Need advice about shower leak (pics included)

maryelizabeth78August 18, 2010

When we bought our home 1 year ago, our home inspector told us that the drainage holes in our stand-alone shower were plugged with caulk and needed to be opened up (which we did).

In the last several weeks we have noticed that the moulding right beside the shower is wet and water damage is evident. We have no idea how to address this. Is this something that we can do (i.e. re-caulk, remove/replace moulding) or is this something we need to call in a professional to do? If so, what kind of professional -- plumber, general contractor?

I noticed as I was uploading these photos that there appears to be a CRACK right under the drainage hole. Could this be the culprit? If so, how in the world do we fix this?

This shower is upstairs over our dining room and we do not see any evidence that the water is leaking any farther than right beside the shower.

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A couple things you can do:

1) Make sure the drain holes in the horizontal track are all open.
2) Caulk where the frame meets the wall.
3) Caulk the inside corner where the the horizontal track meets the vertical portion, since water can get into that hairline gap.
4) Caulk that open gap you have.

For all of these, I would use 100% silicone (or "silicone II"). It can be messy for a novice, so use masking tape for both sides. Apply, then wet your finger and smooth it/remove excess (wiping finger with dry paper towel), then immediately peel away the masking tape (have a trash can ready). Then wet finger again and "tool" it lightly (smooth it) one more time if it needs it. Let dry. Enjoy.

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Is that the crack in the "middle" of your first pic? There isn't a "drainage hole" above that so I don't what your inspector could have been talking about. Only drain holes are in the door track.

You would need to get that crack fixed by a tub repair outfit. Look up "tub refinishing" in the yellow pages and you'll see who does the repairs.

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The image tells need a plumber service to come out leaked problem. Call a licensed plumber because he had all rights to handle any type of plumbing problems it will cover a liable insurance if did any mistake on work time and also it is helps usage of long time to choose licensed plumber.

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Do what homebound told you. no need for a master there at all..I do this type of work for living. you would save probably 50-100 for someone to come in.

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