New Kitchen Sink Installation (drain help)

steelcfoAugust 30, 2011

Currently we have a double bowl sink that we are changing to a single bowl sink in the kitchen. The current set up uses two separate drain lines that feed together in the basement. Each drain line has its own P trap. One drain of the sink has a garbage disposal. The dishwasher drains into the drain line that does not have the GD (above the P trap).

With the new single bowl sink, I am wondering what I should do (or what is required) with the second drain line. Can I cap the drain line above where the DW hooks in to the line, so the DW would now have its own dedicated drain line? I will be hooking the new GD to the other drain line that currently uses the existing GD. Or, do I connect the DW drain into the same single line that will have the sink drain/GD and remove the P trap of the second line and cap that drain line at the wall?

Thanks for your help.

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Connect the dishwasher drain line to the D.W. input port on the disposal, then you can cut & cap the extra line.

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