her destroy my house which she is doing to new furniture and mattress. If any vets out there have any real suggestions I am dying to hear them!!!!

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My cat has been peeing on my bed frequently. She has been on medication for a upper repertory infection she got from a kitten we adopted. It all started when my niece went with her dad for a week. That day she peed on her bed. We cleaned it up. I have been cleaning the litter box every day. So after my niece came back home she stopped for a week. She started it up again after I changed the litter to a different brand a cheaper brand. Went back to the old brand and it still continued only now its on my sisters bed and mine. She stopped for a while after she realized she could no longer access my room or my sisters. Then after about a week I left my door open and no pee well that was just a fluke. The next day I went to bed and laid in urine not realizing it until is soaked through my shorts. Then we got a kitten and she was occupied for a while. now she doesn't like him and continues to pee on my bed only. Keep in mind we have cleaned all the sheets and mattresses with pet deodorizers and remedies even pet carpet cleaner. We took in another kitten and I accidentally left my door open for 5 minutes and she peed everywhere on my sheets and pillow. I was down to my last sheet. I don't have anything else on my bed other than a sheet I sleep with and my pillow just the mattress. It gets really exhausting after a while to clean my bed almost every day. I recently changed the litter to a more expensive brand she doesn't like obviously. Her urine smells horrible. I really dislike her more and more every single time she pees on my bed. She is a Bengal and I don't feel comfortable letting her loose outside unsupervised let alone in an enclosure all day and all night. I'm running out of options. I have kicked the kittens outside hoping that would stop her from peeing but it was a failed attempt. I cant afford a vet trip right now as I have just gotten a new car and have many expensive bills to pay that takes up my whole paycheck plus. My whole house smells like one big litter box because of Rhea. She is the only cat that does this my other cat I bought watches her but does not follow her unacceptable behavior. I do not yell at her or punish her I rarely even catch her in the act of peeing on my bed. But this has to stop. I'm trying to save up the money to buy her a new litter box that's automated who can help me clean up her litter box when I am unable to.

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You really do need to take your cat to the vet. Call around and see if you can find a vet who will work out a payment plan with you. You can't know for certain that this is simply a behavioral issue until you have her checked out.

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