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EyegirlieAugust 8, 2011

We are building a house and our master shower will have a shower head and separate handheld. What is the difference between having a diverter or two valves? Any benefit of having both?

I've tried to read up on the subject but cannot find anything that truly explains my questions. Thanks for your responses!

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With a diverter you can only use one outlet at a time.

With two valve sets the outlets operate independently.

A second valve set usually costs more than a diverter.

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It depends on what type of valve you have and also the manufacturer.

I've got a shower head and a separate wand on the other side of the shower. Grohe. I have 1 thermostatic valve, which only sets the water temperature; it doesn't turn it on or off. The handle on the valve is only to set the temperature. The valve has 4 ports, 2 in - hot and cold, 2 out - at the temperature set on the valve.

One out port goes to the shower head with an on/off valve in between. The other goes back down into the crawlspace and over to the other side of the shower to a second on/off valve and then to the wand.

Pressure balance shower valves, I'm pretty sure, control flow as well as temperature. It's the traditional design most of us have known for decades.

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First post explained it best. If it is a large shower, enough for two, go with two valves and a diverter for either one or both. Do not skimp on the diverter or handheld, the cheap ones will not last. My personal favorite is Kohler, they use more brass components.

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