FYI: Blue Buffalo recall

katyroadpinkOctober 19, 2010

I came across this recall when I was checking out another food:

While I was on the FDA website, I signed up for email alerts.

My dog eats regular Blue Buffalo chicken and rice and the puppy variety and it was not recalled (yet). However, at his last vet visit, his kidney function was borderline for the first time ever, and he had lost weight. The vet put it down to his age, but his blood test 6 mos. earlier was perfect. He has also vomited more than he ever used to, but I thought he was eating too much or too fast. This could be a coincidence, but I'm switching brands.

I thought Blue Buffalo was a good brand, but their quality control seems to be poor.

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They were a big offender a couple of years ago when the additive scandal came out, and they withdrew their product then. I complained directly to the company and never heard a word back. I won't use Blue Buffalo ever again.

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Dang it, I JUST bought and opened my first bag, hoping to switch my kittens to it from Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. They're stinky and have soft stool, and I read somewhere that the Chic. Soup food sometimes causes this.

Anyone recommend a good dry?

My kitties aren't liking the cans I'm bringing home either. They were on Authority canned before I got them, so I continued it, but they don't eat much. Just tried Wellness, and it was a no-go with them.

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Print out the info and take the bag and the 411 back to the pet store and get another type of cat food....they should take the bag back, if they dont - dont shop there any more. I love Natural Balances New Limited Ingredient Diets formulas. They have lots of different flavors and they dont contain as much sugar or wheat as some of their traditional products contain...

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My dog had been on Blue for a couple of years but started refusing to eat it and when he did eat it he would spit out the dark round bits that are in the kibble.
I had just switched him to Wellness Small Bits when the recall came out and he now eats it better than any food I've offered him.

My kitty is a picky eater and I've discovered she only wants tuna or fish based food. She loves the canned Nutro Max and I often offer Fancy Feast tuna/fish along with the Nutro for variety. I usually don't feed her dry but when I do she likes Wellness Kitten. Her stools are not smelly or soft on this diet.

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Tracey, my two cats eat the Chicken Soup dry food and love it. I've never had a problem with them having loose stools.

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Several months ago we tried to switch our dog to Blue Buffalo Weight Control Chicken and Brown Rice, but she simply could not tolerate it. She had terrible diarrhea that would not go away till all the BB was out of her system. We still do not know exactly which ingredient it was that made her so sick. I'll NEVER try that stuff again!

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I don't know what I'm going to switch to yet. The more I read, the more recalls I see (in 2010). It looks like the FDA has been notifying lots of companies about salmonella, and the companies then "voluntarily" recall certain lots. So far, Natural Balance, Merrick, Iams, Eukanuba, and Pro-Pet vitamins have all had recalls of certain products this year.

I guess the big companies are all pretty much the same product with a different label.

So far I haven't seen anything bad about Solid Gold. I bought some Taste of the Wilderness last night (salmon flavor) and my dog won't touch it. I googled it and saw that they had a silent recall over a previous run recently because dogs wouldn't eat it. They claimed it was fine, just too dry. BTW, it almost smells rancid although the sell by date is Sept 2011. I also found out that it is made by the notorious Diamond dog food company, although it is mentioned nowhere on the bag.

I'm going to try to start making some homemade food again - maybe I can find a recipe we can both eat, LOL!

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I feed all my cats and two dogs Purina ONE . Cats, salmon &tuna, dogs chicken & rice and none ever have digestive problems, diarrhea, or throwing up. They all like it, and I stick with it because so many times my cats turned up their noses in the past. This they all agree on.

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