Guard dog does it again

HandyMacNovember 29, 2011

Wife and I went to visit Mom over Thanksgiving.

We generally leave the two dogs at home and have someone visit twice a day to exercise/feed while we are gone.

That someone needs to be a person Max is familiar with, since his main job is to deter any stranger from getting inside the house uninvited.

This time we asked LOML's younger brother, who has been a frequent visitor lately(on card playing and football nights.

I explained the routine, left the food material on the counter, and told him the secret password. I noticed he chuckled when I said secret password.

We left Thursday morning. BIL was to come in about 5 or 6 PM, exercise and feed.

We got a phone call at 5:30. Wife said his voice was a bit shaky. He told her Max had allowed him in the front door, but no farther. Every time he moved, Max growled. He also said Max has very mean eyes.

He stood immobile several minutes, until he remembered I had told him the secret word. He said it and then said Max looked at him as if to say "Well, finally! What took you so long?" and ran to the back door to be let out.

He followed Molly out---who has respectfully stayed out of the way---exercised them and fed them. Let them back out and had a small heart attack when Max came running at him---he had forgotten he had picked up Max's tennis ball and was just holding it. You just don't hold Max's tennis ball---you bounce it and he chases it. Then teases you by letting you almost get it and then runs merrily away.

Said he always thought Max was a good dog, but never knew just HOW good he is.

On a side note, SIL visited Saturday, bringing her two nephews. The younger nephew has some mental disability. Max played with him like he never does with anyone else---dropping his prize tennis ball at the boy's feet and chasing it no matter how badly the boy threw it.Took all the time the boy needed to interact and spent several minutes with his head on the boys lap as he rested.

I'm not sure which event makes me more proud of that formerly uncontrollable dog.

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Your story made me laugh, Max sounds like a great dog.

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great work HM! That dog has come a long way hasn't he?

Once we were at a scenic rest stop in northern Mich. w/our super friendly poodle mix, a young boy ran up to us, we knew he was mentally handicapped. Maxine played w/him, kid was so excited! His family was nervous when they found him but right away his dad approved. It's one of my best memories of that dog, the way she instinctively knew he was a special boy and was gentle but still frisky with him.

PS I'm def. not breaking into your house w/out the magic word!!

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This story reminds me of my last babysitting job for neighbors who routinely call me to walk their small dog once or twice a day depending upon how many hours they will be gone. Suzie has always been friendly towards me, lets me snap the leash on and we go out. This last time, about a month ago, I opened the door and she was sitting on the couch. Something about her eyes and manner told me NOT to approach that couch! I talked and talked, she just stared or turned her head slowly away like dogs do when they want to communicate "I don't acknowledge you". There was no way I was going to walk over and put a leash on her. It hurt my feelings. But I'm sure she picked up on my own insecurity and decided something was wrong. It's strange because I've been babysitting Susie since she was a puppy.

My neighbor and I discussed it later and we decided that some day I should come down and spend an hour or so with Susie and her owner(s)in the house to show that my presence is okay.

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Great story handymac ... glad there are people like you who can train those types of dogs! My own silly dogs would give a burgular a big sloppy kiss! LOL!

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thanks for sharing this wonderful story !

I am in the same boat Pamghatten- mine is 96lbs of mush ;o)

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But what is the magic word????????


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