Tankless, recirculating line?

cindywhitallAugust 29, 2012

I am getting a project done which includes a tankless water heater. I dealt with a salesman and was trying to tell him I wanted to be sure my heater had a little tank in it. I was referring to the buffer tank (navien) and wanted to be sure the model 210ang meant it had it. That is the model I am getting, but he didn't know enough about it (I think) so he wrote for a 15 gal expansion tank. He didn't raise the price for it so I figure it can't hurt. Is there any reason to get exp tank or not to, since at this point it is included and I won't get $ back if I don't get it.

I would prefer to have a recirc line put in. I think the navien has a pump built in for it. How much would the recirc cost? I was hoping I could "trade" the exp tank for the water line....but I read that it has to come from the last faucet. I don't know which one that is, but I have a 2 story house and the heater is in the basement. If these are copper lines then I assume it will be a lot if the last faucet is on second floor...I have 2.5 baths and also the washing machine is upstairs. .How do I figure out which is last? Any thoughts on prices? I am in high priced NJ.

Also, is this something another plumber (a neighbor) could do later if I decide I really want it?

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From your description you aren't going to get what you expect.

The level of success your project will return is entirely dependent on the amount of premeditation and planning done in advance.

Get another salesman... one who knows the product. Find a plumber who knows what he/she is doing to quote the project with the results you expect.

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It would seem to me that an expansion tank to a tankless heater is like a fish to a bicycle.

But I've been wrong before.

I would also be reluctant to use a recirculation system with a tankless unit. Seems to me it would be running all the time which defeats the purpose of the thing. I would like to learn more about this.

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If you go with the Navien, the 210 is a 180,000 btu and the A stands for model with circulator, NG is natural gas. If its set up for external recirculation with a return line then a small potable expansion tank in the 2 gallon size is recommended.

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