Help Figure Out Why Water Hammer Went Away

peabody1August 13, 2014

I hope someone can help us figure out why our water hammer went away. For those that don't know what hammer is it is when the pipes make a knock or vibrating noise when water is stopped quickly like the washing machine shutting off or the toilet shutting off.

We have been dealing with water hammer for years. Four plumbers later and we still had it. Then yesterday it went away. Here is what happened yesterday that was different. The water company came out and tested our water pressure by putting a gauge on a hose bib. We were not home. I spoke with him by phone and he did not adjust anything. He only checked the pressure and it was fine. The second thing that was different about yesterday is that my DH left the kitchen faucet on slightly. Not full force and not just a drip....there was a pretty good trickle. And that went on all day. He has left the water on before, but never all day that I recall.

Can someone explain why the water hammer went away? We have been dealing with it for several years.

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There are a few possable reasons why it might no longer be happening but it would just be guessing to say. In light of the fact four plumbers failed to resolve it,only a genius could give you factual observation without ever seeing the home and making tests. If it returns,ask at any hardware store for 2 water hammer arrestors that go on laundry facuets. The kid next door can install them if those 4 plumbers can't.

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One other thing occurred that was different in our routine. I had taken down the thing that hangs on the shower head that holds our shampoos. The water hammer was still happening. But my DH put the shampoo holder back up. It goes over the shower head pipe and at the back attaches with suction cups. He said it was hard getting it to adhere. He really had to push. Our shower is acrylic, I think that is the material, but I wouldn't think he would push so hard as to move the pipes. Anyway, that is the three things that happened different prior to the water hammer mysterious disappearing.

By the way, to klem1, I had already looked at water hammer arrestors and even had one on order to try. It hasn't come in, yet. Now hoping I won't need it. Just wish I could figure out what caused the water hammer to go away so if we ever need to try that trip again we can.

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ITS BACK....we were without the water hammer for almost a full day and then DH took a shower. After his shower the toilet was flushed and when it stopped filling the water hammer was back. What would have caused it to go away for almost a whole day and then return after he showered? Help.

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I think possibly somehow some air got into your water supply lines. Because air is compressible, it absorbs the shock that causes the water hammer. But it got flushed out again, and now the hammer is back.
I doubt the shower caddy R&R had anything to do with it.
Get the arrestor and see if that doesn't help.

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