1 or 2 recessed lights above sink?

SheeshareeIIMarch 27, 2014

We're going to have the wood valance and light bar removed from over our sink.

I bought a 6" can to use with a clear reflector, but now wondering if (2) 4" would be better?

Ceilings are 8' and the window, with trim, is 33" W.

We have no other recessed lighting and won't for now. I just didn't want a pendant. Honestly, visually don't want to look at 2 lights over the sink, but have no idea what the output of (1) 6" will be like and with shadows.

Are there special measurement guidelines or just make sure it's centered over the sink?


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We have a 6" centered over our sink with a 65w bulb in it. Works great and gives lots of light without being too bright.

Edited to add: I don't notice any shadows but I do have two pot lights behind me on my right and left, if standing facing the sink. Also under cabinet lights and a central light in the middle of the room.

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Awesome. Thanks!

I just wanted to be sure. I know DH won't be real pleased if I decide I want to change it once it's done.

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Have you considered an LED light strip?

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The potential failure mode with a single point source is excessive shadowing, not insufficient light. That being said, my sense is that shadows in the sink are more acceptable/tolerable than shadows on the counter.

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We're doing 2 LED cans over the sink so the light will overlap since there are no undercounter lights there. But it isn't done yet, so I can't report on results.

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I went with two to eliminate most of the shadows.

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I have two, one off to either side of the sink. No shadows and plenty of light. We have 5" Juno cans with wheat haze baffle. Love the lighting.

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I have two recessed 6" cans above the sink, one at each edge so about 33" apart center to center. Oftentimes, these are the only lights on in the kitchen area. There is a single can light above the vanity in our powder room and that light seems harsh.

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33" base for us, 8' ceilings, 4" LED recessed light that throws the equivalent of 65 watts.

Other recessed cans back from there that toss some light from the left and the right of the sink...so far, seems to work out pretty well.

We will also have UC lighting (it's supposed to go in tomorrow, I think! hooray!) that may shed just a bit more light in the area from the left and right sides as well.

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