Please share your favorite chandelier

ash6181March 13, 2013

I'm trying to make selections for the lighting in our new house. I've posted in the bathroom forum, and also here, about my master bathroom lighting issues. What has me even more stumped, though, is the dining room chandelier. I haven't seen anything that has really tickled my fancy. I have nothing at this point. I'm thinking of just putting up a cheap chandelier until I find something I love, but my husband doesn't like that idea.

I'm hoping one of you has or knows of a great chandelier. I'm open to pretty much any style, and there is no set budget.

Please post your favorite chandelier eye candy. Details and pics would be great!



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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love almost everything lighting wise at RH, particularly the orbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restoration Hardware Chandys

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Those of us who like lighting fixtures are probably going to have a new favorite for every room and possibly multiples at that. Maybe you need to get your things into the house to chose something special, in which case the cheapest builder standards will get you through until then. They might even point out some things you like or don't like to think about in making final selections (up lighting or down, amount of light, glare or shaded, overall size and weight, etc. Price range makes a HUGE difference too.

If you want some suggestions, photos of the room, the furnishings, or a similar inspiration room would be helpful. This is a question I, for one, can't answer in a vacuum.

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I have a ton of chandeliers pinned on pinterest. Judging by your bathroom dilemma, we might have similar taste in lighting. I'm linking one of my pinterest boards here (there's lots of other things here, but chandeliers, too).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest board link

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I have 2 favs, and for very diff reasons, the one in my DR and most recent purchase, now goes perfect with my table etc. and has a touch of whimsey, after my painting and faux finishing, it was all in the beige faux stone, and in many parts when it arrived, the shades were tan metal. It weighs over 100lbs. good thing it was Free shipping LOL and a huge bargain also. The one below, we purchased over 40 yrs. ago, and is real brass, and real imported crystals, the entire light came from Spain, and if it goes with my current decor or not ( and I've had many) does not matter it goes with me from the N. to the S. 40 yrs. ago it was expensive, I can only imagine today? also quite heavy.

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I’m a pretty traditional girl when it comes to chandeliers, although I do like some of the great modern classics, too, but I think this is an area where so many companies go astray, trying to make things that are eye-catching instead of really beautiful.

This classic Dutch style brass chandelier is one of my first choices, and there are a zillion versions of this idea, but few have the elegant proportions and detail of this one:

Then there’s this lovely tole fixture from Richard Rothstein:

And someday I’m going to have the right spot for this pendant from Rejuvenation Hardware!

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Annie Deighnaugh

So much depends on your room.

We have an extra high ceiling with the barrel vault, yet the room isn't overly large, so this tall one works perfectly in the space for us.

and it came with matching wall sconces which we put on either side of the buffet.

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Without knowing your style or preferences it's not easy to choose what to post as there are so many. However, just for fun we'll look at a few!

"TonicHome" is one of my favorite sites for unique things.

"There are many chandelier pics on Houzz."

This site is just for fun. These chandeliers are not appropriate for most normal scale houses but are very unique. "Chihuly chandeliers" are works of art and well worth seeing first hand if you are ever in Seattle or wherever there's a Chihuly installation.

If you still can't find something you like I think you need to reassess and put up something inexpensive. For a few months we had a $5 thrift store chandy over the island until I found something I liked. It only takes a few minutes to install a lighting fixture so it's not a big deal to change them.

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I am ordering one of these Fortuny lights for my foyer. It will be a perfect complement to my Spanish style house and eclectic décor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fortuny

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Chispa, I love those. The ones I've seen have been silk, stretched over a wire frame, and glass is so much more practical! The silk ones I like (and will never have) cost between 5 and 8 thousand dollars, so never mind ... Great find.

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This chandelier (the one in the foreground) is awaiting install in our eclectic/modern-ish dining room. Once I can pin our electrician down, since assembly/installation looks like a bear.

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Bronwynsmom, they have the more complex silk versions too, but lucky for my wallet, the foyer in this house isn't large! I couldn't imagine buying one of the silk ones in a house with kids. Not easy to find a local light store that carries these. I found only one in LA and they have a great showroom with the silk and glass versions displayed. They look even better in person.

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Oh I love chandies! We put one in every room including walk-in closets. I found some really beautiful antique ones on eBay, if you haven't looked on eBay yet you should check it out.

We did get a few from stores.
This one is from Elk Lighting, it casts beautiful shadows:


This one is from Shades of Light:

This one is from Progress Lighting, it's the Versaille:

Classic crystal from James R. Moder (so sparkly!)

This one is my very favorite though!!

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Pretty much anything by Murano! ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: chandeliers

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Oh, my.
I am still regretting not buying a wonderful Murano glass chandelier with morning glories as the carriers for the bulbs, and twisting enameled leaves and vines ... it was in a shop in Washington, DC, many years ago, where I was starting my professional life; it had come out of a remodeling of the Italian embassy, and it was $1,000 - which in those days was 5% of my annual salary.

I had no place to put it, either.
I should have bought it anyway.

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I love this one for a room with high ceilings, but it's pricey (and doesn't provide a whole lot of light). It's a Pluma Cubic, from the white goose quill collection. I think it also comes in black.

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Bumblebeez, I do like Restoration Hardware lighting. I’m planning on using some of their flushmounts and pendants in other parts of the house.

Lascatx, thanks for your thoughts. I may end up going with a cheap chandelier until I can get a feel for the space. I understand I threw this question out there in a vacuum, as you say. Part of the problem is I have no direction for the dining room. I haven’t found an inspiration room, we will be furnishing from scratch, and the room is not even constructed yet. I’m looking for a jumping-off point for the design I guess. I can’t describe what I’m looking for really, its one of those I’ll know it when I see it things. I’ll do a follow-up post if needed when I have some more concrete ideas. I was just hoping for some inspiration, I guess.

bsmith1, we do seem to have similar tastes in lighting. I took a quick look at the Pinterest board you linked (I’m obsessed with Pinterest, by the way) and saw several chandeliers that I really liked and will be studying in more detail. I had forgotten about wayfair as a possible source. I’m going to follow your linked board, and I can’t wait to check out your other boards.

susieq07, your lights are very different from each other, as you say, but both unique and interesting. I love finding pieces that are a bit unusual and not like everyone else’s. Thanks for sharing.

Bronwynsmom, I think its hard to go wrong with a traditional fixture. The church I attended as a child had chandeliers similar to the Dutch style brass chandelier you posted, and I can remember spending a lot of time staring up and them and thinking how pretty they were. Let me know when you find a spot for the Rejuvenation light…I’d be interested to see that space!

AnnieDeighnaugh, I agree and understand that a lot depends on the room into which the light will be placed. At this point, I’m really interested in seeing other people’s choices to see if anything stands out to me. Your chandelier looks great in your room; I think it is perfectly proportioned.

Luckygal, thanks for the ideas. TonicHome looks like an interesting site that I’ll have to spend some time exploring. I look at pics on Houzz frequently, but had not thought to search “chandiers”- thanks for that idea. Those chihuly chandeliers are great! I’m leaning more towards installing a cheap fixture at first- as you say, changing out a light fixture is not usually a big deal, and my husband can handle the job.

Chispa, I think that light will look great in your house as you describe it.

sas95, your chandelier is beautiful. I hope you’ll post a picture once it is installed. It would be too modern for our house and my husband would never go for it, but I think its great.

Beaglesdoitbetter, I’ll definitely check out eBay. I like all of your chandeliers- do you have any more info on the one from Shades of Light?

On another note, we share a love of beagles. I always talk about my beagle helping me to make decisions about the house. His helping usually consists of sitting next to me on the couch with his head on my lap while we look at things on the computer (which is what he’s doing now, although my typing is disturbing him I think.) He also helped me through law school, and during that time he was known as the legal beagle. Anyway, enough raptures about Mr. Otis.

patty_cakes, I agree that Murano fixtures are beautiful.

Beasty, that light is so different and gorgeous! It wouldn’t work for my house and, again, my husband could never be talked into it, but in the right space it would be awesome.

Bronwynsmom, I think we all have those could have would have should have moments. The chandelier does sound lovely.

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It was called the "Paris Flea Market Crystal Basket Chandelier"

I'm not seeing it on the website at the moment which is sad because it was just on there a few weeks ago and I was going to get the same one for my FL house.

There are lots of other pretty ones on their website though, I found a lot of more unique lights on there when I was looking.

That's so funny about the legal beagle.

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This is my DR chandy. Kind of on the Victorian side but it goes well with everything.

Very bad picture though! But I'm glad I took it because otherwize I wouldn't have noticed the crystals needs cleaning.

Ruby and amber crystals. Gives off fantastic light, which is dimmed in this picture.

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These two chandys I saw at a palace in India. Wouldn't fit in my house ;)

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Thanks beaglesdoitbetter for the info.

Oakleyok, love the colored crystals on your chandelier.

Pharaoh- those are huge! Wonder how long it takes to clean them?

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