How old were your Teens when they stopped using your pool?

schreibdaveFebruary 19, 2007

We currently have a pool that our 8 and 10 yr are in constantly. From talking to other parents, it seems that there comes an age in the teen years that the kids lose interest in the pool and move on to other activities - leaving dad to maintain a pool that rarely gets used.

Did you have this experience and if so, how old were your kids? We're in Syracuse NY where the summers are hot but the swimming season is pretty short.

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Dave-you might want to repost this in the discussion section instead of the gallery which is mainly for pics. For what it's worth, my youngest two were 13 & 15 when I put in my pool and neither use it a whole lot but I don't really mind since I mainly put in the pool for me ;)

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Dave - I didn't see you re-post on the discussion forum so I'll answer it here. Many of my friends have pools and I grew up with a pool. It appears that kids lose interest around junior high/high school age when socializing with their peers is more important to them. I know kids who have friends over often tend to use the pool more--just like I did when I was a teenager. My next door neighbor's kid is 13 and he rarely swims/play in the pool unless he has friends over--and they had the pool done just a year ago! You're definitely getting your monies worth since your kids are still young. We are almost done with our pool and our two boys ages 3 and 7 are so excited. So when your kids get to that age, have their friends over, take away the video games, turn off the air conditioning, I'm sure they'll love the pool. LOL

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