Lateral Sewer line

oneslipAugust 9, 2010

Hello, I have searched all over the web trying to find out about lateral sewer lines. Here's my situation, there is a sinkhole on the other side of my street and the sewer department says it is a break in my lateral line, 2 ft from the Y. I have been trying to find diagrams of sewer and lateral lines just so I have an idea of what 2ft from the Y actually means. I'm also curious, is it true that the break in the line would be very close to the sinkhole? I'm really hoping I am not going to have to have my yard dug up so if I have an idea of where a Y would be in comparison to the lateral I would probably have an idea if this issue will remain in the street. I would greatly appreciate any info on this matter, as a homeowner that's responsible for the repair I'm also curious of how much something like this will cost.

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You are responsible for break on the ohter side of the street? In my town we are only responsible to the property line. After that it is the cities problem.

A Y is where two line meet.

Have a plumber send a camera down your sewer line and confirm the problem.

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Yep, it's still my line, I know it sounds obnoxious to me too.
The city has send someone out to televise it from my vent in the front yard and could not get the break because of a drop and a turn, you would think people that do this would be use to these challenges so the city said they would be sending someone else out to try and televise the line.

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