Dog sitting for the next 4 days --ugh !

toomuchglassNovember 19, 2010

Our son is going hunting with DH for the next 4 days . I love dogs , but I have to admit , I'm getting older & I can't keep up with young dogs anymore!!!

Bullit is a year old ....Border Collie & Sheltie . This dog could play 24 hours a day. He's like a 2 year old kid on crack. LOL ...... Hell on 4 legs. When he's not playing , he's whining for you to go play with him . ugh .........

Except for too much energy -- he's a great dog.

I'm definately getting too old for this !! LOL

Did you ever have a dog that just wore you out ?

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Other people's dogs are like other people's children--you just can't be as patient with them as you are with your own because the bond just isn't there.

You'll make it through and appreciate your solitude even more when he is gone.

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While we were young, my parents always owned BIG dogs. Years later - after we were all grown and gone, and our Labs long gone as well, my Mom, now in her 70's, wanted a daschund. We surprised her for her birthday with a daschund puppy. She loves him to death, however whenever she comes to visit, I count the moments until he is gone, LOL. CONSTANT BARKING FROM THE TIME HE ARRIVES UNTIL THEY LEAVE. To think I brought this upon myself ;0)

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So does Bullit have that intense border collie stare? My second sheltie was a ball playing nut. She didn't care if she ate, hated to go on walks, but loved her toys.

So get you a chuck-it (ball throwing apparatus), a low sided box (a place for him to drop the ball), a lawn chair, and a glass of wine. The dog can retreive to his hearts content and after a little (or a lot) of wine, everyone will be mellow and ready for some relaxation. LOL!

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That's too funny housefairy. My BC Bo has to have somewhere to put the ball, too. For some reason he likes to put the ball on his bed, on a blanket, on the mat by the front door (whichever is closest to me.) Does not like to put it on the ground near me or it might "get away". I'll try the low box and wine thing next. My life has been much easier with the chuck-it - he doesn't beg, he just crouches, stares at the ball, glances at me, stares at the ball, glances at me with the stereotypical BC focus until I give in. I can tell him "leave it" and he'll go lie down, but still keep his eyes on the ball :) I have to physically put it away to end the "game".

Luckily Bo has an "off" switch. (Something I made sure of before I adopted him) Those BC's without one really need an incredible amount of activity. Hang in there, it's really great your son has a safe place to leave him while he's gone.

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THAT STARE ???????? Oh Yes !!!!!!!! I swear his eyes pierce right through me ! LOL

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I'm desperate and dumb. what's a chuck-it...I have a 4-1/2 dog that is OCD about toys, fetch, squeaky, games. Goes 12 -14 hours a day if I allow. I'm too old for her constant games but she's so cute when she looks with those little brown eyes asking, "please!".
So where can I get a " chuck-it"
and thanks

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Simpleme all the pet stores sell them. My sheltie angel was very specific about what balls she liked, so I never used the ball that came with it. She was also very devoted to specific toys. She loved opening her presents at Christmas.

The Chuck-It is a long slightly curved plastic stick with a ball holder on the end. If you google "chuck it" you will get lots of hits.

TooMuchGlass there was a BC at the park the other day with the blue eyes. Now talk about an intense stare. Lets just say he was incredibly focused as he was also playing ball.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of a

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I second the vote for the 'Chuck-It'. What a simple thing that is a great dog exerciser! My only problem now with two large labs is that the one who always gets the ball won't drop it for fear of the other getting it. She waits until he gets tired of waiting and goes away, then she drops it. Wish I could figure out what to do about that.

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You know what improves a chuck-it? A teenage boy (preferably a pitcher or quarterback) and a LARGE Backyard. Pay the kid $20 for two hours of ball chucking. :)

carmen_grower ... Two balls?

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Oh Wow, folks, you may have just save my old arthritic shoulder. She will love this. I bought a gun that shoots little balls but she's dented all the ping pong balls. She's a chipeke and only weighs 4 1/2 lbs but she's ruthless when it come to something she can fetch.
thanks, I'm going to pick up one on the way home from church tomorrow..

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I See so many people using that at the dog park !! It throws so much farther than our old arms can !
What agreat invention !!!!

I'll throw the ball for Bullit --- he'll fetch it --- then won't let me have it. LOL He teases me . Gets close then runs away & drops it. Crazy guy !

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