Looking for great Pool builders Bellaire Tx

CuriousMe6February 5, 2013

I've been browsing through this forums for a while, and I appreciate everybody's input, since I'm learning quite a bit.

I am new to pool construction, we are getting ready to build our first one, and there seem to be so many options. We already have a bid for a pool (I'm posting the specs below), but the guy that was overseeing our project and design, suddenly left the company and I'm on the fence on continuing with them, so if possible I would love if someone can take a look at their bid and see if I'm on the right path or please recommend a reputable company that builds pools in Bellaire (we are known to have a very strict construction code in our city) so would love someone that has worked in this area before. It would be a plus if the same company can take care of building a bigger patio roof and deck and a small outdoor sitting area.

Here is what we have so far:
Custom Pool shape
Perimeter: 95LF
Pool area: 478 sq ft
depth 3.5 - 5.5 ft
Aprox 13,450 gallons

Custom Spa
40 sq. ft Spa
12" Raised

Pool structure: Beam to be a 12" box
Pool walls minimum 6"
Pool floors minimum 6"
Coves minimum 8"
Deck dowels to connect pool to decking

(Here is where I really need help since I don't know the quality of the equipment)
430 Cartridge with Spa
2.0 HP Pump with Spa
Pump: None
Pool cleaner: Tiger Shark QC
Pool sanitizer: Rainbow 320 Chlorinator and Ozone Joe Ozonator
Heater: Hayward 400.000 BTU Heater
Pool lights: 1 Hayward LED Light(s)
Air Blower: 1.5 HP Polaris QT Blower

We would like to be able to use the least amount of chemicals within budget in the pool, since one of my kids is really sensitive to chlorine.

Their warranty is 3 year on equipment, lifetime structural and only 1 year on workmanship! - is that standard?

Cost: about $50,000 (for us this is a HUGE investment)

Thanks on advance for your input, it is appreciated.

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Forgot to mention, coping is flagstone,
waterline ceramic standard
interior is something similar to pebbletech
and 18" Raised Stacked Ledger Stone Wall with 3' Sheer Descent fountain.
6" Raised Wall with Stacked Ledger Stone


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Everything looks pretty good to me except for the pump. With your added information of the raised wall and 3 sheer descents, I would strongly recommend a variable speed pump and depending on what Hayward makes perhaps also a second pump. I use Pentair, which has a 3 HP, variable speed pump that would power everything you have and save you a small fortune on electricity bills. The price you have been quoted for everything you are getting and having to deal with the city of Bellaire requirements is fair, in my opinion.

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Thank you! your input is very much appreciated.

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