Pump settings for IntelliFlo VF

ggarnerMarch 25, 2010

I just got a new Intelliflow VF for our 23,000g pool and have a couple questions.

Right now I have it set up to run from 5am-11am and 6pm-12am. The pump determined my flow rate to be 32gal/min and that sounds about right to me for 1x turnover.

My question is that we have a Polaris 380 pool cleaner with booster pump. I am curious how much much flow do I need to have for when the booster pump kicks on? Is 60gpm enough, too much?

Another question is will the Intelliflow take this into account for the total water turnover rate and reduce the speed for the rest of the filtering cycle?

Here is what I am thinking at the moment:

5am intelliflow on

9am intelleflow increase to 60gpm

9:15am booster pump/pool cleaner on

10:30am booster pump/pool cleaner off

11:00am intelliflow off

6pm intelliflo on

12am intelliflow off

If the intelliflow runs @ the 32gpm as it is right now that would make for 26,400 gal circulated. Is it smart enough to slow down the 32g/min to compensate for the time I need to to do 60 for the pool cleaner to run?

I think I just answered my own question because in the manual under time optimized filter cycle it says it will cut off earlier. So I guess the real question is how much flow do I need when the booster pump is on?

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